How to help yourself with menopause without hormones?


In the life of every woman comes a time when her ability to reproductive activity disappears. This is due to changes in hormonal balance and is called menopause, or menopause. This period begins after 40 years, someone earlier, someone later. Menopause does not occur immediately, the process goes on for several years. And at this time, the woman feels the deterioration of the physical and emotional state. To survive it more or less calmly, you need to take various medications specifically designed for this. Recently, non-hormonal drugs for menopause have become popular. They have many advantages over hormones and almost no side effects. Many of them are plant-based and improve the overall condition of the body.

What is climax?

The onset of menopause is characterized by a gradual decrease in the number of sex hormones. A woman gradually loses the ability to bear children. And it is expressed not only in the cessation of menstruation. In the body of a woman there are various vegetovascular, endocrine and psychological disorders. Doctors call the complex of these symptoms "menopausal syndrome" and prescribe special treatment. During this period, the woman has the following symptoms:

  • dizziness, weakness, fatigue,
  • sudden drops in blood pressure
  • cardiopalmus,
  • irritability or insomnia
  • frequent rush of blood to the surface of the skin, causing a feeling of rolling heat.

Features of treatment of menopause

These symptoms are associated with changes in the hormonal background of the woman. Therefore, the main focus of treatment has always been an additional intake of hormones. But recent studies have shown that drugs containing them cause many side effects, in particular breast cancer. Therefore, it is better to find another method of treatment. An alternative to these drugs has long been non-hormonal drugs. When menopause women take them very often. But the choice of means of drug treatment should be for the doctor. In addition to taking medications, a woman can improve her condition in other ways:

  • follow an approved diet
  • move more and be in the fresh air
  • take vitamins
  • For the normalization of the psychiatric state, occupational therapy, yoga, and breathing exercises are useful.

Why take non-hormonal drugs for menopause

The condition that a woman experiences when menopause occurs is inevitable and often very unpleasant. It is impossible to prevent it, but you can make your life easier by taking special medicines. Many women prefer herbal supplements. This is correct, because they are more beneficial for the female body. Treatment of menopause with non-hormonal drugs is successful. Women return to an active and peaceful life. Such drugs most often contain herbal ingredients, and many of them belong to dietary supplements. But despite this, they effectively help to cope with insomnia and mood swings, return to the woman cheerfulness and tranquility.

Advantages of non-hormonal drugs

Since menopause is associated with a decrease in the amount of female hormones, for the treatment of its complications, doctors prescribe drugs containing estrogen and progestin. But hormonal medications cause many side effects:

  • indigestion,
  • the appearance of edema,
  • blood clots
  • weight gain.

Therefore, many women try to replace these funds with non-hormonal drugs. When menopause, they act very effectively and do not cause negative consequences. This can be explained by the fact that they not only normalize the hormonal balance of the body, but also have a general strengthening effect. What non-hormonal drugs to take with menopause?

  • Phytoestrogens are based on plant materials and supply the body with substances similar to the hormones of the human body.
  • Selective modulators stimulate their own production of estrogen.
  • Vitamin and mineral complexes.
  • Prescribed antidepressants, anticonvulsants and sedatives, as well as drugs to lower blood pressure.

A woman needs to remember that it is impossible to choose a drug for treatment according to her friends or on the advice of a pharmacist. Only a doctor on the basis of the survey can choose the most effective medicine. After all, even herbal, relatively safe drugs can cause allergic reactions and are poorly tolerated by a woman.

Phytoestrogen-based drugs

These are the most effective non-hormonal drugs for menopause. They contain plant substances that are close to female hormones. Therefore, the condition of the woman on the background of their reception is significantly improved.

  • The “feminal” based on red clover is a source of isoflononoids. These substances are very important for the health of women. The drug eliminates hot flashes, improves sleep and strengthens the heart muscle.

  • Liquid extract of the red brush normalizes the work of the female genital sphere. It not only supplies estrogen, but also strengthens the immune system.
  • "Inoklim" is based on soybeans. It also contains vegetable oils and fish gelatin. The action of these components helps to normalize sleep, heartbeat and reduce pressure.
  • Fetivel is a complex preparation containing two active ingredients: an extract of soy and red clover. Therefore, it not only relieves menopausal symptoms, but also reduces pressure, reduces headaches and prevents the development of osteoporosis.

Homeopathic remedies

  • "Klimadinon" in addition to increasing the level of estrogen in a woman's body has a diuretic and anti-inflammatory effect. The main component in its composition is the extract of cimicifuga racimosa. Its action is supplemented with trace elements and minerals.

  • "Femalgin" relieves spasms and pain, has anti-inflammatory action and soothes. It contains magnesium, an extract of the meadow and cimicifuga.
  • Femikaps is a complex preparation based on extracts of medicinal herbs, vegetable oils and vitamins. The action of these components is mainly aimed at the normalization of the psycho-emotional state and the improvement of the cardiovascular system.
  • "Climax" relieves headaches, soothes and reduces hot flashes.

Other groups of drugs

  1. Most often, menopause takes antidepressants. Such drugs normalize the state of the vessels and significantly improve the well-being of women. They relieve anxiety, improve mood and sleep. The following drugs are effective: Efevelon, Velaksin, Fluval, Prozac, Adepress, Paxil and others.
  2. Well help to reduce the intensity of hot flashes with menopause drugs with anticonvulsant action. These are “Gabagamma”, “Convalis”, “Neurontin”, “Tebantin” and others.
  3. During menopause, many women have increased blood pressure. Therefore, it is effective to receive antihypertensive drugs, such as "clopheline".

  4. Vitamin-mineral complexes "Menopace", "Ladys Formula Menopause", "Alphabet 50+" enrich the woman's body with all the necessary substances.

