How can you cause monthly with a delay: folk remedies and drugs


Violation of the cycle of menstruation in the form of late discharge is a frequent cause for concern of women. The reasons for the development of this state can be many. Consider the situation in detail, try to establish the main factors, tell you what to do when delaying menstruation and the basics of treatment.

What is the delay in girls?

For the first time, adolescents are faced with such a phenomenon, and sometimes they may not know what “monthly delay” means. The term is used in the temporary absence of menstrual discharge, the duration of which does not exceed 5-7 days. After this time, we can talk about amenorrhea. It is worth noting that the definition is true for girls with an established cycle. In adolescents from the time of menarche (first menstruation), it may take 2 years until it normalizes.

What could be the delay of menstruation?

The problem of violation lies in the fact that often a woman regards this phenomenon as a variant of the norm, without attaching importance. If menstruation is not observed for more than 10-12 days - this is a violation. To find out what the delay of menstruation is from, besides pregnancy, which the girl initially excludes by conducting a rapid test, you need to visit a gynecologist. Assigned to a comprehensive survey:

  • Vaginal and urethral strokes
  • Analysis of urine,
  • examination in the gynecological chair,
  • Ultrasound of the pelvis.

The reasons leading to the development of late menstruation are conventionally divided into: pathological (caused by diseases) and caused by external factors. So, among those that are not associated with the disease of the reproductive system:

  • emotional, physical strain, psychological trauma, constant loads,
  • abrupt change in the established order of life: changes in the nature of activities, time zone and climate,
  • tough, long-term diet,
  • puberty or extinction of reproductive function,
  • state of cancellation of long-term use of hormonal contraceptive drugs,
  • the period of postpartum hormonal development.

Among the factors causing the delay associated with diseases are:

  • diseases of inflammatory origin (salpingitis, oophoritis, adnexitis, cervicitis, etc.),
  • polycystic disease
  • yellow body cyst
  • the consequences of the abortion.

In addition, you need to mention ectopic pregnancy. Menstrual flow is not marked, and the test may show a negative result. The only diagnostic method is ultrasound. Late treatment at a medical facility is fraught with uterine bleeding. Only after establishing the factor that caused the absence of cyclic discharge, it is possible to determine what to do when there is a monthly delay in a particular case.

When a woman is sure that there is a delay in menstruation due to stress, what to do at the same time, the therapist will tell. In such cases, great help:

  • motherwort tincture,
  • valerian root,
  • peony tincture
  • Persen,
  • Novo-Passiss.

Causes of menstruation delay in adolescents

When maturation of the reproductive system to understand why there is a delay in menstruation in adolescents, in a separate case is difficult. The multifactorial nature of the causes makes it difficult to identify them. Among the main should be called:

  • improper diet, excessive enthusiasm for diets,
  • high physical stress on the body (observed in athletes),
  • endocrine system diseases
  • unsteady menstrual cycle
  • stress and emotional experiences associated with studies, relationships with peers or parents,
  • abnormalities of the reproductive system.

What if delayed menstruation?

First, you need to calm down, eliminate the stress factor - perhaps, after this, the menstrual will resume. If this does not happen and the delay of menstruation continues, what to do to get them started, the doctor will tell. The algorithm of women's actions depends entirely on the cause of the violation. Diagnosis is an integral part of therapy, includes both a general inspection of the reproductive system and the use of medical equipment.

How to cause monthly during a delay?

You can not take for self, take medicine without consulting with doctors. Being in search of a drug, choosing what to drink during a delay of menstruation, a woman can harm her body. To restore menstruation, doctors prescribe such drugs as:

  • Pulsatilla - 6-7 pellets are applied once in the hyoid area,
  • Duphaston - 5 days in a row, 1 tablet 2 times a day (menstruation starts on the 2nd day of administration),
  • Mifegin - used for long-term violation
  • Non-ovlon - take 2 pills, one each with an interval of 12 hours.

The indicated dosages are given as an example. The use of drugs should be coordinated with the doctors, who specifically say what to do with the delay of menstruation. Directly they establish the dosage, type of medicine, frequency and duration of administration. This takes into account the severity of the violation, the number of days of delay, the absence of concomitant diseases.

Separately, you need to say what to do if there is no monthly month. A visit to the gynecologist should be immediate. This condition indicates a violation of the hormonal system, requires appropriate therapeutic measures, sometimes in the hospital. Correction of hormonal background is a long procedure that takes about six months. It is necessary to say that no specialist will give a single answer to the question about what to do so that the monthly periods go when there is a delay. It all depends on the situation.

Folk remedies for delayed menstruation

Traditional medicine, the recipes of which have evolved over the centuries, can take place with such a violation. It is possible to transfer all national means for a call of monthly at a delay. We note the effective ones:

  1. Infusion of nettle leaves, wild rose, root of elecampus, oregano, yarrow, knotweed. Take 2 tablespoons, pour in a thermos, brew 1 liter of boiling water, insist 12 hours. Strain, drink half a glass until the discharge.
  2. A decoction of valerian root, dried chamomile, mint leaves. Plants take in the ratio of 3: 4: 4. Mix, brew 200 ml of boiling water, wait 20 minutes, strain off. Half a cup of drink in the morning, as much in the evening. Take before the onset of effect.
  3. Broth with onion peel. Prepared solution of dark brown drink once. The next day there is a selection.

What to do if the delay in menstruation in a teenager?

Often, doctors are faced with a situation where a teenage girl has a delayed period, what to do, how to treat, mom doesn’t know. First you need to contact the pediatric gynecologist, who will conduct an examination, appoint additional examinations. An ultrasound scan of the reproductive system is required, which determines congenital developmental anomalies:

After exclusion of such violations, the girl is recommended to take a blood test for hormone levels. When establishing their deficiency, which often impedes a normal, stable cycle, prescribe a course of hormonal therapy. Use drugs in small doses. When observing the doctor's prescriptions and his instructions, the situation can be corrected, and after 3-4 months the cycle is stabilized.

Delay of menstruation - when to do a pregnancy test?

Even before thinking about what to do when you delay your period and fight it, you need to run a test to rule out pregnancy. In this state, as the delay of menstruation, when to do a test - can be determined by its sensitivity. The one that has 25 IU / ml is able to determine from the first day of the absence of menstruation. For impatient women, the ideal option is a blood test for HCG - as early as 3-5 days after fertilization, you can get good news.

About the delay - what provokes it?

Normally, the duration of the menstrual cycle varies from 21-35 days. The first half of the cycle is called the follicular, at this time the follicle grows, and the inner layer of the uterus is preparing to accept a fertilized egg. The duration of this period takes on average 2 weeks, then ovulation occurs, at which the follicle is torn, and the ovary enters the uterine cavity. With hormonal disruption, the processes in the follicular phase slow down, which leads to a delay of critical days. At the same time, the time of ripening of the follicle, which means that ovulation also moves on the 16-20th day of the cycle, the onset of delayed menses falls on 1-15 days after the expected date.

