Is it possible to use candles Genferon during menstruation


Candles "Genferon" operate efficiently and combined due to its universal composition. Interferon increases local immunity and destroys various bacteria, activating the production of white blood cells directly in the focus of infection, which cleanse the body of viruses. Taurine has regenerating, anti-inflammatory, hepatoprotective and antioxidant properties, quickly and efficiently regenerating damaged tissues and cells.

Additional substance "Genferon" - benzocaine, reliably blocks pain impulses, providing analgesic effect.

Genferon suppositories are prescribed for bacterial-born vaginitis, genital herpes, thrush, human papillomavirus, cervical erosion, cervicitis, bartholinitis, urethritis, adnexitis, balanitis and flu. The drug can be used for pregnant women and children aged six years, but it is prohibited in the presence of various allergic reactions to its constituents or autoimmune pathologies in the acute stage.

The use of "Genferon"

In case of inflammatory and infectious diseases of the urinogenital system, candles “Genferon” use one suppository twice a day vaginally. The medicine must be used daily for ten days. Chronic forms of the disease require treatment for three months - one suppository three times a week. During menstruation, the use of the drug "Genferon" is not contraindicated - however, if the menstruation is abundant, the woman can temporarily use them not by vaginal, but by rectal.

With the vaginal application of these candles, their local effect is more pronounced, while with rectal use, the systemic effect is more noticeable.

The rectal form of “Genferon” is more convenient and preferable for use during menstruation, whereas its vaginal forms during this period can be abandoned solely on the recommendation of your doctor. It is also desirable to discuss with him the need to use only one "Genferon" and the ability to supplement the drug with any other drugs with better efficiency and ease of use. It is possible that for the period of menstruation the doctor will replace “Genferon” with other immunomodulating and immunostimulating preparations, which are taken orally.

Composition and medicinal effects

The drug has a universal composition, therefore, has a complex effect. Its structure contains the following components:

Interferon activates the immune system. This component helps to increase cellular resistance. The substance has a strong antimicrobial and antiviral effect. Interferon makes cells more resistant to virus attacks.

Taurine is needed to activate regeneration processes.. The substance helps to reduce erosion of the mucous membrane. This ingredient is a good antioxidant. Anesthesin is used to relieve inflammation, eliminate itching, burning and pain.

The drug has a rather strong effect. Therefore, it is most often prescribed for the treatment of the disease in the period of exacerbation, or when the pathology passes into the chronic form.

Indications and contraindications for use

The drug is prescribed for the treatment of infectious diseases of the genitourinary system. The most common diseases include the following diseases:

  • urethritis,
  • thrush,
  • genital herpes,
  • vulvovaginitis
  • cervical erosion.

The drug is used only on prescription. Its use should be abandoned if the following contraindications are present:

  • allergic reaction,
  • marked changes in the number of leukocytes and platelets,
  • autoimmune diseases.

The absolute contraindication is intolerance to one or more components of the drug.

Use during menstruation

Genferon drug treatment involves long-term and continuous therapy. For inflammatory and infectious diseases, Genferon can be taken during menstruation. Scientists have proven that with the vaginal administration of candles during critical days, their therapeutic effect increases. This can be explained by the fact that in the process of menstrual bleeding, the female body is completely freed from dead cells, so the active substances work more efficiently.

However, if you insert candles Genferon during menstruation, there is a risk that the drug simply comes out with secretions. In this way, the entire daily dose of medication can be eliminated.

A negative factor is also the change in acidity in the vaginal environment. This leads to the fact that the medicinal effect of candles is reduced. There is also a risk of an allergic reaction, itching and other discomfort. Such a manifestation is possible due to the fact that the discharge can be mixed together with medicinal substances.

Most doctors say that it is possible to use Genferon suppositories during menstruation only when it is impossible to postpone the start of therapy or if the patient's condition is severe, so treatment should be prompt. But it is best to wait until the end of critical days, and only then begin or continue treatment.

In the case of heavy secretions, the antiviral and antibacterial effects are reduced. Candles Genferon can be inserted during menstruation with scanty blood secretions. The active substances have time to begin their effects before the part will be removed with secretions.