The best non-hormonal drugs

The choice of medication for treatment depends on many factors. Typically, the doctor offers the woman several suitable tools for her to choose from. Some may not like her at a cost, others will have an allergic reaction. But there are several drugs that have gained popularity for their effectiveness, low price and good tolerability. These are the best non-hormonal drugs for menopause:

  • "Qi-Klim" contains an extract of cimicifuga racimoza. It helps to cope with neurosis.

  • "Remens" is a homeopathic drug that improves metabolism, normalizes the cardiovascular system and soothes.
  • "Estrovel" improves psycho-emotional state, strengthens the immune system, reduces the intensity of hot flashes. It contains vitamins and trace elements, as well as nettle, yam and soy extracts.
  • "Climax" relieves headaches, soothes and reduces hot flashes. It helps to cope with irritability and improves mood.

Preparations from menopause non-hormonal: reviews

Most women avoid taking hormones. And to relieve the symptoms of menopause, they try to choose natural remedies. Therefore, drugs for menopause non-hormonal are so popular. Their price varies widely, but relatively inexpensive medicines can be found - 200-300 rubles per course. Most of the positive feedback was won by the preparations "Chi-Klim" (275 rubles) and "Klimaksan" (100 rubles). They are convenient to take, and they effectively help to cope with the tides and mood swings. In Remens, the action is more effective, but it is not suitable for everyone, as it can cause allergic reactions. Negative comments about such drugs are those who are waiting for a quick effect. But herbal and homeopathic remedies need to be taken for a long time to work.

Despite the fact that non-hormonal drugs for menopause have a natural composition and are considered safe, it is not recommended to use them without a doctor's prescription. In order for the treatment to work, such drugs are drunk in courses, the duration of which is established by a specialist. To calmly survive this inevitable period in a woman’s life, you need to follow the doctor’s recommendations, eat right, get enough sleep, and move more.

What is menopausal syndrome

The onset of menopause is associated with the gradual extinction of reproductive function. To the woman stop coming monthly. She becomes unable to bear children anymore. Such complex changes in the female body occur due to a decrease in the amount of sex hormones produced by the ovaries.

The beginning of menopause is characterized by a hormonal imbalance - the amount of hormones decreases and increases. The unstable hormonal background, as well as natural changes in the functioning of the systems of female organisms, lead to the development of the "menopausal syndrome" - a complex of specific symptoms.

Specific manifestations of menopause

With the autonomic symptoms of menopause, a lady comes across in her life for the first time:

  1. Hot flashes - for a short period of time (about a few minutes), body temperature rises sharply due to a rush of blood to the head and upper torso.
    From this, the ladies face, neck, chest and hands quickly turn red, and after a short time they return to normal. Some representatives of the beautiful half of humanity are dizzy from such lightning blood.
  2. Excessive sweating is so intense that women have to completely change clothes several times a day.
    Most of the ladies face this manifestation during sleep.
  3. Vaginal dryness, which is accompanied by itching or burning.

In addition, women are very often faced with such unpleasant symptoms as involuntary urination or urinary incontinence, dry skin, chills, blood pressure surges.

Other symptoms of menopause

Climacteric syndrome includes the following psycho-emotional disorders:

  • irritability,
  • insomnia,
  • concentration disorder
  • high fatigue even under light loads
  • loss of appetite.

Thus, at the lady working capacity decreases, and also the psychoemotional state worsens.

In the body, everything is interconnected and under the influence of female sex hormones before the onset of menopause, metabolism occurred. A gradual decrease in the number of hormones, and then a complete cessation of their synthesis provokes metabolic and endocrine changes.

In women, the genitals atrophy and develop such dangerous diseases as osteoporosis, osteochondrosis, obesity, diabetes and various joint diseases.

What approach is applied to the treatment of menopause

Since all the symptoms of climacteric syndrome are associated with hormonal changes in the female body, the doctors mainly prescribed additional hormones for the patients.

Numerous studies have confirmed that taking hormone-containing drugs leads to many complications:

  • indigestion,
  • additional weight,
  • blood clots
  • the emergence of edema
  • breast cancer.

Therefore, with menopause, non-hormonal drugs have become an alternative to such drugs.

How can you help in addition?

Of course, from taking one pill a woman will not feel a serious improvement in her condition. It is necessary to have patience in order that without passes, as well as at the same time, to take a non-hormonal tool during menopause, appointed by a gynecologist.

In order to improve her condition, a lady should approach this issue in a complex way:

Even the most "scary" menopause can be defeated at home! Just do not forget two or three times a day.

  • stick to a low calorie diet
  • walk more in the open air,
  • do sports and exercise,
  • To normalize the psychological state do yoga or auto-training.

It should be remembered that the most important rule of effective treatment is that only the attending physician prescribes medications for menopause in women.

What forms of non-hormonal drugs are

The pharmaceutical industry produces preparations for menopause in women in the following forms:

  1. Non-hormonal tablets for menopause.
    The most popular form of medicine. They are convenient to take both at home and outside it. For example, on the road, in nature, etc. In addition to tablets, capsules and granules are produced.
  2. Means in drops - allows the lady to dose the medicine very accurately.
  3. Non-hormonal candles in menopause act directly on the reproductive organs.
    They do not irritate the stomach and liver, which is very important for women with pathologies of these organs.

What drugs to take when menopause woman decides, no doubt, the doctor. A lady can choose a convenient form.

Products with phytoestrogens

Such drugs are prescribed to women at menopause to reduce the severity of symptoms. Undoubtedly, it will not be possible to completely restore the hormonal background of a woman with a medicine, but non-hormonal drugs can reduce the manifestations of menopause.

