Women's vitamins to normalize the menstrual cycle


According to medical records, it can be considered that menorrhagia (or heavy menstrual bleeding) occurs if you have to change pads or tampons every hour during regular menstrual periods.

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There are many reasons for irregular menstrual bleeding, but the most common is the hormonal imbalance in the female body. Fortunately, vitamins K, C, A, groups B and D, as well as iron, will help relieve heavy monthly bleeding.

  • K is known for its role in the formation of blood clots, so it helps with excessive menstrual bleeding. It belongs to the group of fat-soluble substances that are absorbed in the intestine. Recommended daily dose: 65 mcg.
  • C can weaken heavy monthly bleeding if its cause is fragile blood vessels. Vitamin C helps strengthen blood vessels and makes them less susceptible to damage. The recommended daily dose is 200 mg.
  • A According to Dr. Marilyn Glenville, he acts as a powerful antioxidant that plays a role in protecting cell membranes from damage, and contributes to the successful replication of blood cells. Apparently, vitamin A deficiency can also cause heavy bleeding in some women of reproductive age.
  • Group B. Called to relieve unpleasant symptoms during menstruation. Used by the liver to convert excess estrogen into weaker and less dangerous forms. For example, B6 is necessary for the production of prostaglandins, which reduce abnormal blood clotting. The recommended daily dose of vitamin B6 is 100 mg.
  • D. He is often prescribed to couples who are treated for infertility. It eases monthly bleeding and balances hormones. It is also vital for the health of the female breast, intestines, ovaries and prevents prostate cancer. The best way to get an adequate amount of vitamin D is to spend at least 10 minutes in the sun about 2-3 times a week.

According to the National Council of Anemia (NAAC), increased bleeding during menstruation is often caused by an iron deficiency in the body. Anemia of this kind affects millions of women worldwide every month.

There are two forms of supplements for women suffering from menorrhagia:

  • with ferrous iron,
  • with ferric oxide.

The first variety in tablets is preferable, since it is better absorbed and absorbed by the female body. It is possible to choose iron-containing vitamins from one of three varieties: ferrous fumarate, ferrous sulfate and ferrous gluconate. The recommended daily dose of elemental iron is 60-200 mg.

Folic acid

Folic acid is an indispensable "girlfriend" for any girl and woman. It helps the nervous system of the fetus to develop normally and properly, supports the normal immunity of the intestinal flora. The lack of it can lead to the development of hyperplastic processes in the endometrium. What further will lead again to a violation of the menstrual cycle.

Vitamins of group With excellent helpers in the fight against stressful situations, helps to adapt to new conditions. It is important to take it during various diseases when immunity is reduced. If it is not enough, then the sympatho-adrenal system is activated much more than it should, and as a result, a violation of the menstrual cycle.

Not a small role in maintaining the tone of the vascular walls of the body. If Vitamin C is not enough, the woman will complain of frequent bleeding from the gums, small wounds, during menstruation.

Vitamins of group B help the nervous system to work without fail. If vitamin B12 is not enough, megaloblastic anemia will soon develop. Typically, these girls have a history of chronic gastritis. B6 normalizes the functioning of the thyroid gland and ovaries. If there is a shortage, a hormonal imbalance develops in the woman’s body

What products are useful for the menstrual cycle? Best suited to the need for vitamins products such as:

  • Fish: tuna, sprat, salmon, sardines and trout. Their function is to improve the condition of the blood, helps the body produce a hormone of joy.
  • It is important to eat meat products in your diet, as well as chicken and quail eggs.
  • You will not believe, but the sweet works wonders! However, not all sweet is useful! It is important to eat one slice of dark bitter chocolate once a day.
  • It’s not worth talking about vegetables and fruits, because they have to be in the diet of everyone who wants to be not only healthy, but also to have excellent skin, hair and nails.

To normalize your hormones, it is advisable to adhere to the following type of food:

  • For breakfast, cook yourself oatmeal porridge with yogurt, eat strawberries.
  • For lunch, prepare salads, spinach, you can indulge yourself with apricots.
  • For dinner, cook chicken meat, and serve prunes and yoghurts for a snack.

It is important to know that products containing white flour, potatoes, bread, and rice should be avoided. These products contribute to the production of insulin. Insulin prevents the development of ovulation in the body of a woman, and as a result - the inability to get pregnant.