In order not to interrupt therapy and get the maximum medicinal effect, candles for the period of critical days can be administered not vaginally, but rectally. Thus, the medicinal effect will be complex and effective. At the end of the month you can go to the usual method of drug administration.

Possible side effects

The risk of adverse events is small, but still present. The most common symptoms include the following:

  • headaches,
  • increase in body temperature to 37.1–37.9 ° C,
  • trouble sleeping
  • fast fatiguability,
  • constant feeling of heaviness in the lower abdomen,
  • allergic manifestations
  • disorders of the digestive tract.

The lower abdomen arises because a large amount of blood rushes into the pelvic vessels. Negative manifestations can be eliminated by reducing the dosage of the drug or the temporary cancellation. In this case, it will be enough to abandon the use of candles for 24-36 hours. If the side effects do not go away, but are gaining intensity, then you should consult a doctor. At the same time, it is recommended to drink as much clean and non-carbonated water as possible. Alcohol should not be taken during therapy, as it reduces the medicinal functions of interferon.

Genferon candles can be used for menstruation only if they are not abundant and therapy cannot be postponed until the end of critical days. With heavy bleeding, the drug will be ineffective.

Characteristics of the drug

Today, there are many medicines that are widely used in gynecology. One of these antiviral agents is Genferon. This drug is considered an excellent immunomodulator. It consists of a combination of 2 active substances - interferon and taurine. This medicine comes in the form of a nasal spray, vaginal and rectal suppositories. The substance interferon is a quality antiviral agent and immunostimulant. Due to these properties, the drug Genferon is very active in the fight against pathologically dangerous bacteria.

In the process of applying this tool, in the very center of the infectious focus, leukocyte production is activated. Due to this, the body begins to be cleansed of various bacteria and viruses. The main quality of a substance such as taurine is its ability to positively influence the process of recovery of tissues and cells. It is also a good antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. Practice shows that most often the drug Genferon is used in the presence of such pathological manifestations:

  • the presence of thrush and vaginitis,
  • Bartholinitis and cervicitis,
  • genital herpes,
  • cervical erosion,
  • urethritis and adnexitis,
  • cold and flu,
  • balanitis and prostatitis.

Experts note the fact that this medicine in the form of a spray can, if necessary, be used by pregnant women and even children. It is not recommended to take this drug if the patient is allergic to the main components of the drug. Women with an autoimmune disease Genferon is strictly prohibited. One of the main side effects of this medication may be the appearance of itching and rash on the patient's body.

Headache, loss of appetite and an increase in basal temperature are considered as possible secondary results when using Genferon in the form of vaginal or rectal suppositories. When using the drug in the form of a spray, no side effects occur. It is not recommended during the period of treatment with this drug to consume alcohol. This can significantly reduce the active action of the drug.

Use during menstruation

There are cases when a woman is forced to use vaginal suppositories as a continuous therapeutic agent. However, the above situation is difficult, if at the same time the girl begins menstruation. In case of many infectious and inflammatory diseases, doctors do not recommend interrupting the started treatment even during critical days. Very often, the use of vaginal suppositories for menstruation can have a positive effect on the whole process of therapy. This is due to the fact that in this particular period for a woman, her reproductive system is completely renewed and cleaned of obsolete tissues.

However, practice shows that the use of vaginal suppositories during the period of critical days can significantly reduce the effectiveness of the initiated treatment. For example, when you enter a medicine, it may come out in a short period. This is due to the fact that the discharge during the menstrual period can easily wash the entire daily dose of the drug used from the vagina. At the same time, the medicine will not work and the quality of therapy will be very low. The fact of changing the acidity of the vagina during menstruation can adversely affect the effectiveness of the drugs used. In this case, the relationship of secretions and the main substances of the drug provoke the appearance of itching and discomfort.

Experts note the fact that the use of vaginal suppositories during menstruation, as a rule, depends on the characteristics of each such drug. Gynecologists agree that the Genferon in the process of critical days should be used only when it is very necessary. For example, if a woman’s health condition is severe enough. Otherwise, it is recommended to wait until the end of the month and then continue the course of treatment started.