Consider the best Russian drugs of this group:

  1. Estrovel - effective pills that help normalize sleep, increase efficiency and reduce the intensity of hot flashes.
    They are prescribed at the stages of premenopause and menopause, as well as with early menopause. The composition of the drug includes three phytoestrogens (Tsimifuga, extracts of soybeans and nettle leaves). It is they who normalize the work of the vestibular system and thereby, reduce the intensity of all the unpleasant menopausal symptoms. Nettle extract eliminates bleeding. Boron included in the drug counteracts the development of osteoporosis. The vitamin complex located among the components of the tablets enhances the lady’s immunity, its resistance to stress, and also removes the appeared swelling of the extremities. The drug is also prescribed to normalize the menstrual cycle. The course of treatment is 1 month, 1-2 tablets per day. Accepted only after meals.
  2. Feminine
    It is a very effective anti-menopausal drug, which is prescribed to women over 40 years old with cardiac abnormalities, vascular abnormalities, hypersensitivity of the mammary glands, as well as a high frequency of hot flashes, insomnia, increased anxiety and aggression. The active component of the drug is phytoestrogen red clover. The drug is appointed by long courses from 2 to 6 months depending on the condition of the woman. The drug is prescribed as normalizing the menstrual cycle.
  3. Femivell includes red clover and soybean extracts, as well as a vitamin complex.
    It shows good effects in the presence of such symptoms as a pronounced increase in blood pressure, changes in lipid metabolism (provoking heart disease), swelling of tissues, flushing, excessive sweating and various mental disorders. It gives good results in the prevention of osteoporosis. Assign one tablet per day long courses. It is a very good cycle-normalizing drug.

Hormone replacement therapy for menopause (HRT): the pros and cons

Hormone replacement therapy for the relief of menopausal symptoms is used by specialists in many European countries, since its high efficacy and safety have been proven. But domestic gynecologists are afraid to alleviate menopause in women with hormone replacement drugs, since they have an impressive list of side effects.

Но В процессе клинических наблюдений европейские медики установили ряд условий, позволяющих минимизировать риск появления побочных эффектов, а именно:

  • timely appointment and cancellation of hormonal drugs during menopause,
  • the presence of indications for hormone therapy,
  • the use of micro-doses of drugs, from which there will be no undesirable effects,
  • selection of drugs and its dosage, based on the results of blood tests for sex hormones,
  • prescription drugs, which include only natural hormones,
  • strict patient compliance with the recommendations of the attending doctor.

But many patients still refuse hormonal drugs for the following reasons:

  • consider the use of hormone therapy unnatural, since menopause is a physiological process,
  • do not want to take hormonal drugs, because they consider them unnatural,
  • afraid to get better
  • afraid of addiction,
  • fear the appearance of hair in unwanted places
  • hormonal drugs are thought to damage the stomach lining,
  • It is believed that taking drugs with sex hormones increases the risk of developing malignant tumors in the female body.

But these are all just prejudices, because, by observing the conditions we talked about earlier, negative health effects can be avoided.

Thus, if the body lacks its own sex hormones, then it needs foreign hormones, since hormonal imbalance leads to disruption of all organs and systems.

Indications for use of hormonal drugs for menopause

Hormonal drugs are prescribed in the following situations:

  • pathological menopause, which has developed as a result of the removal of the uterus, taking chemotherapeutic agents or treatment with rays,
  • menopause occurring in women younger than 40 years old,
  • too pronounced signs of menopause,
  • development of complications and diseases that appeared on the background of menopause (hypertension, atherosclerosis, polycystic ovaries, dry vaginal mucosa, urinary incontinence and others),
  • patient's desire to eliminate unpleasant symptoms.

Hormonal drugs for menopause in women: side effects and contraindications

If the patient does not comply with the recommendations of the doctor or the dose of the drug was incorrectly selected, the following side effects may occur:

  • increased fatigue
  • emotional lability
  • swelling,
  • weight gain
  • flatulence,
  • mastopathy,
  • breast tumors,
  • severe symptoms of premenstrual syndrome,
  • menstruation soreness,
  • anovulatory menstrual cycle
  • development of benign tumors in the uterus and appendages,
  • uterine bleeding,
  • increased risk of stroke.

Absolute contraindications to hormonal drugs are the following conditions:

  • allergic to hormone drug components,
  • malignant neoplasms of the mammary glands and female genital organs, including a history of
  • metrorrhagia,
  • thrombophilia,
  • stroke,
  • myocardial infarction,
  • varicose veins and blood clots of the lower extremities,
  • increased blood coagulation,
  • hypertension of the third stage,
  • severe liver disease (cirrhosis, liver failure, hepatitis),
  • autoimmune diseases (scleroderma, systemic lupus erythematosus and others).

Relative contraindications include such as:

  • endometriosis,
  • uterine fibroids,
  • migraine,
  • epilepsy,
  • precancerous diseases of the uterus and mammary glands,
  • calculous cholecystitis and cholelithiasis.

The best drugs for menopause: a list, description, price

The best reviews of gynecologists and patients about the latest generation of hormones combined, which contain both estrogen and progesterone.

HRT for menopause includes drugs of a new generation:

  • Angelica - 1300 rubles,
  • Klymen - 1280 rubles,
  • Femoston - 940 rubles,
  • Kliminorm - 850 rubles,
  • Divina - 760 rubles,
  • Ovidon - the drug is not yet on sale,
  • Klimodien - 2500 rubles,
  • Activel - the drug is not available,
  • Cliogest - 1780 rubles.