The second half of the cycle is called the luteal phase, it is more stable, and in very rare cases, its duration increases by 3-5 days.

Lack of menstruation is the main symptom of the onset of pregnancy, but if the test is negative, other possible causes of the delay of the month other than pregnancy should be considered:

  • climate change that causes hormonal imbalances,
  • strict diet,
  • imbalance of progesterone and estrogen in the body,
  • anorexia or obesity,
  • psycho-emotional overstrain,
  • chronic sleep deprivation and fatigue
  • physical overload
  • hormonal, anti-inflammatory and psychotropic drugs, as well as antibiotics,
  • the onset of menopause,
  • diseases of the reproductive or endocrine system,
  • sexually transmitted diseases
  • oral contraceptives and IUDs,
  • abortion in an artificial or spontaneous way.

As an adult sexually mature woman, and a teenager during puberty with a long delay of menstruation, a visit to a doctor is recommended.

Is it possible to engage in menstruation

Delay of menstruation is always provoked by any reasons. In some cases, this is a harmless move or slight fatigue, but sometimes serious health problems can cause a lack of menstruation. Often, delay is a common situation for a woman whose cycle is not particularly regular, and in one month it is 24 days, and in the other a new menstruation comes in 31 days. If the delay is a physiological feature of the organism, caused by minor causes or a desired pregnancy, then it is not necessary to specifically cause critical days.

There is no need to invoke monthly periods when they are delayed for a period of 2 to 5 days. If menstruation is no more than 10 days, then first of all you need to do a pregnancy test. If it is positive, and there is no time to go to a specialist, home remedies can be used to trigger menstruation, but remember that such initiative is fraught with serious consequences, such as uterine bleeding and inflammatory processes in the uterus. In some cases, medications may not interrupt the pregnancy, but have a detrimental effect on the further development of the fetus.

If the delay is very long and violations of the menstrual cycle occur systematically, you should definitely consult a doctor.

When to cause regulations is dangerous

There are situations in which artificially causing critical days is dangerous for a woman’s health:

  • if the delay lasts a very long time (over a month). The cause of a long absence of menstruation may be an ectopic pregnancy, what to do with it is contraindicated, so it is to interrupt the course of drug or folk methods. It is eliminated exclusively by surgery, and amateur activity can cause blood loss, incomplete removal of the embryo and complications in the liver and kidneys. If you make an independent termination of a normal pregnancy at such a long time, then this can lead not only to blood loss, but also to death,
  • when the delay was caused by the intrauterine device. In the first months after installing the IUD, the delay in menstruation is the norm, because at this time the woman's body adapts to the new hormonal background. If you artificially cause critical days, you can cause rejection of the IUD, uterine injuries and bleeding,
  • with hemophilia and diseases of the endocrine system,
  • with long-term use of hormone replacement therapy.

What to cause during the delay

Many women call for periods to prevent conception or to adjust the cycle for one reason or another. This can be done with the help of medicines that affect the hormonal background of women, with the help of drugs that activate blood circulation and muscle activity, as well as with the help of traditional medicine. Broths, infusions, the revision of the daily diet and the addition of sharp and spicy foods - all these methods, along with traditional medicine, can cause premature critical days.

Consider all known ways to cause menstruation in more detail, also find out whether it is possible to accelerate the arrival of the regulation without harm to health.

How to provoke monthly medication

In order to artificially provoke the onset of regul, you can use drugs that have the following effect on a woman's body:

  • you can drink hormonal pills to go monthly, they must be components that reduce the concentration of estrogen in the blood,
  • increase blood flow and improve blood circulation in the mucous membrane of the uterus due to the warming effect that is on the lower part of the body,
  • the contractility of the uterus is improved, which provokes a rapid detachment of its inner mucous layer.

Not all of the drugs are safe to use, so their appointment should be done only by a doctor.


Medications that can speed up menstruation have a large number of contraindications and side effects, so they can only be used after consulting a gynecologist and in the absence of pregnancy.

These drugs have a combined effect, with proper administration, they can contribute to the beginning of monthly, and prevent their arrival. To get the desired effect, you should correctly calculate the dosage and drink the tool at a certain time. If you drink progesterone before ovulation, that is, in the first half of the cycle, the concentration of estrogen decreases, and ovulation is postponed to a later date, which causes a delay of critical days. If you need to cause menstruation, the drugs are drunk after ovulation. At this time, they increase the level of progesterone and contribute to the rapid thickening and loosening of the endometrium, which ripens rapidly and begins to exfoliate prematurely. We give an example of the most popular progesterones, which can cause monthly:

  1. Duphaston. Reception should begin two to three days before the expected start date of the critical days. The course is 5 days. If you do not withstand this period and abruptly stop taking the medicine, uterine bleeding can be provoked. If the delay is triggered by pregnancy, the drug does not have a detrimental effect on the fetus, so the lack of effect when trying to cause menstruation may mean that the woman is pregnant.
  2. Utrozhestan. This medication acts like the previous one. But if Duphaston is available exclusively in pill form, then Utrozhestan can also be bought in the form of vaginal suppositories. A side effect of oral pills is drowsiness, it is absent in suppositories.
  3. Postinor This is a progesterone medication. It must be taken once, but not more than 1 time in the menstruation cycle. Prolonged use of Postinor can cause hormonal disorders. The effect of the drug is visible after a maximum of 3 days.
  4. Norcolut. The main component of the drug is the hormone nortisterone, which suppresses the production of hormones by the pituitary gland, which are involved in the synthesis of estrogens. The drug should be started in the first half of the cycle, before ovulation begins. The course is 5 days. After the reception is completed, menstruation occurs a few days later. This drug is one of the methods of contraception, it prevents the onset of pregnancy, and can also provoke the early arrival of critical days.

All of the above drugs can not be taken in diseases of the breast or circulatory system, uterine bleeding, asthma and epilepsy. Serious consequences, such as persistent violation of the menstrual cycle and infertility, can be caused by the uncontrolled use of these medicines.


Taking Mifegin or Mifepristone can cause regula even in case of normal uterine pregnancy, so only a doctor should prescribe it. Usually they are prescribed for a delay of 7-10 days and are given only in a hospital setting. This rule should not be violated, since medical personnel must be nearby to stop uterine bleeding. These medicines not only disrupt the menstrual cycle, but also cause a number of side effects, such as pain in the lower abdomen, exacerbation of inflammation in the uterus and appendages, and bloody discharge.

Of the homeopathic medicines that can cause menstruation, it is worth noting Pulsatilla granules. They are taken once (they need to be put under the tongue). В основе препарата лежат биоактивные добавки, которые стимулируют выработку половых гормонов.Also, the drug soothes the nervous system of women, which allows to cope with the delay, which is caused by stress and nervous disorders. Monthly come on 2-3 days after completion of taking the medication. Since it is a serious allergen, you should consult with your doctor before taking it.

