Gym during menstruation


Menstruation is a special time in the life of every woman, and it is during this period that difficult processes take place in the body. Many fans of an active lifestyle are interested in whether they should give up their favorite activities for some time and will not harm the body. Is it possible to play sports during menstruation - it's up to the woman only, but first you need to consult a gynecologist, who will determine how safe it is.

The first day of your period - how safe is it to go to workouts?

For many girls, it is the first day of menstruation that is accompanied not only by painful sensations and general malaise, but also by copious secretions. Is it possible to play sports during menstruation at this time?

Gynecologists do not prohibit this, but you should independently determine how this is possible. It is likely that it will be more useful that day to spend at home, on a comfortable couch or in bed.

For many girls, abundant excretions are also an obstacle for this day for their favorite activities, and they are afraid of leaks. To completely eliminate the unpleasant surprise, you should get tampons that quickly absorb liquid - they will help avoid such situations.

We should not forget also that the first day of menstruation is accompanied by a sharp decrease in the tone of the body. This makes it very difficult for some exercises, so you shouldn’t stress the muscles too much - it’s not good for them. It is necessary to reduce the intensity of training and their duration, so as not to cause discomfort in the organs.

What you need to remember on the second day of menstruation

On the second day, the amount of estrogen begins to increase, albeit rather slowly. Muscles acquire normal mobility, but it is not necessary to immediately load them with excessive exercises - it is better for this time either to refuse from the sport or to reduce the intensity of the exercises.

Is it possible to play sports during menstruation, when the body is not fully ready for this, and will the load not bring complications? If doubts remain in this regard, you definitely need to go to a gynecologist - only after a thorough examination, he will determine whether the intensity of the classes will cause harm. You can consult with the coach - he will help you choose the safest exercises.

Do not forget that the body loses a large amount of blood, therefore, the level of hemoglobin inevitably falls. Endurance also undergoes under intense loads, and one cannot be surprised at the deterioration of well-being.

If you go to the gym on the second day of your period, your body may inform you that you should not have done this with the following signs:

  1. nausea
  2. severe dizziness
  3. high temperature
  4. lethargy
  5. loss of mobility.

Do not carelessly treat such signals - you need to stop the exercises immediately.

Opinion gynecologist - Do experts recommend sports during menstruation

If there are doubts about how safe sports are during menstruation, you need to know the opinion of the gynecologist, who is better aware of what processes take place in the woman’s body during this period. Opinions of experts almost do not disagree - almost all doctors are sure that they won't bring much harm, but everything should be in moderation.

Practically every female doctor will say with confidence that one should pay attention first of all to one’s own condition. If the body requires a long rest during the month, you should not force yourself to go to the gym - you can take a short break. Another rule is that even if the desire to stay at home has not arisen, it is necessary to monitor your condition throughout the sessions, and at the slightest signs of deterioration in your well-being, stop the set of exercises. You can relax a bit, and if unpleasant discomfort does not pass, it is better to go home - no benefit from the lessons will be obtained.

What exercises are strictly prohibited during menstruation

There are several exercises that are not only undesirable during menstruation, but even banned by gynecologists. The most dangerous are movements that carry the load on the abdominals. They can not only make the discharge abundant, but can also harm the internal organs.

It is undesirable to lift weights during menstruation, it is better to do a light complex of movements. It is strictly forbidden to increase even slightly the load - no one can predict the consequences of such experiments, even experts.

Another ban applies to sudden movements. Even turning the body can adversely affect the state of health and well-being, if you do them too vigorously. At the time of menstruation, all movements should be smooth and slow - it does not harm even the first few days, with loss of tonus.

Do not advise doctors to engage in swimming, especially in open water. The reason for the prohibition lies in the microorganisms that can penetrate the uterine cavity through the open neck. This can lead to dangerous diseases, which can take a lot of time and effort to get rid of.

Recommendations that will help to play sports during menstruation

There are several recommendations that will help you to transfer your periods without discomfort, without interrupting your workouts. If you strictly observe them, there will be no danger to the organism or internal organs.

The main recommendations of experts:

  1. reduce by half the intensity of training, prefer to stretch, jog, simple exercises,
  2. pre-ventilate the room - fresh air will significantly improve well-being,
  3. choose the most comfortable clothes from a light breathable fabric,
  4. Be sure to take a shower after every class - the rules of personal hygiene must be strictly followed.

