Bloating before menstruation - how to fight and prevent


Slim waist, slim figure, corresponding to the growth of weight for the fair sex components of its health.

The rounding of the abdomen causes annoyance and irritation, although this does not happen so often, but just before critical days.

Perhaps, the surrounding people do not notice such a metamorphosis, but the abdominal carrier herself will not miss this symptom. And she is not alone in her perplexity as to why bloating occurs before menstruation.

Causes of flatulence

By itself, flatulence is not a disease, but serves as a symptom of a possible abdominal pathologies. As in the case of bloating before menstruation.

There are a number of explainable reasons for this phenomenon. After the end of the critical days and the state of the abdomen returns to normal functioning.

Not all women have bloating. It depends on the personality of the person. This property of a woman’s body affects both premenstrual and menstrual symptoms.

Some of the fair sex feels annoyed, and some do not become hostage to emotional disorders. Some critical days are physically easy to carry, others are completely broken, not even capable of work.

This is the case with the state of the abdomen before menstruation. For example, the type of pregnant women on the same period is completely different for each.

This may be due to the individuality of the body, the training of abdominal muscles, the elasticity of the uterus itself.

Abdominal bloating before menstruation is present in the body, due to the physiological features of this period:

Often you hear the catch phrase "All diseases of the nerves." And what happens on the background of hormone deficiency requires a special examination of this subject area.

Hormonal emissions control the life cycles of our body.

There is a joke about women that their life consists of a premenstrual, menstrual, postmenstrual period.

The essence of the joke lies in the fact that in addition to such states of the body there is no time for other moods. A woman notices or does not notice, but each period has its own changes in the hormonal background.

They influence the preparation of the female body:

  1. fertilization,
  2. conception,
  3. creating conditions for carrying a fetus,

The absence of conception during this period dictates the renewal of blood and tissue in order to be able to conceive in the next cycle. Hormones act on the uterus, relaxing it.

The uterus becomes swollen and soft, comfortable for embryo adoption.

If time for conception is missed, then the primacy of hormones changes. The lining is required to leave the uterine cavity, which occurs monthly.

The body is aiming at a more important task of preparing a new egg.

The accumulation of fluid before menstruation - the physiological quality of the female body. Not only the stomach, but the arms and legs are subject to this process.

Puffiness can be strong, which has to change the style of wearing clothes and jewelry. For the time being, refuse to wear heels, rings.

This phenomenon is thought out by nature. Why this happens is explained by the process of restoring the functions of developing new blood.

Bleeding in the form of menstruation must be filled with fluid, otherwise you may be held hostage to hypovolemic shock.

To update the blood was fast, you should not limit yourself to the use of fluid. The availability of water will not save it in the form of edema.


The term of critical days begins, it is accompanied by symptoms: edema, breast augmentation, irritability, but the body is late with menstruation. In this case, it is recommended to make a pregnancy test.

There are in modern times quite effective tests that can determine the initial gestational age.

The presence of a positive test eliminates any pain that may be evidence of spontaneous abortion.

Any prospect of becoming a mother or her does not require a visit to the gynecologist. The test is not able to point to pathologies in the female organs, for example, an ectopic pregnancy.

Therefore, its results must be confirmed by other studies. The exact term will allow you to make plans for the future of pregnancy.

Monthly you can still not be puzzled up to 10-15 days. But there was bloating and some unpleasant sensations. Doctors say that this is a natural phenomenon. Why does it arise and what is the explanation?

The causes of the condition are explained by the release of the egg from the ovary, and only some women feel ovulatory pain. A painful, unusual condition did not appear.

You can immediately contact the doctor to do an ultrasound. But an informed woman can delay such actions.

Abdominal distention, swelling and pain - sometimes give signs of uterine fibroids.

It is necessary to monitor their health, the increase in symptoms requires consultation with a gynecologist, examination on the chair, and the necessary research. Timely diagnosis - the key to successful treatment

Help sore stomach

It is bad if the causes of critical days are aggravated by fever, vomiting, and swelling in the ankle zone. With a prolonged state of sharp deterioration of health, you must immediately go to the doctor.

In order to avoid strong edema before menstruation, you should monitor your body. Over time, a woman realizes how she can protect herself from her swollen abdomen, her ankles, and her face is often prone to swelling.

Why women who are not associated with pathologies in health sometimes look painful. Are there ways that you can improve your appearance?

Recommendations can always be found, but their implementation can be difficult. The fact is that in case of intestinal pathologies there is a diet, approved products, measures to alleviate the condition of the organ.