These drugs perform the following tasks:

  • eliminate anxiety, increase mood, activate memory and improve sleep,
  • increase the muscle tone of the bladder sphincter,
  • retain calcium in bone tissue,
  • prevent the development of periodontal disease,
  • endometrium is restored,
  • eliminate dry mucous genital organs,
  • normalize blood cholesterol levels.

These drugs are available in the form of pills and tablets. One blister, where each tablet is numbered, is enough for 21 days of intake. After the woman takes the last pill, you need to take a break for seven days and only then proceed to the new blister. Each tablet has its own dose of hormones, which corresponds to the day of the cycle.

Femoston, Activel, Kliogest, as well as Angelik are available in 28 blister tablets, seven of which are dummies, that is, do not contain hormones.

Drugs that contain only estrogen, are produced mainly in the form of gels, creams, patches or implants, which are placed under the skin of a woman.

The most effective from menopause following gels and ointments with estrogen:

  • Divigel - 620 rubles,
  • Estrozhel - 780 rubles,
  • Octodiol - drug not available,
  • Menorest - drug not available,
  • Proginova - 590 rubles.

Among the patches, estrogen showed excellent performance, such as:

  • Estraderm - the drug is not available,
  • Alora - 250 rubles,
  • Klimara - 1214 rubles,
  • Estramon - 5260 rubles,
  • Menostar.

Gels and ointments are quite convenient to use, since they need to be applied only once a day on the skin of the shoulders, abdomen or lower back.

Hormonal patches are even more convenient dosage form, because they need to be changed once every seven days.

Implants that are hemmed under the skin act for six months, daily releasing a small dose of estrogen into the blood.

Gels, ointments, creams, patches and implants have several advantages over oral or injectable forms of hormonal drugs, namely:

  • ease of dosage selection,
  • gradual penetration of estrogen into the bloodstream
  • the hormone goes straight to the blood without going through the liver,
  • maintaining the balance of different types of estrogen,
  • minimal risk of side effects
  • may be used even if there are contraindications to the appointment of estrogen.


Preparations with progesterone are mainly prescribed from the 14th to the 25th day of the menstrual cycle.

There are many progestins on the modern pharmaceutical market, but a number of drugs have the best effect.

  1. Tablets and pills:
  • Duphaston - 550 rubles,
  • Utrozhestan - 4302 rubles,
  • Norkolut - 130 rubles,
  • Iprozhin - 380 rubles.
  1. Gels and vaginal suppositories:
  • Utrozhestan,
  • Kraynon - 2450 rubles,
  • Prozhestozhel - 900 rubles,
  • Prajisan - 260 rubles,
  • Progesterone gel.
  1. Intrauterine hormonal systems:
  • Mirena - 12,500 rubles.

Recently, specialists and patients prefer the Mirena intrauterine device, which is not only a contraceptive, but also contains progesterone and gradually releases it in the uterus.

Instructions for the use of hormonal drugs

Treat menopause begin with the first signs of a lack of sex hormones. The duration of treatment depends on the severity of menopause symptoms and can take from one to three years, and sometimes up to ten years.

Most experts believe that the use of hormonal drugs should be discontinued by the age of sixty, because cancer can develop.

Rules for taking hormonal drugs:

  • vaginal suppositories and tablets should be taken at the same time of day, according to the prescription of the treating doctor.
  • basically all hormones are prescribed daily or cyclically, that is, 21 days with seven day breaks,
  • if the patient has forgotten to take the drug, then the usual dose should be taken in the next 12 hours, and the next pill at the scheduled time,
  • It is strictly forbidden to change the dose of the drug or the drug itself,
  • you cannot take a hormone for life,
  • during hormone therapy, you should regularly visit a gynecologist once every six months.

Treatment of menopause with non-hormonal drugs

Opinions of experts about the feasibility of hormone therapy today differ. In addition, many women refuse to take hormone-containing drugs, because they are afraid of their side effects, do not have the financial ability to buy them constantly or for other reasons.

In such cases, you can use the treatment of menopause without hormones, which is the use of phytohormones, homeopathic medicines, dietary supplements, etc.

Drugs for climax of plant origin

Herbal preparations for menopause contain phytoestrogens - substances that can perform the function of female sex hormones and eliminate the symptoms of aging of the female body.

Today, the most effective and popular remedy for menopause symptoms is Inoklim, which is a biological supplement based on phytoestrogens.

Inoklym effectively fights with such climacteric symptoms, such as a feeling of heat in the body, dryness of the vagina, increased sweating, and also prevents the development of complications.

The drug has virtually no contraindications and side effects. It is not appointed by Inoklim only to those who are allergic to substances that are part of it.

Thus, we have disassembled which drugs to take during menopause in order to alleviate its symptoms. But drug therapy can and should be supplemented with a proper and balanced diet, drinking a sufficient amount of fluid, playing sports, taking vitamin and mineral complexes. Also do not forget about the positive emotions that you can give communication with loved ones, hobbies or crafts.

Watch the video about drugs for menopause.

Why take non-hormonal agents for menopause

Menopause often influences a woman’s well-being very much, as a result of which her usual routine of life can change, which only adds to her psychological discomfort. In order to even this state, in many cases it is impossible to do without the help of medications. Today, during menopause, increasingly, the advantage is given to non-hormonal treatment. It effectively improves the well-being and psycho-emotional background of the woman, as well as hormone therapy, but it does not have side effects and acts on the body fortifying.

What goals are achieved by taking non-hormonal drugs? Such drugs help women to maximize the impact of body restructuring on the quality of life. They have the following positive effects:

  • reduce the symptoms of hot flashes,
  • help relieve heart palpitations,
  • level the sharp fluctuations in blood pressure,
  • help fight insomnia
  • relieve anxiety, anxiety, are light anti-depressants,
  • help fight the increasing dryness of mucous membranes and the rapid fading of the skin, etc.