This is due to the fact that with abundant secretions, the antiviral and antibacterial effect of Genferon is greatly reduced. Subsequently, pathologically dangerous microorganisms will be able to quickly adapt to this tool, and the effectiveness of treatment will decrease several times. In this case, it will be more correct to introduce Genferon's candles with rather scanty monthly periods. Then the applied drug will have time to better act.

The composition of the drug and the release form

The drug "Genferon" is a suppository. They can be administered rectally or vaginally. It all depends on the purpose of their use and the symptoms of pathology. The drug is available in different dosages. In the pharmacy network, you can buy the drug "Genferon 250". It still has the label "Light". This medicine contains 250 thousand IU of interferon. There is also a "Genferon 500". In such candles there are 500 thousand IU of interferon. Suppositories "Genferon 1000000" have the maximum dosage of the active substance - 1 million IU.

In addition to the main component, the drug contains additional. Among them are taurine, anesthesin or benzocaine. Additional components allow the drug to acquire the appropriate form of suppositories.

Treatment "Genferon": indications for correction

Quite often, the described remedy is prescribed in complex therapy. It can be used with antibacterial compounds, antimicrobial agents and other drugs. In gynecology, medicine is prescribed for women of all ages. It can also be used for non-sexually active women. This is a unique feature of the drug. The summary indicates the following indications:

  • chlamydia and toxoplasmosis,
  • ureaplasma and mycoplasma,
  • herpes virus of various localization,
  • vaginal candidiasis and trichomoniasis,
  • cervical erosion and cervicitis,
  • adnexitis, metritis and salpingitis.

In some situations, the drug is used as a preventive procedure to increase the body's resistance. In addition, the drug is used for the treatment of the stronger sex.

When is the use prohibited?

The drug "Genferon 500" and other forms of this medicine are not used in the presence of high sensitivity to one of the components. It is also not prescribed for bleeding from the genital tract of unknown origin.

The drug is not used through vaginal administration in virgins. These women should use rectal suppositories. The drug is not used as a contraceptive. It is not a contraceptive and cannot protect against the acquisition of genital infections.

Method of use of the drug

Until the age of seven years, the drug for gynecological diseases and inflammatory processes is administered exclusively at a dose of 125 thousand IU of interferon rectal. The older age category of the drug is prescribed in an individual dosage, depending on the clinical manifestations and the severity of the disease.

For infections of the urogenital tract, the drug is prescribed at a dose of 250-500 IU once a day. The duration of treatment is determined by the doctor, but usually does not exceed 10 days. If the inflammatory process has an aggravated course, then the drug is prescribed in the following scheme: for the night one suppository in a dose of 500 IU in the vagina and 1000 IU rectally.

During the chronic course of the disease, the drug Genferon (candles) is prescribed for three times a week for 3 months. Analogs are cheaper, and this is their advantage. However, sometimes additional drugs may be recommended.

"Genferon" (candles) with monthly

The female body is designed in such a way that during the period of treatment menstruation can begin. How to be in this case? Should I continue the introduction of vaginal suppositories, or is there a reason to postpone the correction for a while?

Doctors on this issue disagree. Some experts believe that it is necessary to continue the treatment, without interrupting for menstruation. Other gynecologists believe that the effectiveness of such a correction is greatly reduced. In order not to lose the effect of the already performed treatment, being interrupted for menstruation, it is worth continuing to administer the medicine rectally. Be sure to check with your doctor for this information.

Use during pregnancy

The drug "Genferon" (candles), analogues cheaper (for example, "Viferon") can be appointed and in the period of carrying a child. It is worth noting that the second drug, a cheaper analog, is administered exclusively rectally. In the first months of pregnancy, the drug is not used. It is during this period that the formation of all organs of the fetus takes place.

In the second and third parts of the term, the drug “Genferon”, like “Viferon”, is used only after the balance of all risks and the expected benefits. For the appointment of these drugs should consult a doctor and undergo some tests.

About the drug

Generone is an antiviral immunomodulatory drug, which comes in three forms: nasal spray, vaginal tablets and rectal suppositories. If infectious bacteria hit the female reproductive system, the most effective form of suppositories is Genferon.