In the period of approaching critical days, as mentioned above, the intestine changes its work. And she needs help in order not to cause any particular problems for the owner:

  • Eliminating bloating, eliminate its overflow by reducing the fat content of dishes,
  • To limit the diet of heavy meals: spicy, spicy, smoked and salted 2 weeks before menstruation,
  • Raw berries, fruits, vegetables and legumes greatly contribute to gas formation in the intestines. We must refrain from using them until critical days,
  • If there is a pathology in the digestion, bloating, then you need to follow all the advice of a nutritionist who treats a patient. At the same time it will be a reliable prevention of bloating before menstruation.
  • Means of home medicine help their broth to remove copious pollution. Chamomile, fennel, angelica root are effective in decoctions. Of course, the most reliable way is to release gases as they accumulate and the signal of the body,
  • Enotera oil in capsules before menstruation is a good solution for a painful abdomen,
    A good solution may be taking magnesium, vitamins of groups E and B,

So, the article contains enough information on the question of why the causes of menstruation affect the stomach and the swelling of the body.

We must not forget that a positive attitude, self-attitude with humor produces endorphins - hormones of joy.

Probably, they heard how many useful natural stimulants are related to the hormones of joy, if only women could stand: milk, chocolate, currants, exotic fruits and other products.

The most reliable tool in the fight against depression and depression is sex and sport. If health allows, do not deny yourself this.

Following the principles of psychosomatics, the mood that you love yourself is beautiful, and the discomfort can last only a couple of days, much more positively than emotional experiences about appearance.

Causes of bloating before menstruation

The menstrual cycle is divided into three phases, each of which is characterized by a set of certain signs. Under the influence of hormones, the thickness of the endometrium, the size of the follicles and the position of the cervix change. Before menstruation, progesterone has a major effect on the functioning of the organs. Its quantity increases due to the work of the corpus luteum, formed at the site of the follicle rupture.

Under the influence of progesterone, fluid retention occurs in the body. Blood rushes to the pelvic organs, which causes discomfort. The uterus presses on adjacent organs, causing swelling. During this period, intestinal peristalsis also changes. This is reflected in increased gas formation.

Before menstruation, in the absence of pregnancy, endometrial rejection begins, which lines the uterine cavity. This process occurs gradually. The fallopian tubes spasm, affecting the nearby organs of the digestive system. The small pelvis is filled with blood, which is reflected in the volume of the waist of a woman. To the main causes bloating before the monthly include:

  • neoplasms in the uterus or ovaries,
  • pregnancy,
  • endometrial swelling by increasing estrogen and progesterone,
  • fluid retention,
  • features of the gastrointestinal tract,
  • eating gas products
  • ovulation.

Bloating in early pregnancy - normal occurrence caused by embryo implantation. It occurs on the 7-10 day after conception. The body creates favorable conditions for the successful consolidation of the ovum. The uterus slightly increases in size. This leads to increased gas formation. Stool irregularities, nausea, dizziness, and vomiting may also be present. In the second trimester, the intensity of the discomfort is slightly reduced.

Some women ovulation occurs later than normal. In this case, a few days before the expected menstrual period, abdominal distention occurs, painful sensations in one of the ovaries, mucous vaginal secretion appears. Late ovulation is not considered a pathology. It occurs as a result of stress, hormonal surges or physical overwork. The cycle time in this case is increased by two weeks. You can confirm ovulation using tests that respond to the release of LH, or ultrasound.

Sometimes the belly before menstruation is inflated due to dysbiosis. The disease is characterized by a violation of the intestinal microflora. Its classical features include bowel failure and increased gas formation. The causes of dysbiosis can be the following:

  • long-term antibiotic treatment
  • infection,
  • helminthiasis
  • change of climatic conditions and food due to relocation,
  • lack of fermented milk products in the diet.

Pathological causes of bloating before critical days include tumors in the pelvis. They are benign and malignant. In the first case, we are talking about cysts, myoma, polyps, etc. Cysts have a tendency to increase. As they grow, they put pressure on the pelvic cavity, causing discomfort and pain. Most often, discomfort is localized in a particular area where the tumor is located.

Drugs for swelling

Before taking medicines, it is necessary to establish the cause of the disease. In the absence of pathological factors affecting the work of the intestine, increased gas formation passes after menstruation. If problems persist, it is necessary to visit a doctor for a detailed examination of the digestive organs. The following drugs help relieve the condition:

Carminatives improve health and improve digestion. But with chronic bloating requires an integrated approach. To normalize the intestinal microflora are used probiotics and prebiotics. The most effective drugs are considered "Laktofiltrum", Probifor and "Linex". Antispasmodic drugs help relieve cramps and eliminate discomfort in the stomach. Among them emit "No-shpu", «Spasmalgon " and "Drotaverin".