Increasing the tone of the uterus

If you need to urgently and quickly cause critical days, it is best to use drugs that significantly enhance uterine contractions. A striking example is Oxytocin and similar drugs. The tool is pricked intramuscularly or intravenously. It is often used during childbirth, so that the woman quickly give birth. If a woman does not know the exact cause of the delay, then such strong drugs should not be used, because menstruation can go within a couple of hours after the injection, and this is fraught with miscarriage if the absence of critical days is caused by pregnancy. Also, oxytocin can cause a decrease in blood pressure and an increase in heart rate.

Before using any of the above medications to call premature regulators, you should always consult with your doctor, since each of them has a number of contraindications and side effects.

How to cause monthly folk remedies

Not every woman will want to take medications that cause menses. For this purpose, you can use folk remedies. Despite the fact that recipes with herbs will not be as effective and fast-acting as synthetic drugs, they definitely will bring less harm to the body.

High efficiency shows nettle infusion. To prepare it, you need half a glass of fresh greens pour 2 cups of boiling water and leave for 3-4 hours. Cooked potions need to drink in one day in several stages. It is impossible to use the infusion for more than 24 hours, since it can cause uterine bleeding. No less effective means are tinctures from fennel root or elecampane, as well as decoctions of vervain and pharmaceutical oregano. We will talk in more detail about these and other herbs that stimulate the onset of menstruation.

Chamomile decoction

Chamomile is a universal medicinal plant, which, among other things, provokes regulations. To speed up the arrival of menstruation, you can douche chamomile decoction, the preparation of which uses 2 tablespoons of inflorescences per 1 liter of water.

To speed up the monthly you can drink a decoction of chamomile. To prepare it you need 3 table. lie its flowers pour a glass of boiling water and take 0.5 cups of sutra and before bedtime.

Bay decoction

You can call monthly using bay leaf, for this you should prepare a decoction according to one of the following recipes:

  • Lavrushka in the amount of 3-4 pieces pour boiling water and leave for 2-3 hours, then drink. Take the infusion need for 1 glass in the morning and evening, 1 day. Bay leaf will cause uterine contractions, so do not be afraid if there are nagging pains in the lower abdomen, these are consequences of the effects of decoction,
  • 12 g of bay leaf poured 0.5 liters of water and put on the fire. It is necessary to boil no more than 5-6 minutes. Next, the broth is poured into a thermos and settled for about 3 hours. Drink tincture need three times a day and 1 table. a spoon.

Tansy to call monthly can be used in the form of decoctions and infusions, here are some recipes:

  • 30 g of dried leaves of the plant should be poured into a thermos and pour a liter of boiling water. Insist 1 hour. Next, the infusion is filtered and cooled to room temperature. You need to drink a total of 0.2 liters for 3 doses,
  • 0.15 g fresh inflorescence Tansy is poured with a liter of vodka. The tincture is stored in a dark glass container in a cool place without access to sunlight for 3 weeks. Then it is filtered and used to call the monthly 15 g 3 times a day for 15-20 minutes before meals. On the day you can not drink more than 50 g of tincture.

Is it possible to accelerate the arrival of menstruation with a delay

When there is a need to quickly cause monthly, you need to find out whether it can be done. If menstruation did not come on time, then there are reasons.

Prolonged delay provokes harm to reproductive functioning. Hence the need to normalize the cycle.

In the case when the menstruation has not started in due time, its occurrence can be approximated artificially. But this is not always required. It is worth remembering that the duration of the normal cycle is from 27 to 32 days. Sometimes it shifts due to certain reasons, such as an abrupt change in the weather or the abuse of alcohol. Therefore, if the absence of the onset of menstruation is not a regular problem, but a one-time problem, then it is not necessary to sound the alarm.

But the constant delay should be a cause for concern. Frequent shift of the monthly cycle indicates violations in the body. It is necessary to take measures to “eliminate” this problem only when critical days do not arrive for more than 8 days.

If a pregnancy test shows a negative result, the likelihood that a woman is dealing with a serious pathology, which should be eliminated quickly, is not excluded.

In this case, the artificial approximation of menstruation is possible only after passing a medical examination to determine the cause of the delay.

When to cause monthly dangerous

Before resorting to the implementation of one of the methods of cycle normalization, it is necessary to determine the cause of its shift. If the delay arose due to gynecological pathology, it is impossible to artificially cause menstruation.

It is not recommended to accelerate the onset of critical days in such cases:

  1. Suspected possible pregnancy. Women who are faced with a prolonged absence of menstruation, seek to learn how to cause it during pregnancy. In their case, it is contraindicated. The delay can be triggered by ectopic fertilization. Interrupting such a pregnancy by any means can lead to serious consequences, such as internal bleeding or renal failure.
  2. The presence of intrauterine device. Artificially approaching critical days can cause uterine injury, internal bleeding, or rejection of a contraceptive. It is worth knowing that during the first month of installation of the spiral, the cycle can move by 2–3 days.
  3. Hemophilia or endocrine disease.
  4. Long-term treatment with hormonal drugs.

If a healthy woman does not live sex and does not use contraception, the risk of complications after accelerating the onset of menstruation is reduced.

Cycle normalization is often resorted to in a responsible event or trip, that is, when it becomes necessary to quickly come "in shape." For example, many women tend to cause menstruation before the release ahead of time.

If the decision to take measures to accelerate the onset of critical days is taken, you should not forget that an attempt will be made to interfere with the natural physiological processes, and this often leads to hormonal disturbance.

Drugs and pills that cause menstruation with delay

Women who are looking for information on what to do to make their monthly periods go should know: one of the most effective ways to speed up the onset of critical days is to take hormones that trigger the normalization of the cycle.

But before resorting to taking such drugs, it is worth considering that a shift of a cycle of 3–6 days is normal. Probably, the body has undergone any changes. But if the delay of the monthly 10 days, how to cause monthly, will be described below.

Before taking any hormonal medications you need to consult a gynecologist. So, let's talk about how you can normalize the cycle of drugs.

If the monthly began with a delay, Duphaston will help speed up their arrival in the next cycle. The recommended duration of treatment is 5 days. To normalize the cycle, Duphaston must be drunk 2–3 days before the expected onset of menstruation.

You can not abruptly stop taking this drug, as in this case there is a risk of severe bleeding. Abort pregnancy with medication will not succeed. It does not affect the development of the fetus and during pregnancy.


This drug quickly causes menstruation. It is convenient to use: Pulsatil is released in capsules, which are placed under the tongue.

To provoke menstruation with the help of this medicine on a plant basis, it is enough to take it once. The composition includes active biological substances that stimulate the production of sex hormones in the female body, which provokes the acceleration of the onset of critical days.

Also, this tool has a sedative effect on the body. Therefore, it is recommended to take it if the delay happened due to psycho-emotional stress.

Pulsatil should be drunk with caution, as the drug may cause an allergic reaction.

Oral contraceptives

Cause critical days with oral contraceptives is easiest. This is one of the most "innocuous" medical ways to normalize the cycle.