The composition of the drug includes three active components: interferon, anesthesin and taurine. The principle of action of interferon is aimed at the production of local immune cells and increasing the overall immunity, thereby stopping the process of reproduction of infectious bacteria.

Anesthesin reduces inflammation on the mucous tissue of the genital organs and suppresses the development of unpleasant symptoms - painful sensations, intense itching and burning. Taurine accelerates the process of recovery of the affected mucous tissue and protects the epithelium from the negative influence of external factors.

The favorable result from the use of Genferon is ensured by the fact that the active ingredients that make up the drug are combined in the right proportion and complement each other. Вагинальное применение медикамента стимулирует выработку лейкоцитов, в результате чего женский организм избавляется от вредоносных бактерий.

Indications and Contraindications

Целесообразно применять Генферон при наличии следующих заболеваний инфекционного характера:

  • молочница,
  • генитальный вид герпеса,
  • urethritis,
  • vaginitis
  • erosion of the uterine cervix,
  • cold infection
  • flu.

In addition, gynecologists recommend that patients use Genferon in the presence of inflammation in the urogenital system, in order to prevent the process of transition of the disease into a chronic form.

Every drug drug has its own contraindications.

Genferon is strictly forbidden to apply to patients who are allergic to the active ingredients of the drug, as well as to women who have an increased number of leukocytes in the blood.

If there is an urgent need, the drug in the form of a spray is allowed to be used by pregnant girls and children. This fact is explained by the fact that Genferon in the form of a spray does not provoke the development of adverse symptoms.

Side effects

In most cases, the side effects of Genferon appear in the case if during the course of medication a woman consumed alcohol. The main adverse symptoms include:

  1. Pronounced headaches.
  2. Increased body temperature.
  3. Deterioration in sleep quality due to regular insomnia, excessive sweating and bad dreams.
  4. The presence of pain in muscle tissue and joints.
  5. The development of an allergic reaction, which is manifested by skin rash, itching and burning sensation in the area of ​​the external genitalia.
  6. Education discomfort in the abdomen.
  7. Disruption of the digestive process, resulting in a woman develops diarrhea.

Much less often, the cause of the development of adverse symptoms is a change in the number of immune cells and an increase in blood volume in the pelvic vessels. In this case, to eliminate unpleasant symptoms, it is necessary to reduce the dosage or temporarily stop taking the drug.

Instructions for use

The standard daily dosage of Genferon is 2 vaginal suppositories that need to be inserted into the vagina every 12 hours. Duration of drug therapy is 10 days: this period is sufficient for the drug to destroy the infectious microflora and increase local immunity.

To stop the use of vaginal suppositories without substantial reasons is strictly prohibited. A pause in drug treatment negatively affects its effectiveness, since the effect of the drug increases over time with each subsequent use.

In order to improve the beneficial effect of the suppository application, Genferon is recommended to combine with vitamin complexes in the form of injections. A successful combination is also Genferon and herbal medicine.

During the use of candles, the patient is allowed to douch with a decoction based on oak bark and chamomile, which disinfects the mucous tissues of the genitals. In order to eliminate the symptoms of intoxication, it is recommended to drink the broth from the hips daily.

Use on critical days

The treatment of infectious gynecological diseases involves the conduct of continuous drug therapy. Quite often, during a treatment course, a woman begins to have critical days, which can negatively affect the effectiveness of the drug.

To the question whether it is possible to put candles during menstruation, Doctors give a positive answer. Menstrual flow is a favorable breeding ground for pathogenic bacteria. During menstruation, Genferon prevents the development of infectious microflora and cleans the reproductive system from dead tissue.

Despite the positive effects of candles on the menstrual cycle, their effectiveness is significantly reduced when used during menstruation. During critical days, the acidity in the vagina increases, which causes the relief of the mechanism of action of the active components.

Doctors do not recommend using candles in the presence of heavy menstrual flow: a large volume of blood can cause the drug to come out. In addition, the use of suppositories for severe periods of menstruation causes bacteria to adapt to the medication, as a result of which therapy becomes ineffective.