What is the range of vitamin complexes for women? The most common in the markets are drugs such as Tsiklovita and Time Factor. However, I want to say that vitamins can be purchased in capsules at a cheap price and taken 2 times a day, one capsule. The only thing to make a combination of the right vitamins should help you doctor.

The body of a woman is an interesting and unpredictable thing. A whole hormonal balance may depend on the intake of a particular drug, including vitamins. This balance can move, both in a positive and in a negative direction.

Therefore, the uncontrolled intake of certain vitamins without consulting and prescribing a doctor after a proper examination, can negatively say on the condition of the woman, and subsequently lead to serious complications.

In order to avoid this, it is first necessary to make an appointment for a consultation with a general practitioner and gynecologist, who will conduct a series of examinations, and later decide which vitamin complexes are best suited for a woman. After all, all favorite medicines should be appointed strictly individually, especially for the beautiful half of our society.

Important vitamins for women's health

Organic deficiency and menstrual disorders are directly related to each other. The lack of necessary for the full functioning of the body elements leads to weakening of immunity and slowing down all metabolic processes.

This provokes numerous failures in the work of various systems and organs, as well as hormonal imbalance and subsequent destabilization of the menstrual cycle. To avoid this, it is necessary to use enough organic matter to maintain women's health.

Retinol is one of the key elements that help normalize the menstrual cycle. It acts in several directions at once:

  • strengthens mucous tissues, promoting the growth of their cells,
  • obstructs the appearance of malignant tumors
  • stimulates the production of progesterone - sex hormone, whose action is especially significant in the second half of the cycle (its deficiency makes the menses abundant and irregular),
  • improves vision.

But also Retinol strengthens the health of women in general, therefore, his reception will definitely benefit.

Girls wishing to regulate the menstrual cycle need to pay attention to two types of vitamins:

Substance normalizes the sex glands, because its lack affects the regularity of the monthly. In addition, the function of the thyroid gland may be impaired, which will lead to a sharp decrease in immunity.

Pyridoxine is useful for people with pathologies of the cardiovascular system, because helps reduce blood viscosityby providing prevention of atherosclerotic disorders. It stimulates the brain and helps alleviate the condition of a woman with toxicosis.

Element is required for the following purposes:

  1. Maintain:
    • protein metabolism
    • blood formation process
    • synthesis of enzymes and amino acids
    • carbohydrate metabolism.
  2. Activation retinol.
  3. Fortification body defenses.
  4. Reduction blood cholesterol.

In addition, women who use B12 in sufficient quantities, always healthy beautiful hair.

The onset of menstrual bleeding may be due to use of ascorbic acid. If a woman takes at least 60 mg of a substance every day, this will trigger an increased growth of the mucous tissues lining the inner surface of the uterus. Such changes will lead to the early onset of menstruation.

In addition, ascorbic acid:

  • promotes eliminate cholesterol plaques that form in the blood vessels,
  • helps it is better to absorb iron and fight anemia,
  • activates folic acid, making it suitable for absorption by the body and improving blood quality,
  • possesses antioxidant properties
  • helps cope faster with stress and depression,
  • strengthens immunity.

All of these types of beneficial effects on the woman's body associated with taking ascorbic acid, allow for the minimum time to achieve the normalization of the menstrual cycle.

This substance is involved in the regulation of cell development, accelerating healthy tissue growth and preventing the formation of cancer tumors. It reduces the likelihood of leukemia, breast cancer and psoriasis, and is also actively used in the treatment of these diseases.

Vitamin D can be used to improve calcium metabolism and strengthening the structure of bone tissue. In addition, it feeds the bone marrow and stimulates the production of immune cells.

When peeling the skin element can be applied externally.

Normalization of the cycle is impossible without the intake of this organic matter. He, like retinol, has a positive effect on progesterone synthesis processand therefore will be particularly useful during the second phase of the cycle, during pregnancy and PMS.

Reception of this substance is prescribed by a doctor. in the treatment of mastopathyand also if it has been identified risk of miscarriage. Vitamin E helps the child to grow and develop normally during the prenatal period, and its deficiency, by contrast, can cause infertility.

Sources of vitamins

Knowing what substances are necessary to maintain a normal menstrual cycle, and the products in which they are contained, a woman can make a diet that will provide her with everything necessary.

Highest retinol content characteristic of the following product line:

  • eggs,
  • carrot,
  • Red pepper,
  • sea ​​and red cabbage,
  • pumpkin,
  • tomatoes,
  • spinach,
  • liver.