To achieve the desired result, you need to stop taking this group of drugs a few days before the expected start of menstruation.

One of the means leading to the delay is Postinor. Long-term use of this medication provokes a serious failure of the monthly cycle.

How to speed up monthly folk remedies

Women who are faced with the problem of cycle failure should know how to quickly cause menstruation at home. It is recommended to use folk remedies.

The easiest and most effective way - to cause monthly herbs. Here are some popular recipes for normalizing the cycle:

  1. Tincture of parsley root. With a regular delay in menstruation, it is helpful to take this medicine. You will need a large amount of parsley, which is poured boiling water and infused until it cools completely. A decoction of parsley is recommended to drink the resulting product in large portions - 2-3 cups at a time.
  2. Tincture of bay leaf and nettle. You need to take the same amount of these herbs and pour boiling water over them. This mixture is cooled and infused for 2 hours. Take medicine twice a day - in the morning and in the evening.
  3. Spicy dishes. To speed up the arrival of menstruation, it is recommended to use a large amount of garlic, black pepper and other spicy ingredients. The mechanism of action of these products is to accelerate blood circulation.

Also a hot bath helps to cause menstruation. When a woman plunges into warm water, her body warms up and the endometrial vessels dilate. This contributes to the beginning of menstruation.

Precautionary measures

Women who implement ways to quickly cause a delay in monthly homes should take care of their health. Before resorting to artificial acceleration of menstruation, you need to weigh everything and evaluate the possible risks.

Those who suffer from diseases of the reproductive organs, it is contraindicated to use folk remedies that cause menstruation. This can cause internal bleeding and other life-threatening complications.

For girls who have problems with conception, it is contraindicated to invade the hormonal sphere of their body, as this can lead to infertility.

Also, it is not recommended to take medication for a long time to normalize the cycle, as this will trigger hormonal failure.

Is it possible to accelerate the arrival of menstruation during a delay

In any case, if there is a delay in menstruation, there are reasons for this. They are harmless or dangerous, a woman can hardly determine for herself.

In some women, the menstrual cycle is irregular, menstruation comes after 24, then after 30 days. And most often it is not a violation, but the norm for the body. It also happens that a delay occurs by chance, and the possibility of pregnancy is completely excluded. If this happened during the move to a new apartment or during the exams, then there is nothing terrible, by the next menstruation everything will be fine. You should not try to speed up the processes in the body, as this can lead to the occurrence of more serious disorders, such as hormonal failure or inflammatory disease.

A deviation of 2-5 days is considered normal and does not require intervention. But if the delay is 10 or more days, then perhaps this is a pregnancy. If she is undesirable, and the woman does not have time to go to the doctor, then you can try to cause menstruation at home. Only it is necessary to remember that artificial interruption of pregnancy, as a rule, is not complete without consequences. And the most dangerous of them is the incomplete removal of the ovum, which leads to bleeding, the occurrence of an inflammatory process in the uterus and the need for cleaning. And sometimes it happens that the pregnancy is not interrupted, but the woman is not aware of this. A child can be born with deformities.

A warning: With a long delay and persistent irregularities in the menstrual cycle, it is necessary to consult a gynecologist and, possibly, start treatment.

Medical drugs progesterone action

Before you apply these tools, you must consult with your doctor, as each of them has serious contraindications.

A feature of these drugs is that they can both quickly cause menstruation during a delay, and slow down their arrival. It all depends on the time of the beginning of the reception and the dose. If they are taken before ovulation, closer to the middle of the cycle, they, by reducing the content of estrogen, delay the onset of ovulation. In this case, the menstrual cycle is extended, menstruation comes with a delay. If you take drugs after ovulation, then increasing the proportion of progesterone contributes to the accelerated development (thickening, loosening) of the endometrium. It matures faster and exfoliates earlier, which causes the appearance of menstruation. To take such drugs can only be prescribed by a doctor and according to a strictly defined scheme.

Duphaston. It is necessary to start taking the drug 2-3 days before the desired period of the onset of menstruation. Drink medication should be within 5 days. Abrupt termination of his admission after the onset of menstruation leads to heavy bleeding.

The drug does not lead to the interruption of an already occurring pregnancy. Therefore, if he does not have the desired effect (when taken to speed up her period), this usually means that the woman is pregnant. His reception does not affect the course of pregnancy and fetal development.

Utrozhestan. This tool has a similar effect. The advantage is that it can be used in the form of tablets for oral administration, and vaginally in the form of capsules. Tablets can cause drowsiness, and with vaginal application of this effect is not.

Postinor Also has a progesterone effect. The peculiarity is that it is taken once, not more than 1 time per month, since with prolonged use it causes lengthening of the cycle and other violations. The effect occurs after a maximum of 3 days.

Norcolut. The composition includes the hormone norethisterone, which suppresses the production of pituitary hormones necessary for the synthesis of estrogen. That is, the action means similar to the action of progesterone drugs. It begins to take before ovulation (closer to the middle of the cycle). After 5 days, they stop taking it, after which menstruation begins after another couple of days. The drug is taken to prevent pregnancy, as well as to monthly came earlier than usual.

All of these remedies have serious side effects. They are not used for diseases of the mammary glands or blood, vaginal bleeding, bronchial asthma, epilepsy. The consequences of taking such drugs can be persistent violation of the cycle and the inability to become pregnant later.


Mifegin, mifepristone. They allow you to cause monthly, if the delay is due to uterine pregnancy. They are taken with a delay of 7-10 days. These drugs are used only in the hospital, where the patient's condition is monitored to prevent uterine bleeding. Side effects - pain in the lower abdomen, bleeding, exacerbation of inflammatory diseases of the uterus and appendages.

Homeopathic remedy

Pulsatilla The tool is convenient because it is taken once (granules are placed under the tongue). This is a homeopathic herbal preparation containing biologically active substances that stimulate the production of sex hormones. In addition, the tool has a calming effect on the nervous system of women. If the delay is caused by nervous stress, then relieving the nervous tension eliminates the cause.

Menstruation occurs 2-3 days after the completion of the medication. The drug can cause allergies.

Preparations to improve the tone of the uterus

Oxytocin and its analogues. This substance can cause menstruation in 2-3 hours after ingestion. Its property to significantly enhance the contraction of the uterus is used to stimulate childbirth. The drug is administered intramuscularly or intravenously. If a woman is not sure of the reason for the delay, then it should not be taken, since a miscarriage will occur. Прием окситоцина приводит к снижению артериального давления и учащению пульса.

Tip: Все лекарственные способы вызывания месячных небезопасны. Надо взвесить все «за» и «против», прежде чем ими пользоваться. It is imperative to listen to the recommendations of doctors in their selection.

Folk methods

Not all women trust drugs. With a delay, you can call monthly using popular methods. Home-made methods and recipes are much safer, although perhaps not as effective as synthetic drugs.

The easiest way to cause menstruation is to take a hot bath. Warming up promotes expansion of endometrial vessels and the beginning of menstruation.