Cost of medication

Depending on the dosage, the price may differ by the drug "Genferon". Candles in a dose of 125 - 250 thousand IU of interferon cost about 300 rubles. If you need "Genferon 500", then you have to pay for it 550 rubles.

The maximum dose of medicine costs 700 rubles. It is worth noting that in each package there are 10 suppositories, regardless of the dose. You can buy the composition in each pharmacy chain. Always pay attention to the dosage of the medication.

Candles Genferon during menstruation

Such a drug is one of the most effective immunopositive drugs. Despite the small amount of active ingredients, the tool has an active antiviral effect. Candles are the most common, but the drug is also available in the form of a nasal spray.

Genferon suppositories for menstruation are very effective, as they contain interferon. This active ingredient is distinguished by antiviral, antimicrobial, immunostimulating properties. Interferon strengthens cells and makes them resistant to various infections.

Despite the pronounced activity of the drug, you should think what will happen from its menstrual use, i.e., whether Genferon can be used for menstruation. During the menstrual cycle in the body of every woman there are big changes. First of all, its hormonal balance changes, and during the release of the egg, the protective functions of the body are reduced several times.

It is during this period that a woman should be able to take care of herself and provide maximum protection to the body. But you should not use for this conventional medications that can easily harm in this period.

If a woman has copious periods, it is better not to use candles. During this period, the effect of active interferon will not give the expected effect. But It is worth noting that in cases of severe exacerbations and certain diseases it is advisable to use the drug even during menstruation. You can also use the tool if the bleeding is not abundant. During this period, you can also achieve a good effect.

How to use candles Genferon

The drug is very effective and can be used in various female diseases. Usually, this medication is given in two candles, which are inserted at intervals of 12 hours. Treatment should be continued for up to 10 days. During the period of menstruation, the dosage does not decrease, and during the time of use the drug effectively copes with viruses, bacteria, improves immunity.

It is remarkable that it is possible to put candles Genferon at monthly. During this period, the tool reduces the likelihood of a large number of pathogens. It is in the blood that bacteria multiply best. To avoid this, you can use a drug that will also reduce the possibility of inflammation in the mucous membrane.

The drug can be combined with other pharmacological agents. For example, the drug works very well with vitamins A, B, C, which enhance its effect. Herbal medicine can also be used, which helps to enhance human immunity, and also has an antioxidant effect.

Rules of taking the drug

  • Wash hands and wear sterile gloves.
  • For rectal administration, the candle is inserted into the rectum with the sharp end forward.
  • When vaginal admission candle should be inserted into the vagina with a sharp end forward. It is better to squat, pushing the drug to the cervix. After that you need to lie on your back, bend your knees and so lie down for 15-20 minutes.
  • The first candle set before bedtime, the second after 12 hours. During this period, the drug is completely dissolved and begins to act.

If a woman is concerned about the question whether it is possible to insert candles Genferon during menstruation, the answer is definitely positive. But if there is too much bleeding, you can use the remedy and rectally.

Drug action

The drug Genferon acts very effectively and in combination, as it has a universal composition. It includes the following components:

  • Interferon - corrects and stimulates the immune system. With this component you can increase cellular resistance, as well as reduce the proliferation of bacteria and viruses.
  • Taurine - is able to stimulate body tissues to regenerate and restore their functions. It is very effective in the treatment of erosion of the mucous, as it contributes to its reduction.
  • Anesthesin - a component capable of reducing the inflammatory response in the mucosa. In addition, itching, burning and pain are reduced.

Effectively means for various diseases. Among them:

  • Herpes virus that infects the reproductive system.
  • Inflammation caused by the ureaplasma group.
  • Chlamydia infections.
  • Bacterial vaginitis.
  • Erosion caused by infection.
  • Adnexitis.
  • Bartholinite.
  • Cervicitis.
  • Salpingoophoritis.

An additional substance of the drug is benzocaine, which easily blocks pain impulses and has a good analgesic effect. Interestingly, the tool is effective for pregnant women and children (aged six years).

  • Severe allergic reactions to any of the components.
  • Pronounced changes in leukocyte and platelet counts in clinical blood analysis.