Herbs from bloating

The accumulation of gases can be eliminated with the help of more benign means. These include decoctions of medicinal herbs. Carminative effect have Angelica root, ginger, nettle, cardamom, chamomile and fennel. Herbs are poured with a glass of hot water and infused for a couple of hours. The cooled and filtered means is taken orally on 50-100 ml. Ginger is not only used for cooking broths, but also used in pickled form.

Diuretic drinks from cranberries or cowberry help to remove excess fluid, thereby eliminating increased gas formation. Herbal concoctions are made from the leaves of the plants, and the fruits are used to make fruit drinks. In both cases, the diuretic effect is preserved. The result of treatment is a decrease in swelling and gas formation in the intestine.

One of the most effective means of combating flatulence is considered drink of dill, valerian, yarrow and cumin. Each component is taken in the volume of one tablespoon, the mixture is brewed in a kettle. Drink take 100 grams before meals.

When using folk remedies should be aware of compliance with dosages and regimens. Some components may aggravate the condition if overused. Most herbs are presented in pharmacies, but it is advisable to use plants grown and harvested on their own.

Prevention Tips

This is a problem caused by physiological processes, not pathology. Doctors advise to consider the following:

  1. Magnesium, Potassium and Vitamin B reduce irritable bowel syndrome and normalize stools. Useful elements are taken both individually and as part of vitamin complexes.
  2. Salty, spicy and smoked food retains fluid in the body. This exacerbates the situation. Therefore, before menstruation is desirable give up harmful dishes.
  3. Soda, liquor and coffee have a negative effect on the gastrointestinal tract. From their use must be abandoned.
  4. Wearing loose clothing in the premenstrual period will reduce the manifestation of flatulence.
  5. Reducing portions of food helps to avoid feelings of heaviness and distention in the stomach. It is better to eat a little, but at least 5 times a day.
  6. A sedentary lifestyle adversely affects intestinal motility. It is recommended to practice daily walks. Moderate mobility contributes to the removal of gases from the stomach. Excessive exercise is undesirable.
  7. If a eliminate from the diet gas-forming productS, abdominal discomfort significantly reduced. It is not recommended to use cabbage, legumes, bananas, flour products, milk and sweet desserts. It is advisable to eat more protein foods and drink plenty of pure water.
  8. Bathing with the addition of essential oils of eucalyptus, tea tree or juniper has a positive effect on the work of the digestive tract. For one procedure, 3-4 drops of oil are enough. But to take such baths during menstruation is impossible.


Signs of premenstrual syndrome bring a lot of inconvenience. Completely get rid of them is impossible. Moderate bloating in front of critical days is temporary. A woman is able to reduce the intensity of discomfort with the help of medicines and folk remedies. In case of severe discomfort during the entire cycle, it is necessary to consult a doctor. In this case, the problem is eliminated only after a thorough examination and drug treatment.

Concomitant symptoms during menstruation

Abdominal bloating during menstruation is not the only sign that occurs in the female half of the population. Often, patients at the doctor's office complain of a feeling of tearing, rumbling in the abdomen, increased gas formation, an increase in the abdomen.

Such signs can indicate both normal physiological processes and various pathologies.

Changes in women at the hormonal level

Before menstruation, there is a change in the various processes. First, there is an increased release of progesterone. This hormone is responsible for preparing the female body for a future pregnancy. The muscles of the uterus are in a relaxed state, so the fertilized cell is easier to cling to the walls of the body.

To all this, progesterone leads to the retention of fluid in the body, against the background of which there is not only bloating and gas formation before menstruation, but also swelling of the extremities.

Changes in hormonal background are considered a normal process in any menstrual cycle. If there are no other complaints, then you should not worry again. Everything goes by itself.

Premenstrual syndrome

It can inflate the stomach against the background of the preparation of the body for menstruation. The greater the age of the woman, the premenstrual syndrome will be expressed stronger.

Symptoms may occur as follows:

  • pain in the region of the heart,
  • nausea and vomiting,
  • dizziness and headache
  • dyspnea,
  • raising and lowering blood pressure
  • breast seal,
  • irritability, change of mood, depression.

Additional symptoms are severe bloating, increased flatulence, an increase in abdominal size

Such a process is not considered the norm, therefore it requires an appeal to a specialist.

Abdominal swelling during pregnancy

When a woman notices that the abdomen begins to increase, and the monthly cycle has already come to an end and there are no discharges, then pregnancy may be the cause. The tone in the uterine cavity grows, so it seems that the stomach begins to swell. If the pain occurs aching and does not pass for a long time, then this may indicate a threatened miscarriage.

When the stomach starts to swell up and becomes hard, the cause may be hiding in an ectopic pregnancy. If the fertilized egg is attached to the fallopian tube, then when it grows, the tube may burst.