Herbal preparations

The composition of the drugs in this group includes extracts of medicinal plants, the property of which is to mitigate the effect on the female body of less production of estrogen, which is always observed during menopause. Drugs in climax of plant origin affect the functioning of estrogen receptors, thereby significantly reducing unpleasant symptoms. So, according to many women, after taking herbal remedies that contain phytoestrogens, they have decreased severity of tides, and nervousness has decreased.

What drugs to take during menopause

If menopause makes serious, noticeable and destabilizing changes in a woman’s life, then the use of drugs is indispensable. Today, more and more representatives of the fair sex tend to use non-hormonal drugs for menopause due to their mild action, lack of side effects and often more affordable prices. Check out some popular remedies for this type of medicine.


The climacteric period is characterized by the following unpleasant symptoms, which can be divided into groups:

  • neurovegetative - with menopause, women experience headaches, dizziness, hot flashes (caused by changes in blood vessels), increased blood pressure, chills, dry skin and vaginal mucous membranes,
  • psycho-emotional - depressive states, irritability, apathy, drowsiness or insomnia, loss of appetite and change in taste preferences, increased fatigue, weakness, decreased performance,

  • metabolic-endocrine - development of diabetes mellitus or diabetes insipidus, thyroid pathology, osteochondrosis and osteoporosis, obesity, atrophy of the genital organs, joint pain,
  • gynecological - menopausal syndrome is accompanied by irregular menstruation, irregular menstruation or their complete absence. Only one out of three women have their periods in their usual rhythm.

Doctors recommend hormonal drugs for menopause, which will help eliminate all unpleasant symptoms. Hormone replacement therapy copes well with the task.

But hormonal pills for menopause have many contraindications and side effects, chief among which is the risk of developing breast cancer during menopause. What drugs can replace artificial hormones and help with menopause from hot flashes and other unpleasant manifestations?

Non-hormonal drugs

Non-hormonal drugs for menopause are becoming increasingly popular, and there is a clear explanation. They do not have such a list of side effects and such a number of contraindications as hormonal.

Hormonal drugs for menopause have the following side effects:

  • cause various kinds of digestive disorders associated with aggressive effects on the mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract,
  • contribute to the appearance of edema due to fluid retention in the body,
  • increase the risk of thrombosis, as they affect the blood formula and increase the prothrombin index,
  • stimulate the appetite and thereby cause an increase in body weight,
  • provoke an increase in blood pressure, up to the development of persistent arterial hypertension.

This is just a general list of side effects that hormone drugs have. Each specific drug has a “bunch” of its own, specific.

Drugs for climax of plant origin have become an alternative to hormone therapy, more profitably proven in the treatment of unpleasant symptoms and improving the quality of life of women.

Experts will advise which drugs to take during menopause in order to look and feel good. Often recommend these drugs:

  • phytoestrogens are natural preparations created on the basis of plant hormones, which are similar in structure to human sex hormones. They fill the lack of making their own,
  • natural stimulants to produce their own hormones (selective modulators included in dietary supplements),
  • a complex of vitamins and minerals that improve the overall condition of the body, stimulating the immune system,
  • antidepressants, sedatives and anticonvulsants, if necessary - antihypertensive drugs.

You can not name the best drugs for menopause. In each case, the doctor will determine the one that fits individually. After all, there are situations when it is simply impossible to do without the use of hormones.

Indications and contraindications for phytoestrogens

Non-hormonal tablets for menopause are effective helpers that can make a woman's life comfortable in this difficult time. Phytoestrogens are not exactly medical drugs, they are rather dietary supplements. They are not harmful to health, have a small list of contraindications and very rarely have side effects.

They help from the tides during menopause, blood pressure surges, mood swings, help normalize sleep. There are clear indications for prescribing these particular drugs:

  • early onset of menopause - age up to 40 years. At this age, you can influence the stimulation of your own sex hormones,
  • diabetes mellitus and diabetes insipidus is characterized by a metabolic disorder, which if natural preparations, if not “corrected”, do not aggravate,
  • history of amenorrhea (long period of absence of menstruation outside the menopause at childbearing age),

  • hypertension - hormonal drugs contribute to uncontrolled pressure surges,
  • late onset of critical days (later than 16 years), which indicates an initial hormonal disorder,
  • pathologies of the genitourinary system in history, especially if these pathologies have developed into chronic diseases,
  • artificial introduction of a woman into menopause - conditions after removal of the ovaries or after oncology treatment,
  • pathology of the cardiovascular system or the risk of osteoporosis.

Outside of menopause treatment, such a dietary supplement can be prescribed by a doctor in the following cases:

  • pronounced hypodynamia,
  • low body weight (in accordance with the physiological parameters of the norm), anorexia, caused by psychological disorders or debilitating diets for weight loss,
  • excessive use of caffeine or alcoholic beverages,
  • prevalence in the diet of meat products,
  • lactose intolerance,
  • infertility.

Non-hormonal drugs taken during menopause have contraindications that the physician will consider before prescribing a course of therapy. Among such factors are:

  • estrogen-dependent tumors - breast cancer, ovarian cystoma,
  • if lactose intolerance is contraindicated, all preparations containing tsimitsifuga extract (in particular, Tsi-klim),
  • in the presence of alcohol dependence can not take alcohol-based drugs,
  • brain pathologies, liver failure, and epilepsy preclude the use of drugs with phytoestrogens,
  • idiosyncrasy and allergic reactions to any of their components of the drug,
  • pregnancy and lactation exclude phytoestrogens as a maintenance therapy or treatment of postpartum menopause (it occurs extremely rarely).