To avoid side effects of Genferon, the drug should be used only under the supervision of a physician. But you still need to remember that there are some side effects from the reception.

Patients most often may be disturbed by the following:

  • headache,
  • bad dreams, insomnia, restless sleep,
  • temperature increase up to 37.9 ° С
  • high fatigue
  • disturbed stool, nausea after eating, bloating,
  • muscle pain
  • heaviness of the lower abdomen
  • various allergic reactions.

Negative feelings are associated with changes in immunity, but they can be removed by changing or reducing the dose. You can also cancel the drug for a day, and then re-enter it. If there is a menstruation, Genferon-candles with menstruation can be used, but assess your body condition and adjust the dose.

Opinion of doctors

Generon-candles during menstruation are quite effective and can be used even for bleeding. Doctors also believe that the drug may occur during the period of critical days.

Doctors attribute this decision to the fact that when a woman has heavy bleeding, the effect of the drug is much reduced. In this case, the drug seems to help, but microorganisms and bacteria can easily adapt to it and become more resilient.

Scanty periods do not prevent the use of Genferon. In this case, the substance has time to begin to act and does not go so quickly with secretions.

Depending on the state of the female reproductive system, the dosage of the drug is prescribed. In addition, doctors recommend to take into account the fact, what form of candles a woman is more comfortable to use. Rectal also works very well, can be used even during heavy bleeding and is safe. At the same time, doctors say that such candles have a systemic effect, but vaginal candles have a more pronounced local effect.

In any case, this drug is widely used and recommended by doctors. It will be a good therapy for many viral and infectious diseases.


So, is it possible to use Genferon candles during menstruation? It can be said with precision that such drugs are extremely effective in many female diseases. They increase the immune function of the body, kill bacteria and many viruses. In this case, heavy bleeding can quickly remove the drug from the body, so its effectiveness decreases.

It is more expedient to use the tool if the critical days are almost gone or are not very abundant. In this case, you can achieve maximum effect and improve health.

Opinions about the drug

Genferon medicine (candles) in gynecology has good reviews. Experts say that the composition is absolutely safe. Human interferon is a substance that is produced in the normal state by the body when an infection occurs. That he is contained in the drug. The medicine is prescribed even for newborns.

Doctors say that “Genferon” (candles) in gynecology reviews of patients have only positive. Women report that the effect of treatment occurs within one week. According to test results, recovery is confirmed.

Doctors say that taurine, which is part of the drug, has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and regenerating effects. It helps to restore the damaged mucous membrane. Benzocaine helps to relieve pain. The main substance - interferon - enhances immunity, has antiviral, antimicrobial and antibacterial effects.

Gynecologists say that when using large doses of the drug, adverse reactions occur. These include allergies, headaches, fatigue. In rare cases, there may be an increase in temperature. After the cancellation of the correction, these symptoms disappear on their own within three days. If this does not happen, then you should seek medical help. You may be prescribed drugs that remove the symptoms described.

Medical reviews about the interaction with other formulations

Doctors report that often the described medication is prescribed with antibiotics and antimicrobial drugs. In this case, the action of "Genferon" will be somewhat hard. Also, the effect of treatment increases with the simultaneous use of vitamin C.

During the use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, the effect of benzocaine is enhanced. This should be taken into account when using complex therapy.

Brief summary

You have learned about the antiviral and immunomodulating drug "Genferon" (suppositories). In gynecology, reviews of the drug are good. However, this does not mean that it should be used by everyone without control. Always visit your doctor if you have any problems. Only a specialist will be able to correctly assign you a treatment and select the appropriate dose of the drug. Good health and well-being. Do not be ill!

The drug Genferon and substances included in its composition

Nowadays, a huge number of medicines are available on the market that can fight against various infections, including viral diseases in gynecology.

One of these drugs that exhibit their antiviral properties is Genferon. The drug is deservedly considered one of the best immunomodulators. It includes only 2 active ingredients with an active antiviral effect expressed - interferon protein and taurine sulfonic acid.

This type of drug is available in several forms: in the form of a nasal spray, rectal and vaginal suppositories.