However, it should be remembered that retinol is a fat-soluble substance, and therefore it should be used together with vegetable or animal fats (sunflower oil, milk cream, sour cream).

Pyridoxine (B6) contains mainly:

  • in grain and sunflower seeds (including germinated),
  • in nuts,
  • in meat,
  • in dried fruit,
  • in avocados and bananas.

Vitamin B12, in turn, can be detected:

  • in eggs,
  • in dairy products,
  • in fish (fatty varieties).

To maintain the total amount of B vitamins at a sufficient level, one should use bread made from wholemeal flour, macaroni, and non-shredded cereals.

Citrus, sauerkraut and black currant are the main sources of ascorbic acid. And you can compensate for the deficiency of this substance, using kiwi, Bulgarian pepper and greens.

To replenish the stock item use:

  • egg yolks,
  • Cod liver,
  • butter,
  • fatty fish.

Instead, you can organize daily sunbathing for a quarter of an hour.

This substance in the largest quantities is part of:

  • fish oil,
  • vegetable oils (especially flaxseed),
  • nuts (hazelnuts and almonds),
  • spinach

And it is also found in germinated seeds and grains.

Pharmacy complexes

Below are the vitamin and mineral complexes that are most often used to compensate for the lack of organic matter in the diet and stabilize the menstrual cycle:

The drug contains group B, as well as vitamins A, C, D, E and a number of trace elements. Cyclovit is used to treat existing disorders or as a means of prevention. The whole complex is divided into groups that are different in composition and intended to be received in different phases of the cycle.

Vitamin set is the same as that of Tsiklovit, but, in addition, the composition includes bio-additives and plant extracts. Vision helps not only to normalize the cycle, but also to improve the woman’s well-being during PMS.

A feature of the complex is the presence of extracts of Vitex and broccoli. The package contains capsules having a different composition and intended to be taken in certain phases of the cycle.

All three complexes, if properly applied, can significantly improve the quality of life and well-being of a woman. However, the use of these drugs must necessarily occur in consultation with your doctor.

Phase cycle therapy

To regulate the menstrual cycle, it is important to provide the body with vitamins in accordance with what is needed for each phase. The following scheme is usually used:

  1. AT 5-14 days reception is necessary:
    • single:
      • 400 mcg of folic acid,
      • 0.1 g of vitamin E,
      • 1 mg of 5% pyridoxine solution.
    • threefold: 0.25 g of glutamic acid.
  2. AT 16-25 days need to be taken once a day:
    • 1 g of vitamin E,
    • 1 g of ascorbic acid.

Such therapy is carried out for three complete cycles, after which a 30-day break is established.

As in the case of vitamin complexes, the possibility and necessity of using this or any other treatment regimen should be discussed with your doctor.


Vitamin therapy can really help in the regulation of the menstrual cycle. However, it should be used wisely, avoiding overdose and using only the means prescribed by the doctor. At the same time, it is recommended to undergo a thorough examination and ensure that there are no serious pathologies that cannot be managed with the help of vitamins alone.

How to help the body cope with pain

Proper nutrition during menstruation can solve a number of problems, especially for characteristic lower abdominal pain. Those who suffer from this disease, you must include in your menu fresh fruits, rich in magnesium and calcium, as well as having an antioxidant effect. It is primarily about the different varieties of apples, currants, plums, oranges and a variety of summer delights. It should be noted that seasonal fruits that are recommended to be eaten during menstruation are much more useful than those that are on the shelves of grocery stores all year round. The most delicious "painkillers", characteristic for the end of July and August, are considered watermelons and melons. The effect of these summer berries is felt both at the beginning of the critical days, and throughout the entire menstruation period.

For those who are interested in Ayurvedic medicine methods, the following advice may seem useful: use cherries on an empty stomach during menstruation. Proponents of this movement believe that there is no better cure for pain and spasms. It should be borne in mind that this method is fraught with indigestion, so you need to know the measure and not get too carried away.

If the pain during menstruation is disturbed for a long time, it is helpful to eat foods rich in fiber, as they help to improve digestion and relieve discomfort and heaviness in the stomach. These berries include:

Speaking of fruits with a high content of dietary fiber, as a rule, they emit bananas, oranges, pears, apples, prunes, peaches, raisins, persimmons and guava. It should be remembered that most of the fiber is located in the peel of fruit. This means that before use, they must be thoroughly washed and not cut off the top layer, especially if the fruit did not grow in a personal country plot, but in unknown conditions.