The fact that the drug is not suitable, very quickly will signal the body with such symptoms:

  • increasing general weakness against the background of weakness characteristic of menopausal syndrome,
  • increasing nausea, vomiting,
  • whites of the eyes acquire a yellow tint,
  • urine becomes red-brown,
  • pain in the chest and in the retroperitoneal area,
  • in the absence of appetite, body weight increases.

Non-hormonal menopause tablets are also a drug that performs a specific action in the body that can cause an active response of the hormonal system. Therefore, the drug should be taken by a specialist taking into account all the risks of side effects, contraindications and intended benefits for the patient.

Medication use

Everyone is interested in what drugs to take during menopause in order to eliminate unpleasant manifestations. There are a number of non-hormonal drugs that stop symptoms and influence the cause of their manifestation.

To improve the psycho-emotional state, the doctor may recommend antidepressants and sedatives for menopause, which are a real salvation for women with a pathological process, but with contraindications to taking hormones.

These pills help with tides, mood swings, excessive excitability and irritability, normalize sleep and normalize the general condition. Among the well-known drugs can be noted:

  • Fluoxetine. Analogs - Prozac, Profluzak, Fluwal,

  • Paroxetine. Analogues - Adepress, Aktaparoksetin, Rexetin, Paksil, Plizil.

Antiepileptic drugs have an anticonvulsant effect, which helps to reduce hot flashes and reduce the unpleasant physical sensations from chills and joint pain.

Antihypertensive drugs have a positive effect on the woman's body, similar to the action of antidepressants. Many women have a situational or persistent increase in blood pressure, which requires medical correction. In the case of situational lifting required periodic use of funds. In chronic hypertension (hypertension), which develops in a more advanced age, regular pressure medication is necessary.

Phytohormones for menopause

Phytohormonal drugs for menopause are prescribed in the event of a pathological process, and their intake for prevention is unacceptable.

The most effective remedy for menopause based on phytoestrogens:

  • Klimadinon. The drug contains an extract of cimicifuga, is available in the form of drops. It has a positive effect on the autonomic nervous system, eliminating such unpleasant symptoms as insomnia, mood swings, irritability and depression. It has a pronounced effect after the week of admission.

  • Remens also contains cimicifugu extract. It has a restorative effect on hormones, eliminating hot flashes, dizziness, tachycardia, headaches. Non-addictive, even during chronic administration.

  • Qi-Klim is another cimicitifu agent. Normalizes hormones, stimulates the production of their own sex hormones. Appointed, as a rule, with the early onset of menopause.
  • Feminal is the most common and popular dietary supplement that helps reduce the number and severity of tides. The tool is based on an extract of red clover, which is similar in structure to the female sex hormones.

  • Inoklym contains soy extract. Relieves hot flashes, struggling with heart palpitations and excessive sweating. It has no contraindications and side effects. The only caveat is individual intolerance to the components of the drug.

  • Climaxan is indicated for severe disorders of the autonomic nervous system and vascular dystonia. Particular caution should be given to patients who are prone to allergies.

  • Estrovel in its composition contains extract of cimicifuga, nettle, yams root, soybeans, vitamins of group B, vitamin E, folic acid and mineral complex. Refers to dietary supplements that contribute to the normalization of the psychological state. In addition, it stimulates the immune system, is a preventive measure that prevents the development of osteoporosis.

When menopause, Qi-Klim and Estrovel are probably the most popular drugs. It is impossible to say which of them is more effective or better fights with symptoms of menopausal syndrome. Each has its own contraindications and side effects.

In no case do not need to engage in self-treatment and to prescribe one or another drug on the basis of the advice of friends or acquaintances. Consultation of the doctor will relieve you from the need to eliminate undesirable consequences that may arise from unjustified medication.

Manifestations of menopause

Menopause is the preparation of the body to disable reproductive functions. The diagnosis is made after 12 months of absence of menstruation. The amount of estrogen in the female body during this period is reduced. This hormone is not only responsible for reproductive functions, but also supports overall health. Estrogen reduction due to ovarian failure. Menopause occurs gradually. First, the cycle is extended, and then the release of menstruation stops altogether.

  1. Premenopause. It starts from 38-50 years. At this time, the ovaries continue to perform their functions, but their performance weakens. The menstrual cycle is lengthened. Libido decreases, a depressive state appears.
  2. Menopause. Occurs at the age of 50-55 years. The ovaries stop their work. Sometimes there are monthly, but between them a huge interval. Soon the selection stops. Estrogen levels are significantly reduced. The condition of the woman's body is deteriorating.
  3. Postmenopause. Menstruation no longer occurs. During this period, doctors prescribe symptomatic treatment of problems associated with the fall in hormonal levels.

Signs and symptoms of menopause:

  1. Tides They show a sudden increase in temperature, the face suddenly gets a pink tint, red spots appear on the neck and chest. Tides occur regularly. Sometimes, the rise and fall of temperature takes place several times a day. This process is accompanied by sweating.
  2. Deterioration of bone strength. The body loses calcium during menopause. The bones become fragile. There is a risk of fractures. There are white spots on the nails. Teeth may crumble from hard food.
  3. General deterioration. A man complains of a constant breakdown. Decreased performance, disrupted sleep.
  4. Emotional problems. Woman becomes irritable. There is a melancholy, sometimes depression comes.
  5. Decay libido. The vaginal mucosa becomes thinner. This leads to painful sensations during sex. Traction to intimacy drops significantly.


These drugs are composed of substances similar to those produced by the ovaries. Phytoestrogens are weaker than selective modulators, therefore they are prescribed at an early stage in the development of menopause. The intake of these drugs allows you to replenish the body's missing part of the trace elements. Phytoestrogens slightly slow down the aging of the ovaries. Nevertheless, to stop the physiological decline of organs will not work.