When the stomach begins to get swollen already with a confirmed pregnancy, the woman should immediately seek medical attention. Pregnant women can prescribe appropriate medications and diet.

Diseases of the intestinal tract

Inflate the stomach during menstruation may in the presence of chronic diseases of the digestive organ. In the normal state of the body gases should independently come out of the intestine. But if occasionally bloating occurs during menstruation, the reasons may lie in the following:

  • cholecystitis,
  • gastritis,
  • intestinal obstruction
  • enteritis,
  • colitis,
  • ulcerative disease of the stomach and intestines.

The above diseases will be accompanied by a painful feeling in the abdomen, relaxation of the chair, nausea, and elevated temperature values.

To pull time in this case is impossible. Inflammatory pathologies require urgent treatment.

Therapeutic measures for bloating before menstruation

When bloating occurs during menstruation, you need to pay attention to your diet. Strong gas formation can cause foods in the form of beans, peanuts, chocolate, muffins, buns, flour products, cabbage and potatoes, carbonated drinks. To eliminate the pathology they need to be removed from the diet.

If severe abdominal distention occurs during menstruation, then medical therapy may be prescribed. It consists in the following:

  • sedatives and tranquilizers,
  • antiallergic drugs
  • diuretic drinks,
  • Improved fluid microcirculation
  • use of hormonal agents.

The stomach may swell due to psychological problems. Then the woman is advised to undergo a course of psychotherapy. Doctors help to find problems and their solutions, to prevent stress and depression.

In most cases, abdominal distention is physiological in nature, which does not require treatment. But if this symptom occurs constantly, then you should consult a doctor for help. He will find the cause of this phenomenon and assign appropriate therapeutic measures.

Hormonal changes

Before menstruation, there is a change in various metabolic processes. Progesterone is produced - a hormone that is responsible for preparing the body for a future pregnancy, as this is the main role of the reproductive period. Under his influence, the muscles of the uterus relax, its mucous membrane swells and prepares for the adoption of a fertilized egg. At the same time the stomach increases in volume a little.

In addition, progesterone contributes to fluid retention in the body - therefore, a slight swelling of the lower extremities may appear. At the same time, similar changes are observed on the part of the pelvic organs, which also provokes feelings of distention in the abdomen.

A change in hormonal levels is a normal situation during the menstrual cycle. If there are no other complaints, and the symptoms go away after the menstrual period, do not worry.

Bowel disease

Sometimes it happens that there is no clear connection between menstruation and abdominal discomfort. Then it can be assumed that the accumulated gases speak of intestinal pathology. In this case, flatulence will be accompanied by other symptoms:

  1. Abdominal pain.
  2. The relaxation of the chair.
  3. Sometimes nausea.
  4. In certain cases, fever.

When twisting the stomach, you need to think about the possibility of inflammatory bowel disease.

Treat bloating before menstruation, taking into account all the factors identified, to have the maximum effect on the cause of this condition. Therefore, a therapeutic program can be formed only after a comprehensive examination of women. The following methods are most often recommended for correcting the revealed violations:

  • Diet.
  • Drug treatment.
  • Psychotherapy

In some cases, surgery is indicated - for example, in tubal pregnancy or tumors. But, as a rule, they use conservative methods.

All remedies are applied only with the permission of the doctor and under his control.

To reduce bloating, you first need to pay attention to your diet. This is the first thing to do to eliminate the discomfort, and only then take medication.

Before menstruation, you should limit the consumption of fatty foods, carbohydrates, raw vegetables and fruits, legumes. To reduce edema syndrome, it is recommended not to drink a lot of liquid, and also not to eat salty.

Drug treatment

Taking medication is justified in pathological conditions that are accompanied by a feeling of bloating in the stomach. Any drugs are taken only on prescription and in accordance with its recommendations.

In the physiological course of the menstrual cycle, it is possible to take drugs to reduce gas formation (espumizan), antispasmodics (no-shpa, meteospasmil). Herbal teas and infusions (fennel, chamomile, angelica) are recommended as herbal medicine. Premenstrual syndrome requires the appointment of such drugs:

  1. Sedatives and tranquilizers.
  2. Antiallergic.
  3. Diuretic.
  4. Improving microcirculation.
  5. Hormones.


In many cases, with abdominal discomfort, psychological correction has an additional therapeutic effect. Due to the rethinking of various situations and changes in attitudes towards problems, a positive dominant is formed in the mind. This allows you to effectively resist stress, changes in life, and also helps to calmly go through the period of menstruation.

When a woman notes bloating before menstruation, in most cases there is no cause for concern, since this is a result of physiological changes. But if after menstruation, such phenomena do not disappear, an urgent need to consult a doctor.