Another common prescription against pain and discomfort during menstruation is to include foods containing omega-3 fatty acids in the diet. It is believed that these trace elements can be found only in fish, but they are also in the composition of some fruits. For example, in avocado. So those who are not very fond of seafood, there is an excellent and equally useful alternative.

Get rid of cravings for unhealthy glucose

Some young women are well aware of obsessive craving for sweets, which suddenly occurs at the beginning of menstruation. Sometimes it is experienced even by those who do not consider themselves to be a sweet tooth and do not like sweets too much. In such a situation, one should not be led by the desire to eat a year’s supply of chocolate, but limit oneself to bananas and figs. Эти фрукты не только отлично заменят сладкое, но и помогут побыстрее избавиться от неприятного вздутия живота, которое часто сопровождает этот период.

Корректируем цикл питанием

Often, young girls suffer not only pain during menstruation, but also various violations of the menstrual cycle. In such cases, doctors may attribute medicines containing vitamins B and B6. We should not forget that these elements are contained both in medical preparations and in many fruits. Knowing this, the treatment prescribed by a specialist can be combined with the consumption of such products:

All these and many other useful fruits help speed up a number of metabolic processes and prevent the development of hypovitaminosis, which can adversely affect a woman's body.

The lack of pyridoxine, which is exactly what another name for vitamin B6 sounds like, is particularly well filled by products such as sea buckthorn and sweet cherry. It is important to note that all fruits and berries must be fresh, since most of the useful qualities are lost during freezing, cooking and drying.

We recommend to read an article about diet during menstruation. From it you will learn about the appetite and tastes of a woman during critical days, what to eat during this period, whether you can lose weight during menstruation, as well as the effect of diet on menstruation delay.

Help in combating chest discomfort

It is noteworthy that many of the products listed above, and many others, also have another, no less useful component - vitamin E. This chemical element is well helps those women who during menstruation suffer from fatigue and in varying degrees, discomfort in the mammary glands. If such symptoms are present, you should try more often to eat the following:

However, if the cause of the discomfort is a serious gynecological disease or inflammatory process, some fruits will not be enough. The most correct decision in such a situation would be a visit to a doctor who will prescribe the necessary treatment.

Fruits, vegetables - from now on a perfect diet, and in general, it will be good to know what products accelerate the monthly ones.

This fruit was used in ancient times for the treatment of various pathological conditions.

It is bad that ascorbic acid is not synthesized by the body, but many fruits and vegetables contain it, it is possible to take artificially created means with it.

Vegetables (especially green), seeds, nuts and fruits. Vitamins are needed at any age, with menopause especially important E and B.

Vegetables and fruits are rich in cellulose, which contributes to a sharp release of estrogen in the patient's blood.

This is coffee, alcohol, spicy seasonings. And dairy products, slow carbohydrates, vegetables, berries, fruits will fill the body with soothing vitamins.

general information

The vitamin complex is prescribed by the attending physician and taken by the exchange method, which is called cyclic vitamin therapy, used for 10 days. It is not recommended to acquire vitamins by yourself.

For those who decide to drink the vitamins themselves, experts say to take one capsule of vitamin A and one folic acid in the morning, this is done for two weeks. After the body needs rest, then you should continue to drink the vitamins for another two weeks, but replacing A with vitamin E and folic acid with ascorbine. If the intake of vitamins continues, the break should be increased to a week, and then start over.

As for medicines, in most cases, the oral contraceptive necessary for normalization of the menstrual cycle copes with this problem.

A woman needs to know that taking medications often causes various side effects.

Essential Vitamins

Vitamins that have a positive effect on the formation and adjustment of the menstrual cycle are considered to be A, B, C, E and D.

A special role is played by vitamin A, which is responsible for the full production of sex hormones, which supports the reproductive system in normal conditions.

Vitamin C has the function of protecting the body and is responsible for the absorption of iron in the blood. He participates in the processes of tissue regeneration, in the synthesis of collagen and steroid hormones.

Vitamins of group B are responsible for metabolic processes, immunostimulation, and detoxification.

Vitamin D helps maintain the immune system in good condition.

Folic acid is necessary for the normal development of the nervous system of the fetus.