Effective drug for menopause. Its properties are due to the presence of the following components:

  • tsimifuga
  • vitamins B6, B9, E,
  • soybean extract,
  • nettle juice,
  • boron organic.

Trace elements of the drug perform functions that were previously carried out by hormones. The tool allows you to get rid of hot flashes. Boron reduces bone destruction and prevents calcium leakage. Assigned to a course of 2 months. If necessary, the reception is extended. The daily dose is 1-2 tablets with meals.

The main active component of the product is an extract of red clover. The herb has a large amount of isoflavones. This substance has a beneficial effect on human mucous membranes.

Benefits of taking Feminals:

  • relieves tides
  • reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases,
  • It reduces soreness to the vagina,
  • raises vascular tone
  • beneficial effect on the state of the mammary glands.

It is necessary to accept it during food on 1 tablet twice a day. Contraindication is intolerance to the active substance. The course of treatment is prescribed by a specialist.

Allows you to cope with a mental disorder during menopause. The drug is prescribed for the development of neurovegetative disorder in the premenopause period. The course of treatment is 3-6 months. Take 1 tablet 1 time per day. Active ingredient - extract tsimifugi.

Useful properties of the drug klimadinon:

  • reduces the level of emotional stress
  • contributes to the normalization of temperature
  • relieves tides.

The drug contains in its composition many useful components. Used with severe symptoms during menopause.

Appointed in the following cases:

  • migraine and headaches,
  • psycho-emotional disorders
  • fever,
  • swelling of tissues
  • problems with the cardiovascular system,
  • osteochondrosis,
  • tides.

Apply 1 tablet per day. The tool is prohibited for people with intolerance to any component in the composition.

Supplements in menopause

Dietary supplements are dietary supplements. They are not drugs, but have in their composition a huge amount of useful substances that have a beneficial effect on the human body.

The benefits of taking dietary supplements during menopause:

  • normalize metabolism
  • significantly improve the quality of immunity
  • strengthen blood vessels
  • allow you to cope with fatigue
  • stop hair loss, skin aging and prevent brittle nails.

The tool has a beneficial effect on the work of the ovaries. Allows you to slow the aging of the reproductive organs. Receiving Ovariamin improves the overall condition of the woman. The preparation includes:

  • squirrels,
  • vitamins of the PP, B, E group,
  • retinol,
  • lysine,
  • tyrosine,
  • leucine
  • isoleucine
  • minerals,
  • aspartic acid.

The course of treatment is 2 weeks. Daily dose - from 1 to 9 tablets.

Natural preparation of German production. The composition includes a large number of biological additives and vitamins. During menopause, the remedy protects the body from toxins. One box contains 30 capsules. You need to take 1-2 pieces once a day. Allows you to get rid of hot flashes and prevent the development of osteochondrosis.

A drug containing a high concentration of vitamins. It has a bright immunostimulatory properties. Composition Menoril Plus:

The tool has a beneficial effect on the circulatory system. It has an effect on the body similar to estrogen. Should take 1 to 2 capsules once a day.

Selective modulators

Selective androgenic receptor modulators are new-generation drugs that are capable of joining the sex hormone receptors and influencing them. The active substance emits estrogen. The body receives the effect of the hormone, but the drug is non-hormonal. Medicines in this group contain both herbal ingredients and artificial additives. Selective drugs reduce the likelihood of developing pathological tumors.

The composition has several active ingredients. Together they perform the function of estrogen in the body. The drug has the following positive actions:

  • relieves tides
  • normalizes blood circulation in the cardiovascular system,
  • has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, relieves depression,
  • increases the activity of the urogenital system,
  • stimulates trophic bone tissue.

It is applied 2 times a day, one tablet. It is absorbed one hour before meals. The minimum course of treatment is 3 months.

The active component of the drug is snake venom. It affects the estrogen receptors. Useful properties Klimaksan in menopause:

  • normalizes sleep
  • improves blood circulation
  • relieves tides
  • relieves migraine.

Take 1 tablet in the morning and evening, resolving to complete dissolution in the mouth. The minimum duration of therapy is 1-2 months.

Homeopathic remedies

Do not self-medicate homeopathic medicines. This can lead to deterioration. Preparations are prescribed by a homeopath with regard to the symptoms.

The list of popular homeopathic medicines for menopause:

  • Sepia Comp Matron,
  • Klimakt-Khel,
  • Gormel,
  • Lachesis,
  • Tsimitsifuga,
  • Gelzemium,
  • Acidum sulfuricum,
  • Pulsatilla


Women become discouraged during the onset of menopause, resulting in an increased chance of developing depression. Taking sedatives helps calm the nervous system. The most commonly used sredsta on the basis of valerian, motherwort tincture or hop cones.

Sedative drugs for menopause:

Antidepressants for menopause:

Traditional medicine

Traditional medicine is significantly inferior to medical treatment for menopause. Nevertheless, at home you can alleviate the general condition of women. It is necessary to strengthen the immune system, lower the temperature and remove the sensations of hot flashes. It is widely used royal jelly.

The benefits of its reception at menopause:

  • Beneficial effect on the nervous, urinary and endocrine systems
  • allows you to slow the aging of the reproductive organs,
  • stimulates blood flow, increases the level of hemoglobin in the blood,
  • strengthens the immune system.

You should buy only fresh milk. It is produced in the bee breeding season. The course of administration is 1-2 months, it is necessary to take 2-3 capsules per day.

Therapy with vitamins is extremely important during menopause - they not only improve immunity, but also enhance mood. In addition, it is advisable for a woman to drink 1 glass of orange, apple, pomegranate, pear or tomato juice per day.