Interferon, the active substance that is part of the drug, has a strong antimicrobial, antiviral, as well as an immunostimulating effect. By its nature, interferon is a protein, with similar properties that secrete cells of the body when a viral invasion occurs. Cells, thanks to this protein, become resistant to the virus.

During the time that Genferon is used, the function of leukocyte production is activated in the center of the development of the source of infection. Thanks to this function, the body is gradually cleared of all kinds of bacterial and viral microorganisms.

The second active ingredient is taurine. By its nature, taurine is a sulfonic acid. Formed in the body of the amino acid - cysteine. Its main quality is considered to dynamically influence the process during the recovery of cells, as well as tissues. It is an excellent antioxidant, and it also has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect.

Use of the remedy and side effects

In practice, Genferon is used in the case when the urinary system infections manifest themselves:

  • thrush and vulvovaginitis,
  • cervicitis,
  • genital herpes,
  • EShM (cervical erosion),
  • urethritis,
  • prostatitis.

Many wonder if Genferon can be used for children and pregnant women. Specialists in this regard give the answer that, this drug is possible for use by pregnant women and children, if it is in the form of a spray. It is not advisable to use Genferon, in the event that the sick person has a risk of an allergic reaction to the components in the preparation. It is also banned by the female half of the population, in which autoimmune diseases are observed. The main manifestations of the side effect of Genferon is the appearance of itching and red rash on the body of a woman.

Secondary side effects that occur when taking the drug Genferon, are:

  • severe headache
  • reduced appetite
  • a significant increase in basal temperature
  • chills,
  • increased fatigue
  • muscle and joint pain
  • increased sweating.

When using the drug is very important not to drink alcohol, due to the fact that it is able to suppress the effect of the drug, by reducing the function of interferon.

Genferon for the treatment of acute inflammatory diseases and infections is prescribed one suppository, twice a day. The drug is used daily for a period of 10 days.

В том случае, если заболевание имеет хронический характер, то назначают лечение продолжительностью 3 месяца. Препарат Генферон применяют трижды в неделю, но уже в количестве одного суппозитория.

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11. A doctor wrote me a serum on the night of 1 candle vaginally, and Genferon was rectal 2 times a day, and my husband was also Genferon.

Oops, the author, and that you are suffering, where to insert). Wait a few days, menstruation will end and begin treatment.

And she said it was very good in her period! Hm so I wanted to ask, right?

The author does not even know what to say. The gynecologist treated me for 4 cycles and my husband and I were treated for a month and a half!)). All medications were taken in a specific order. By the way, at the final stage I was treated with vaginal genferon, my husband - viferon rectally. All treatment cost about 3 thousand. P. (purchased in Moscow pharmacies)

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I was told that the treatment is 10 days, and this is all to take at the same time, antibiotics Vilprofen. And the rest is candles. And Diflucan 1 capsule on the 3rd day of treatment. The principle is not so difficult. but you have to choose. in monthly or after.

It is better not to use tampons yet. Now it is better to use gaskets.

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18. Sorry, but I already ponakupila))))

Damn, my husband does not need to think where to insert, a hole is one. lucky))

21, yeah, rectally nothing comes out at all, but still a little vaginally, but it will leak out))

AUTHOR, YOU WANT AN INSTRUCTION WHAT DO YOU READ, before asking questions on the forum ?! "terzhinan" is almost the only candles that can be inserted during menstruation.

23. Yes, you are right, I did not read)) there is this - do not stop during menstruation. Have I already started treatment? let's see what will happen)

Oh. after treatment there are no punctuation marks - typo

if you have not started the treatment, then wait until the month passes.
My doctor warned me about this beforehand.
You put a candle, and it softens and with the discharge comes out.
So what's the point of putting it then? there will be no therapeutic effect.

I have already started treatment. Can all candles rectally insert, there is a difference?

I will rectally insert this terginan as the discharge goes.

The author, rectally, Terzhinan does not need to insert, why are you. It is designed only for vaginal premineniyu.Nu if you are so embarrassed. You can the first day or two, until the most profuse bleeding will pass, do not insert, but it is better to start right away, and even at night it does not flow) Tampons mine will, they that the candle goes out, along with the secretions, and the last days you can and pads. And the fact that in the menstrual period, it is really so, it is better to kill all the drug)) But the immune drugs (candles too) as far as I heard, after prescribed .. xx Well, not sure.