Accelerates the onset of menstruation taking vitamin C tablets in 3 days. You can instead of tablets to drink pomegranate juice or eat fresh lemons. It takes 3-4 days to menstruate.

Well helps decoction of fresh or dried parsley. After boiling, he should stand for 12 hours. It is required to drink it twice a day on 0.5 glasses.

A decoction of onion peel is also used. Her brewed with boiling water, insist and cool. Drink for 1 time a glass. Monthly come on the second day.

What is monthly?

The appearance of menstruation (menstruation or regulation) indicates that the woman has reached reproductive age. Her body is capable of conceiving and bearing a child.

This is a very important stage in the life of a woman:

  • The uterus lining the mucous epithelium, as the egg develops, it changes and acquires a loose texture.. This makes it easier for the fertilized egg to attach to the wall of the uterus.

  • If the pregnancy does not occur, the epithelial layer is rejected.. Its remains go through the natural anatomical paths (vagina), accompanied by bloody secretions. It takes no more than 7 days. Then the mucous epithelium is restored, and the cycle repeats again.
  • The interval of the menstrual cycle, an average of 30 days. For some women, it may increase up to 35 days, while for others it is 22 or 23 days.

Monthly phases

It is customary to distinguish 4 phases of the cycle, at which a change occurs in the female body:

  1. Menstrual. In this period, the body of the uterus is purified from the cells of the “old” endometrium. This occurs in the form of vaginal secretions, which in their composition have blood and clots, mucus epithelium. This phase is often accompanied by pain, which causes a woman to become irritable these days. This phase in a healthy body takes less than a week.

  2. Follicular. Follicle formation coincides with the first day of the onset of menstruation and lasts approximately until the middle of the cycle. These days of menstruation, enhanced production of the hormone estrogen (the female sex hormone) occurs. This process is accompanied by a slight increase in temperature, up to 37 degrees.
  3. Ovulatory. In this phase, the follicle opens, the egg cell comes out of it ready for fertilization. It slowly moves through the fallopian tubes closer to the body of the uterus. And in the case of her fertilization attach to its wall. The opportunity to conceive a child arises in the first 4 days before ovulation, during its occurrence, and after during the day.
  4. Luteal. Accompanied by the development of the "yellow body" in the appendages at the site of the egg. This phase lasts for about 14 days, maintaining a normal balance of estrogen and progesterone levels.

The disease leading to delayed menstruation

It is customary to distinguish between two groups of diseases that lead to disruption of the cycle and the delay of menstruation.

  • Pathological conditions of the endocrine system. These are diseases associated with dysfunction of the endocrine glands (thyroid, pituitary, genital appendages, adrenal cortex). These include:
    • Hypothyroidism. It develops on the background of thyroxine and triiodothyronine deficiency. These hormones provide sufficient production of estrogen and progesterone. They are produced by the ovaries, ensuring the full maturation of the egg and its ability to fertilize.

    • Hyperprolactinemia. Pathologically increased synthesis of the hormone prolactin (produced by the pituitary gland) leads to inhibition of estrogen production in the ovaries.
    • Adenoma. This benign neoplasm is localized in the pituitary or adrenal cortex. As a result, a woman has extra pounds, develop virilization symptoms (male-type hair growth), menstruation occurs, or they start prematurely.
    • Ovarian dysfunction. In this pathological state, the synthesis of hormones produced by the ovaries is disturbed. This disease develops after:
      • Frequent inflammatory processes.
      • Hormonal dysfunction.
      • Staging intrauterine device.
      • Long-term use of drugs based on hormones.
  • Inflammatory diseases of the uterus and its appendages. This is a group of diseases that can affect not only the cycle of menstruation, but also their physiological state. Due to the occurrence of the inflammatory process, menstruation becomes painful, can be long, accompanied by abundant, bloody discharge. Inflammatory diseases most often occur:
    • Due to the ingress of pathogenic microflora, with non-compliance with intimate hygiene.
    • Due to occasional sexual intercourse in which a condom was not used.
    • As a result, microtraumas that form in the body of the uterus during abortion, during childbirth, or for the purpose of diagnostic curettage.
  • The most common inflammatory diseases that can cause a delay in menstruation are considered to be:
    • Salpingoophoritis. This is a pathological process in which the uterus, appendages, and fallopian tubes are involved in inflammation. When protracted course becomes the cause of ovarian dysfunction.

    • Endometritis. Inflammation of the endometrial layer is the cause of hypomenstrual syndrome. With this disease, the number of monthly can be reduced up to 4 times a year.
    • Cervicitis. Inflammation is initially localized in the cervix, gradually spreading to the uterus and ovaries.
    • Endometrial hyperplasia. In this disease, the mucous layer of the endometrium thickens. Menstruation is delayed due to hormonal imbalance. The moment of the onset of menstruation is accompanied by heavy bleeding and painful attacks.
    • Uterine fibroids. This benign tumor can cause not only a delay of menstruation, but also reduce their interval.
    • Polycystic appendages. Often asymptomatic, and is detected during a medical examination. Sometimes accompanied by a long absence of menstruation (more than 40 days).
    • Polyps in the uterus. Cause profuse bleeding, sometimes pain may be present. Pathological outgrowths are dangerous because they tend to acquire a malignant form.
    • Endometriosis. Endometrial hyperplasia causes obstruction of the fallopian tubes. This is the basis for delayed menstruation, or the development of tubal pregnancy (often this condition leads to perforation of the fallopian tube). Such a course of the disease is accompanied by scant bloody discharge, spastic pain, which is often localized in the abdomen, and radiates to the lower extremities.
    • Endometrial hypoplasia. The underdeveloped epithelium does not have the ability to attach a fertilized egg to the wall of the uterus. This leads to a breakdown of pregnancy, and the appearance of brown discharge, instead of menstruation. This alarming symptom should not be left unattended, a woman should urgently visit a gynecologist.
    • In addition to inflammation and endocrine disorders, menstruation is delayed as a result of the development of anorexia. With an excessive desire to lose weight, metabolic recovery processes are disturbed, menstruation is less frequent, with long delays. And they can disappear altogether.

When should I see a doctor?

For any reason, when menstruation is delayed by more than 7 days, you must visit the antenatal clinic. A gynecologist will determine the exact reason for the delay in menstruation. The first thing that may be the onset of pregnancy. In this case, the question is raised about its preservation or abortion.

It also highlights cases that require increased attention and an urgent visit to the doctor:

  • Vaginal discharge, in which there is pain in the lower abdomen and lumbar region.
  • Young nulliparous women aged 15 to 16 years.
  • Long-term therapy with any pharmacological means.
  • Psycho-emotional disturbance, frequent stressful situations.

If the cause of the delay is not established, additional types of examinations are assigned:

  • A blood test for hormone levels is prescribed.
  • Ultrasound examination.
  • Computed tomography and MRI.
  • It is necessary to undergo examination and consultation with related specialists (endocrinologist, nutritionist, gastroenterologist, psychiatrist).