Acceptance of non-hormonal medicines during menopause

The main function of the woman, which has endowed her with nature, is the ability to bear children. The period of fertility begins with the arrival of the first menstruation and lasts until the age of 40-50 years. After that comes menopause - hormonal changes in the body, as a result of which a woman loses the ability to conceive a child. This process is gradual. After completion of hormonal changes, the ovaries "fall asleep", ceasing to produce eggs, menstruation stops.

Symptoms and signs of menopause

The first symptom is a change in the duration and regularity of the menstrual cycle. Monthly become irregular, often there are delays. A woman may feel the so-called hot flashes - the most typical sign of menopause. Tide - a sudden feeling of heat, accompanied by rapid pulse and profuse sweating. Often a woman suffers from a sleep disorder, experiencing sharp emotional drops. This indicates that changes in the vegetative-vascular and endocrine systems, which cause the above symptoms (menopausal syndrome), began to occur.

The hormonal background of a woman changes, the concentration of the main sex hormones decreases. Menopausal syndrome in each woman manifests itself in different ways. If the frequency of fat flushes in menopause is high and there is a strong indisposition, dizziness, it is recommended to consult a doctor to alleviate the indicated symptoms.

What to do if symptoms and signs of menopause develop?

The first important rule is not to self-medicate. Wrong selection of drugs can harm the body and only aggravate the symptoms. Therefore, to obtain qualified help, you must visit a doctor and pass a series of tests.

Measures to relieve menopause symptoms:

1 taking multivitamin complex and sedatives (in consultation with the doctor),

2 maintaining a certain diet,

3 sports activities

4 performing autotraining.

In most cases, hormone preparations are prescribed to treat menopause, which can minimize hot flashes and other symptoms of menopause. These include: Livial, Klimaton, Fimeyl, Active complex.

Advantages of treatment with non-hormonal drugs during menopause

Hormonal drugs for the treatment of menopause symptoms have many contraindications and serious side effects, so doctors, to alleviate the symptoms of menopause, often prescribe combination drugs containing progesterone and estrogen. Let's talk about contraindications for hormonal drugs. Their admission is prohibited if a woman is diagnosed with: liver pathology, malignant tumors, tendency to the formation of blood clots.

Among the common "side effects" after taking hormones are observed: swelling, excess weight, digestive disorders, the appearance of a tendency to thrombosis. For the above reasons, women often choose non-hormonal therapy. The elements of plant origin contained in them have a similar effect on the body to hormones. The main advantage of such drugs, the almost complete absence of side effects and contraindications, except for individual intolerance to some herbal ingredients.

Types of non-hormonal drugs for menopause

Increasingly, doctors during menopause recommend phytotherapy to women. After all, the properties of homeopathic remedies are similar to hormonal, in addition, they effectively work and strengthen the immune system. However, phytotherapy should be selected on the basis of the individual tolerance of the plant components of a drug to avoid allergies.

Conventionally, non-hormonal drugs can be divided into three groups:

1 Estrogens or selective modulators. Klimadinon, Chi-Klim, Remens - herbal preparations.

2 Phytoestrogens. Preparations based on red clover - Feminal, Estrovel.

3 Multivitamin complexes.

It is important to realize that these drugs are not intended to support the function of the reproductive system, but to minimize the symptoms of menopause and improve well-being. Before starting herbal medicine, consultation with a gynecologist is also necessary. Also useful may be an article about what kind of non-hormonal pills for menopause, which inexpensive pills for treating menopause symptoms are best to choose.

How to alleviate the symptoms and signs of menopause?

During menopause, do not forget about compliance with the daily routine. Especially important is a full sleep, thanks to which the body's forces are restored. To maintain the tone is very useful light physical activity, morning exercises. A very important point - a balanced diet. Consumed products must contain sufficient amount of protein (meat, fish, legumes). Fatty and fried foods should be completely excluded from the diet. To fill the need for dietary fiber and trace elements need to eat fruits and vegetables.

Studies of hormonal and non-hormonal drugs for the treatment of symptoms of menopause

Laboratory studies of hormonal and non-hormonal agents for the treatment of menopause are carried out worldwide. Research results indicate the dangers of hormonal drugs. Their prolonged use can provoke thrombosis, heart disease and even oncology. These side effects cause many women to avoid hormone therapy.

Studies of herbal remedies gave the best results - side effects were rarely detected (allergic to herbal ingredients). By the effectiveness of non-hormonal drugs are not inferior to hormones. Therefore, given the safety and effectiveness of herbal medicine, doctors at the first symptoms of menopause recommend taking non-hormonal drugs.

Non-hormonal drugs, which effective non-hormonal drugs should I choose?

Now find non-hormonal drugs in pharmacies is not difficult. The most famous of them are: Menopace, Femwell, Climactoplan, Remens, Oviamin and so on. However, each tool is based on different plant components. Drugs, whose main element is soy phytoestrogens (Inoklim), have proven to be highly effective. These substances affect the body in a way similar to female hormones. Also well-proven Qi-Klim. Please note, the appointment of the drug is possible only after consulting a gynecologist.

Today the shelves of pharmacies are literally bursting with various drugs for the treatment of menopause. However, every woman's body is unique, so there is no such medicine that could suit every woman. It is possible to choose a drug only by the results of medical examinations and analyzes. For example, drugs based on soy are suitable for women aged about 50 years, and on the basis of red clover - for the age of about 40 years. The drug Qi-Klim is also available for women of different age groups. It should be remembered that menopause is not a disease, but a natural stage in the life of every woman. It comes gradually, so it does not require constant use of hormones and other drugs. Unpleasant symptoms and feeling unwell can always be avoided without harm to health, having received expert help from a gynecologist.