Girls, put candles Genferon in the vagina, and they were half absorbed, 5 days for 500 thousand units, and now 5 days for 2 candles rectally, suction completely, and the candle does not flow, I used to rectally insert, I am treated for mycoplasma.

Rectally more convenient, nothing flows. the candle is completely absorbed, well, just a fairy tale, but for vaginal candles, these candles are not very suitable, I noticed, introduced vaginally, spat, and now put it rectally, everything is super.

Terzhinan only vaginally, during menstruation does not stop.
There are candles that can be both rectally and vaginally administered (terzhinan does not apply to them).

And Genferon vaginally during menstruation is possible after all? :-(

I can not understand everything, the doctor assigned me 1 million genferon. in the package 500,000 IU is written. is it for me to buy something second. if I am treated, one per day for the night.

I immediately doctor on 2 leaves, 1 - for the pharmacy, how much to buy and dose, 2 - use.
If the doctor prescribed 1 million of Genferon, then this means that 2 times 500 IU each, or 1 time 1 million overnight. but in general, I read a lot on this topic, they say that these candles are useless, the body itself should restore immunity, and by third-party means it will be worse.
but in general for all those who treat ureaplasmas / mycoplasmas - to be treated only with macrolide antibiotics (to make a sensitivity test), otherwise, throw away a bunch of money, like me. only for the 3rd time treated. and if there are more infections, this treatment will not be quick. be treated at the same time partners and no sex life.

Yana, Genferon has a special dosage of 1 million, better and buy it

During the monthly candle insert rectally.

That was today at the gynecologist, prescribed me treatment against infections. Candles, antibiotics. I asked her if it was possible to use candles in her monthly period ... she said it would even be more effective, such as that all *** would crawl out and be easier to treat. I just start my period tomorrow .. and the treatment tomorrow too. Is that true? Sorry for the stupid question))) and together with the blood the candle will not come out again?)) Or will it have time to dissolve?)) I apologize. As I understood, tampons cannot be used either?

38. It is better not to use tampons, gynecologists have long proved that they take more than they give. Girls after some time, the genferon 500 thousand dissolve? An hour or more? What would accidentally go to the toilet that would not fall out.

38. It is better not to use tampons, gynecologists have long proved that they take more than they give. Girls after some time, the genferon 500 thousand dissolve? An hour or more? What would accidentally go to the toilet that would not fall out.

During the monthly candle insert rectally.

Dear ladies, and what are your successes in treatment? Also started treatment during menstruation .. True, I apply both rectally and vaginally ..

You can not use candles vaginally during menstruation. As already said here, it will soften and come out with the discharge. There can be no talk of rectal administration of suppositories for infections such as ureaplasma / mycoplasma (even if the candles are both rectal and vaginal). Candles are applied locally, respectively, their action is also local. Wait your period, then continue the course of treatment on where you left off.
As they say: if the arm hurts, why bandage the leg?
In general, girls do not get sick! Women's health is the most important thing!

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1. Collections (digests) about modern methods of treating diseases, translated from German and English primary sources.
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Vicky Med

From what was appointed the genferon and vilprafen? Chlamydia? Answer please

You can find out when you are cured of an infection. You can live a sexual life with your husband in condoms.

I was told not desirable. and on the background of the genferon the background of the genital herpes disease adnexitis, prostatitis, urethritis, balanitis, balanoposthitis. and vilprafena - prostatitis, urethritis, gonorrhea, syphilis (in case of hypersensitivity to penicillin), chlamydia, mycoplasma (including ureaplasm), and mixed infections.

Is it possible to introduce vaginal vaginal capsules during the menstrual period? Nothing is indicated in the instructions.

please tell me when treatment with candles Rumizol should stop treatment during menstruation?

written out candles TERZHINAN (vaginally) and GENFERON (rectally) began menstruation, what to do. The gynecologist did not explain anything at the expense of menstruation.

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