How to cause monthly at home?

Very often, when menstruation is delayed, and a rapid pregnancy test gives a positive result, women try to solve this problem on their own. They resort to the use of medications and popular recipes (take hot baths, feet with mustard).

This behavior leads to disastrous results. There are uterine bleeding, which can pose a real threat to life.

If pregnancy is unwanted, it is best to perform an abortion in a hospital. Moreover, at an early stage, the vacuum extraction method is used. It does much less harm than using medications to end a pregnancy.

Medical supplies

Delayed menstruation, which is not associated with the presence of serious pathologies, or a woman needs to change her menstruation cycle (in connection with the trip) allows the use of pharmacy pharmacological drugs. Before that, you must consult a doctor.

Usually for this purpose are used:

  1. Duphaston. It is based on the synthetic hormone progesterone. He is able to normalize the course of the menstrual cycle, if its failure occurred as a result of progesterone deficiency. When using these tablets, stabilization of hormone production in normal volume occurs.
  2. Utrozhestan. This drug has a natural origin, can be used not only orally, but also through the introduction of vaginal suppositories. In its action is no different from Duphaston. It is prescribed for individual intolerance to Duphaston and its analogues.
  3. Postinor Medical drug for one-time contraception. The main ingredient of this medication is levonorgestrel. It leads to a reduction in the second phase of menstruation, as a result of which menstruation occurs prematurely. The uterus is completely cleansed, the fertilized egg and spermatozoa are removed.
  4. Pulsatil. Homeopathic medicine based on sleep-herbs. Basically, this medicine is used to normalize the onset of menstruation, if their failure resulted from inflammatory processes or a violation of the psycho-emotional state of the woman, under the influence of stressful situations. The drug is able to accelerate venous blood flow, increases the protective functions of the body, restores immunity. It is prescribed twice a day, it is enough that monthly periods come within a day.
  5. Norcolut. On the manifestation of side effects is in last place, compared with similar drugs of this pharmacological group. It is well tolerated by patients and can cause menstruation for 5 or 10 days. The course of treatment usually lasts for 10 days (2 tablets per day). The menstrual cycle can be restored with the direct use of pills, or at the end of the course. This drug is not contraceptive. To cause monthly this drug, will not work if there was a pregnancy.
  6. Progesterone injections. It is applied subcutaneously or intramuscularly (in the form of injections). Appointed with insufficient production of progesterone.
  7. Mifegin. This drug is used to terminate pregnancy at home. But before using it, it is necessary to be examined by a gynecologist. After its reception, the epithelial layer of the uterus, endometrium and myometrium is completely rejected. To achieve an abortion, a woman drinks once three pills. After this, bleeding occurs, resulting in a spontaneous miscarriage.

Folk recipes

To cause menstruation, if it is not associated with the onset of pregnancy, it is possible to use recipes of traditional medicine.

For this purpose you can apply

  • Hot baths. This procedure is carried out for no more than 30 minutes (contraindicated in hypertension). The bath should be so hot that it promotes blood flow to the pelvic organs. To enhance the effect, you can add a few drops of iodine and salt. After its use, sexual intimacy or physical activity will facilitate the onset of menstruation.

  • Vitamin C. Usually, after consuming the loading dose of the drug, hot foot baths are used. Sometimes they add dry mustard. In no case can this type of menstruation be used during pregnancy or long before they begin. It can be used if the woman has no pathology on the part of the gastrointestinal tract. Since this remedy can lead to aggravation:
    • Peptic ulcer disease.
    • Enterocolitis or colitis.
    • Gastritis.
    • Pancreatitis.
  • Decoction of chamomile and mint with valerian roots. In order to prepare this broth independently. It is necessary to take three parts of valerian roots and mint, and four parts of chamomile flowers. After thorough mixing, transfer the contents to a thermos and add 250 ml of boiling water. After the broth is infused for an hour, you can drink 100 grams in the morning and evening.
  • Parsley. Besides the fact that parsley and dill can be used raw, added to salads, you can make a decoction from it. To do this, the plant is carefully ground in a blender and poured boiling water. After cooling, the decoction can be applied to 100 ml, before eating. You can prepare a medicine that normalizes the course of the menstrual cycle. To do this, use the parsley root, which is ground in a meat grinder, pour 400 ml of serum and add the lemon, ground in a blender. The drug is allowed to infuse during the day, and drinks 20 ml in the morning and evening.

  • Decoctions. A quick action has a decoction of the root devyasila. To make it necessary to grind one root devyasila and place it in boiling water. Boil for 10 minutes. After complete cooling, the decoction is ready for use. To enhance its effect, when preparing it, you can add yarrow herb, oregano, nettle, knotweed, Rhodiola rosea, rosehips.
  • Medicinal infusions. To do this, use pajamas. You need to take two spoons of dried raw materials and add to a glass of boiling water. After the solution has cooled, divided into 3 parts, and taken with meals.
  • Bay leaf. Decoction using bay leaf is not suitable for every woman. This is due to the peculiarity of its use. To eliminate the monthly delay, the contents of two packs of bay leaf are poured with boiling water (at least 500 ml) and infused for 60 minutes. Drinks at one time. Usually monthly come in the next day.

Many women note that the effects of medicinal drugs, decoctions or infusions based on medicinal plants are strictly individual. This is due to the peculiarity of the female body and the pathology that causes the delay of menstruation.

Reviews of women:


To cause the onset of menstruation, you must contact the gynecologist. Only a doctor can help solve this problem.

It will help to choose the right medicine, which will restore the monthly rhythm in the optimum time, and will help to avoid negative consequences.

There is a category of the female population, which believes that the use of traditional recipes of healing herbs can not lead to the development of dangerous processes and consequences.

This misjudgment can result in not only a threat to the health of the woman, but also death.

Since drugs can cause severe blood loss, it is not always possible to stop it, the help of doctors will be needed. This is an unsafe way.

Unreasonable use of hormonal causing drugs, and contraceptive contraceptives can lead to the impossibility of conceiving a child, increased monthly pain.

The downside of most drugs are side effects. Often drugs cause severe intoxication, subsequently causing complications of the kidneys and liver. To prevent the side effects of such drugs, we want to pay attention to special phytoampons. Read more here.

What is best for female diseases?

The downside of most drugs, including those described in this article, is side effects. Often, drugs greatly harm the body, subsequently causing complications of the kidneys and liver.

To prevent the side effects of such drugs, we want to draw attention to the special phytoampons BEAUTIFUL LIFE.

In their composition there are natural healing herbs - it gives tremendous effects of cleansing the body and restoring women's health.

Read more about how this drug helped other women read here in our article on phytoampons.

Menstrual cycle and monthly delay

For each woman, the duration of the menstrual cycle is individual. Normal is the period from the beginning of menstruation to the next menstrual bleeding, equal to 26-32 days. Please note that the cycle time is the same every month. The absence of menstrual bleeding in the expected period is considered a delay.