Vitamin E is needed to prepare the endometrium for implantation of the egg. Vitamin E in gynecology plays an important role in pregnancy, as it contributes to the conception and full-fledging of the baby. It performs the following functions in the body:

  1. Protection against early aging.
  2. Normalization of blood circulation.
  3. Obstacle to the occurrence of blood clots and fatty deposits, which are formed on the walls of blood vessels.
  4. Improved cellular respiration.
  5. Stabilization of hormone levels.

Vitamin E helps to restore the functionality of the mammary glands. It is very important to follow the exact appointment of a specialist who prescribes a certain dosage.

An interesting fact is that gynecologists often prescribe complex therapy with the use of vitamin E in the case when women have spontaneous miscarriages or there is a threat of abortion of this pregnancy.

Using drugs of vitamin nature, it is necessary to consider the day of the menstrual cycle. For example, vitamins B are used until the middle of the cycle, but from the tenth to the twentieth day they switch to vitamins E, during the second phase vitamin C is taken.

Natural vitamins

With an irregular cycle, the use of drugs is not always necessary, in this situation, nutritional adjustments may well help, that is, the use of such products that contain:

It is necessary to eat foods such as fatty fish, but fish oil is also suitable, which can be purchased at any pharmacy. But from flour products made from flour of the highest grade, should be strongly abandoned, the same applies to any sweets. Bitter chocolate can be eaten, as it helps to improve blood circulation, which leads to the normalization of the menstrual cycle, but you should not abuse it.

In addition to the body will be very useful nuts, cottage cheese and lean meat.

Interesting information about course vitamins

The Internet is full of various ways of taking vitamins, but the most optimal and detailed is given below.

From the fifth day of the menstrual cycle you should take:

  • 400 mcg of folic acid once a day for ten days.
  • 0.1 g of vitamin E over the same time.
  • 0.25 g of glutamic acid three times a day the same amount of time.
  • 5% solution B6 1.0 mg daily for ten days.

Starting from the sixteenth day, begin to take:

  • At 1.0 g once a day of ascorbic acid - 10 days.
  • 1.0 g of vitamin E for ten days.

The course is held three times in a row, and then you should rest for a month.

Some more techniques for taking vitamins

1. In order to normalize the menstrual cycle.

Starting from the first day to the fifteenth:

  • ¾ vitamin E at a rate of 200 mg,
  • ¾ two tablets Pentovita three times a day.

From the fifteenth to the month:

  • ¾ vitamin E at a rate of 400 mg,
  • ¾ vitamin C 250 mg.

2. When there is a violation of the menstrual cycle, manifested in its irregularity, it is recommended:

  • ¾ throughout the cycle, one capsule twice a day, vitamin E,

Starting from the sixth to the fifteenth day:

  • ¾ one tablet of folic acid three times a day,
  • ¾ twice a day, 20 drops of tincture of ginseng herb,
  • ¾ three times a day, 2 tablets of pentovita.

Next to the twenty-fifth day:

  • ¾ three times a day, 250 mg of vitamin C.

3. The purpose of this technique is similar to the previous one.

From the first day of the cycle to the fourteenth:

  • ¾ take B1 and B6 in 1.0 ml intramuscularly, but they should be taken alternately,
  • ¾ 0.001 three times a day of folic acid.

From the fifteenth day to the monthly:

  • ¾ 0.1 three times a day retinol palmitate,
  • ¾ 0.1 similar to the previous tocopherol acetate,
  • ¾ 0.3 also three times a day ascorbic acid,
  • ¾ 0.02 rutin thrice a day,
  • ¾ 0.25 glutamic acid four times a day.

4. The purpose of this method is similar.

Starting from the third to the thirteenth day:

  • ¾ one capsule of vitamin A,
  • ¾ one tablet of folic acid.

Take vitamin substances only on an empty stomach in the morning time of the day, then you should take a break for three days.

From the seventeenth to the twenty-sixth day of the cycle:

  • ¾ 1 capsule of vitamin E,
  • ¾ 250 mg of vitamin C (ascorbic acid).

After you should take a week break and start taking the vitamin course first.

What to do in case of violation of MC

All the proposed techniques are designed to help normalize the regulation of the menstrual cycle, but they are appointed by a specialist and are used under his supervision. But it is important to have a balanced diet and maintain a healthy lifestyle, which will help to normalize many processes in the body that are responsible for the production of healthy cells, for the restoration of damaged, for oxygenation of the whole organism.

Uncontrolled intake of vitamin complexes can lead to the development of various pathologies.