If the monthly came 1-2 days later than the estimated time and appeared for the first time, do not worry. Such a short delay can cause minor stress, sudden changes in the weather and other external factors that do not indicate a serious malfunction in the woman’s body or pregnancy. However, with regular monthly delays of the menstrual cycle, it is necessary to consult a specialist.

In addition, the delay of menstruation is observed during pregnancy, with a corpus luteum cyst, in the anovulatory cycle, with other diseases of the genital and endocrine systems, if a woman takes oral contraceptives, has experienced stress or climate change.

Step 1. Pay attention to the circumstances of the delay.

The circumstances of the delay of menstruation are very important and will help determine its cause. For this you need to answer the question: the delay occurred for the first time or happens regularly. Many diseases, including the common cold, as well as nervous overstrain and stress, have a huge impact on the hormones of a woman.

The slightest fluctuations in hormone levels can lead to shifts in the onset of menses. The menstrual cycle is a significant indicator of a woman's health, however, one month of close observation will tell little even an experienced obstetrician-gynecologist.

Step 2. Make a home pregnancy test

If a healthy woman who is having a sex life has no menstruation in due time, the probability of pregnancy is great. In order to determine whether there is a pregnancy, you need to do hCG test . It is accessible to all and has a sufficiently high accuracy. In the article When it is better to do a pregnancy test, the procedure itself is described in more detail.

Determination of pregnancy with the test

In the early days of the delay, one of the tests sold in all pharmacies can be used to detect pregnancy. Simple test strips for detecting pregnancy work on the principle of detecting the hormone HCG traces in a woman's urine: one red strip that appears after short-term contact with urine means no pregnancy, two stripes mean fertilization of the egg and the development of the fetus.

This method of determining pregnancy is quite accurate, but sometimes tests show false or dubious results. If the stripes on the test are blurred, you should buy a new test, preferably another manufacturer, and repeat the test. You can purchase an “inkjet” test, the cost of which is slightly higher than the test strip, but it is more sensitive and shows an accurate result in comparison with the usual tests.

Although most manufacturers claim that tests are able to determine pregnancy within a week after fertilization of an egg, testing is recommended only with a certain delay in menstruation. Then the level of hCG will be sufficient to determine the possible pregnancy.

Test results

If the test is positive, you are probably pregnant. Go to the gynecologist. He will put you on record, send you to an ultrasound to determine the location of the pregnancy (uterine or ectopic), as well as its viability (presence / absence of a heartbeat). Ultrasound on any period of pregnancy, including early, are completely harmless. Much more dangerous are extra days spent with undiagnosed frozen or ectopic pregnancy.

Please note that in the early days of the delayed monthly pregnancy tests may show a false (negative) result. Wait 2-3 days (the instructions indicate more precisely how long to wait). If the retest is negative, go to the doctor.

Should I contact a gynecologist with a positive test result?

Many women who have taken the test and have received a positive result, postpone a visit to the gynecologist to a later date. This is a completely wrong tactic. After all, a positive test not only indicates the presence of pregnancy, but only a gynecologist can judge the development of the fetus. A positive test result does not exclude the possible development of an ectopic pregnancy!

Such an unfavorable development of pregnancy happens if obstacles in the form of adhesions in the fallopian tube appear in the way of the fertilized egg outside the uterine cavity. Another reason for ectopic pregnancy is too slow movement of the embryo to the uterus. In the end, its size exceeds the lumen of the fallopian tube, and the developing egg is introduced into the mucous membrane of the tube, which subsequently leads to its rupture.

. Important: timely visit to the gynecologist will avoid the danger of further development of ectopic pregnancy, and the designated studies will help determine the undiagnosed frozen pregnancy when the fetus stops developing.

Laboratory testing of blood for a specific hormone

More reliably determine the pregnancy allows a blood test for the hormone beta-hCG, made in the laboratory. To determine the level of beta-hCG in the laboratory, blood is taken from a vein. According to the response received after a short period of time, one can judge the occurrence of pregnancy. The impossibility of carrying out this method at home and the time spent on the analysis is justified by its reliability and accurate result. Blood tests for beta-hCG can be done without waiting for the menstrual delay.

Ultrasound examination of the pelvic organs

Ultrasound is the most comprehensive method of detecting pregnancy. The ultrasound study is performed through the front wall of the abdomen (transabdominal) and vaginally using a sensor inserted into the vagina of the woman. It is worth noting that the second type of research provides a more complete picture of the state of the uterus and the location of pregnancy.

. Important: Ultrasound, transabdominal and transvaginal, completely harmless to the fetus. It is worth remembering that ultrasound determines pregnancy only after 2.5-3 weeks from conception.

A thickened mature endometrium and the presence of a corpus luteum in the ovary, determined by ultrasound of the female organs, speak of a second phase of the cycle. If such a pattern is combined with a negative analysis for B-hCG, menstrual bleeding will come soon. If the result is questionable, the study is repeated after 2 days. With developing pregnancy, the level of V-hCG will increase by 2 times.

If the ultrasound did not detect signs of a second phase, neither pregnancy nor menstruation is forthcoming. The reason for the delay should be sought in ovarian dysfunction or violation of the general hormonal background.

. Important: only the gynecologist thanks to the collected history and prescribed studies can confirm or deny the pregnancy with confidence.

Additional research

If a picture of a mature second phase of the cycle, including a thick mature endometrium and a corpus luteum in the ovary, is determined by ultrasound, the patient must donate blood for beta-hCG.

If the analysis is negative, wait for the menstruation, it will be soon. If doubtful - will have to retake in 2 days. Developing uterine pregnancy will increase by 2 times.

If the doctor has not determined the second phase picture with the help of ultrasound, it is not a question of pregnancy, and it is far from menstruation. It's about ovarian dysfunction. A gynecologist will deal with it. He will advise how best to proceed: wait or help with vitamins, hormones, herbs, etc.

Non-Disease States

The following non-disease states can cause a menstrual delay:

  • - violation of good nutrition (fasting, exhausting diets),
  • - violation of fat metabolism (obesity, weight deficit),
  • - physical exhaustion due to heavy loads on the body,
  • - abrupt change of place of residence with other climatic conditions,
  • - strong psychological shocks, stresses,
  • - taking various medications (including various oral contraceptives),
  • - the postpartum period, when the mother is breastfeeding the baby (the hormone prolactin is produced, which promotes the release of milk and stops menstruation).

Factors provoking delayed menstruation should be promptly excluded to avoid more serious consequences. Correction of nutrition and physical exertion, emotional stability contribute to the restoration of the normal menstrual cycle. In turn, the gynecologist may prescribe a course of vitamins, herbal therapy or hormone therapy.

Diseases that cause delayed menstruation

Delay of menstruation may be the first sign of a rather serious ailments, requiring urgent medical intervention. Violation of the general hormonal background in the body of a woman, which will result in a delay of menstruation, occurs for several reasons:

  • 1. Polycystic ovary. One of the most common causes of delay. A distinctive feature of polycystosis of the ovaries is the presence of foci of increased hairiness of the male type (antennae, belly, back and arms),
  • 2. Oncological diseases. Delay of menstruation in combination with pain in the lower abdomen suggests that the presence of fibroids and other tumors in the uterus, cancer of the cervix,
  • 3. Early menopause. A pathological condition that develops against the background of hormonal disruption and problems in the endocrine system,
  • 4. Inflammatory processes. Pain and lack of menstruation may indicate endometriosis (inflammation of the uterus) and inflammatory processes in the uterus,
  • 5. Endocrine diseases. Dysfunction of the ovaries, thyroid and adrenal glands is detected by ultrasound of the above organs. A brain tomography is also performed. In any case, consultation of the endocrinologist is necessary for making an accurate diagnosis with a delay of menstruation and the absence of pregnancy.

Step 4. Do not self-medicate

And do not look on the Internet and various directories of diseases signs that are very similar to the symptoms you have. Self-medication can be dangerous to your health and life. Contact specialists and visit the gynecologist about once every six months for a preventive examination.

You can read about prenatal depression and successful treatment of this pathology on the website “Interesting Psychiatry” in the article Prenatal Depression.

Onion Husk

Onion peel can trigger the onset of menstruation, for this you need to prepare a decoction from it. If you drink a glass of broth, monthly come within a day. The broth with onion peel is prepared as follows: remove the husk with 2-3 bulbs and pour it with a glass of boiling water, which you cover with a lid, and let it stand for half an hour. The resulting infusion drink at one time.

Parsley is a herb that causes menstruation, and it can be used both fresh and in the form of decoctions of green or dry mix. To call the critical days, you can use the following recipes using parsley:

  • Pour the washed and chopped parsley with a glass of boiling water, boil and stand for 12 hours. Take half a cup twice a day,
  • parsley infusion is prepared from a third cup of chopped greens, which is poured with boiling water to the top of the container. After cooling, you need to drink 3 cups of infusion in a row. Critical days should begin in the next 5-6 hours. The effect of parsley is similar to ascorbic acid, because this green contains a high content of vitamin C,
  • 4 times a day there is 1 g of parsley seeds, before swallowing, they must be chewed thoroughly,
  • Chop 0.15 kg of fresh parsley and add 1 l of water, boil for 10 minutes. Let stand 30 minutes, strain. Take the broth to sutra and half a glass in the evening for a week.

You can also simply add parsley and dill to your diet in very large quantities. The same effect has carrot seeds, pomegranate, beet juice and lemon.

Grass collection

To call the monthly you can use multicomponent herbal. We give the most popular recipe that allows you to call regulations at home using a large number of herbal ingredients.

To prepare the infusion, which causes menstruation, you need to take 2 tablespoons of inflorescences or leaves of nettle, oregano, rosehip, elecampane, yarrow, knotweed and pink radioli. The herbal mixture should be placed in a saucepan of a suitable container and pour 4 cups of boiling water overnight. Then it should be drained and drink 0.1 l, 8-10 times a day. The main active component in this collection, provoking the onset of menstruation, is devasil. It is often used in amenorrhea of ​​various etymologies.

Mint, Chamomile and Valerian

One of the most famous folk recipes for calling monthly consists of parts of plants such as mint, valerian and chamomile. For the preparation of herbal infusion you need to take one and a half tablespoons of crushed chamomile inflorescences, mint leaves and valerian roots. All this mixture is poured with a glass of boiling water and covered with a lid for a third of an hour. Next, the drug is filtered and drunk 0.1 l 2 times a day.


To hasten the arrival of critical days, it is necessary to drink a large dose of ascorbic acid. This should be done for 3 days. If there are no vitamin C tablets on hand, a large amount of citrus can be eaten, preferably lemons and pomegranate juice. Such a prescription will provoke the arrival of menstruation in 3-4 days. Vitamin C blocks the entry of progesterone into the circulatory system, which causes endometrial detachment in the uterus and, as a consequence, the onset of menstruation.

This method should not be used by women with problems with the gastrointestinal tract, especially those who suffer from gastritis or peptic ulcer disease, since excessive consumption of vitamin C can adversely affect the state of the gastric mucosa.

Bath with iodine

Hot bathroom for calling monthly is the easiest and most affordable way. It helps to activate blood circulation, including in the pelvic organs. In a hot bath, you need to pour 2 packs of salt and drip 10 drops of iodine. An alternative to salt and iodine can be honey, chamomile decoction and essential oils. Before you take a bath, put your body under intense stress, run over or do general cleaning. Bath need to take about an hour.

If you want to speed up the arrival of menstruation, then the diet should include spicy and spicy foods, for example, pepper, garlic, chili. Spicy seasonings and dishes improve blood circulation and contribute to its inflow to the pelvic organs, and this accelerates the onset of menstruation.


Faster to cause the arrival of the regul with the help of physical exercises will not work, it has been scientifically proven that intense exercise can have an effect on menstruation only when it has already begun. Sports activities during the period of critical days make the monthly allocation more abundant, but not conducive to their early arrival.

Tocopherol or vitamin E during the delay of menstruation normalizes the immune, circulatory, nervous and reproductive systems, as well as stimulates the metabolism and recovery processes in the tissues. With the help of vitamin E, you can normalize the menstrual cycle and improve the general condition of a woman. This is an effective tool only in cases where the reason for the delay are hormonal changes due to stress, vitamin deficiency or hard diets. If, on the other hand, inflammatory and infectious diseases are to blame, tocopherol can be used as an adjunct to basic therapy.

Possible consequences

Before artificially causing menstruation, you should always consult with your doctor and weigh the pros and cons, because the acceleration of the arrival of critical days can cause the following disorders in the body:

  • uterine bleeding, which can lead to iron deficiency anemia,
  • failure of the menstrual cycle, which is accompanied by abundant and frequent periods,
  • infertility.

If medications are used to invoke menstruation, the possibility of side reactions from taking them should also be considered.

Women reviews

Before deciding on the need to artificially approximate menstruation, read the reviews of women who tried to cause menstruation ahead of time using different methods:

Sometime during sex, my condom broke with my husband, at that time we didn’t plan for children, so in order to bring the monthly periods closer, I bought Pastinor the next day. She took the tablet according to the instructions. Monthly came a little earlier, and in the next cycle everything went according to schedule, pregnancy was not found,

I was given a vacation at work unsuccessfully, just at this time the “red” days were to come, so I decided to slightly correct the cycle, I began to take hot baths with iodine a few days before the expected date. Monthly came 2 days earlier, rest was a success,

Была одно время необходимость вызвать месячные преждевременно, решила пропить Дюфастон. Критические дни в это цикле пришли раньше, но еще 3 последующих цикла немного «хромала» регулярность. Уже с 4-го цикла ситуация нормализовалась, больше с коррекцией цикла не экспериментирую.