We should also not ignore the recommendations of the coach or doctor - if for some reason they have banned even the most simple movements, you should not do it. It is also important to stop in time, even if the training takes place without complications and experts do not consider it necessary to prohibit classes - the duration of classes should be much shorter than at normal time.

Useful tips for those who can not live a day without training

There are some useful tips that will not only significantly reduce discomfort during sports, but also will not allow intensive training to harm the body. The first rule is to drink plenty of fluids, it will help restore dehydration, which is inevitable during menstruation.

Before classes, it is not recommended to drink coffee, even weak, and cola - caffeine can significantly increase the painful sensations. Even concentrated black tea can not only increase the pain, but also increase the amount of discharge.

To make workouts more comfortable, it is better to hold them at home. The advantage of such activities - you can stop them at any time, drink water or just lie down. At home, you should also not increase the load - it is better to limit yourself to simple gymnastics or even running on the spot.

With too painful periods, it is better to abandon training completely - nothing good will come of it. Even if the intensity of the pain decreases during exercise, it will inevitably flare up with greater force in a few hours after exercise.

The question of whether it is possible to go in for sports during menstruation should not be alarmed if menstruation does not bring particular inconvenience and discomfort - the lessons will not be harmful. If there is even a little doubt that this is harmless, it is better to consult a doctor beforehand, who after inspection will allow or forbid training. At the forum you can find more information on this topic, here everyone can share their experience or opinion.

What can and can not do

To go to the gym during menstruation or not is the personal choice of every woman. With good health and no pain, sports are few and safe. Before you go to the gym, you need to think in advance about what exercises are allowed to do during menstruation:

  • Training should take place very carefully. Load should be reduced, you need to deal with a moderate speed. Active sports will have to be replaced with more relaxed ones. Exercise is considered safe for the body, exercise is reduced by at least 30% in the first days of menstruation.
  • Best during menstruation for a woman fit running. With critical days, running will help get rid of pain in the abdomen. Harm to the body does not cause aqua aerobics. Pain eliminates and stretching to stretch the muscles. These workouts do not require a strong expenditure of energy, and therefore the body tolerates them easily.
  • Such sports as yoga and pilates will not bring harm to health. Swimming in the pool does not require a strong reduction of loads and is not dangerous for a woman during menstruation.

Experts recommend doing aerobic exercises, but with minimal stress on the body, because of the small number of red blood cells in the blood there is a feeling of discomfort.

  • It is strictly forbidden to rock a press or perform exercises on these muscle groups. The reason for the ban is that this exercise helps to increase the discharge during menstruation, which is why the discomfort may increase. You can not squat and tilt over the goat.
  • During the period of critical days, postures in which the body will be in an inverted position should be avoided. You should also give up jumping, lifting heavy objects and various exercises with the use of force and sharp movements.
  • It is advisable to avoid stress on the lumbar spine, so as not to provoke profuse bleeding.

Doctors advise to avoid any stress on critical days. But if, after all, the desire to go to the gym does not disappear, then you should consult with the gynecologist to give accurate recommendations on the exercises.


  1. In order not to feel discomfort during classes, a woman can use a tampon. Unlike laying, it reliably protects against leakages during sports exercises. In addition, the tampon does not hinder movement and allows the woman to move easily and without difficulty, performing any movement. You can use a tampon and pad simultaneously.
  2. To avoid severe bleeding caused by sports during menstruation, you should use tampons, on the packaging of which it will be indicated that they have a high ability to absorb moisture.
  3. With exercises that do not require heavy load, bleeding will not be abundant.
  4. Instead of tampons it is allowed to use special shorts during menstruation. It is believed that they absorb more moisture than tampons.

  5. It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that during menstruation sweating increases, so sportswear should be light. It is recommended to wear a free form that will not cause inconvenience to the woman and squeeze the pelvic organs.
  6. To avoid dizziness and nausea during the exercise, it is advisable to ventilate the room. Comfortable conditions in the gym are one of the factors of safe sports during menstruation.
  7. During menstruation, it is important to monitor personal hygiene. After a workout, you should take a warm shower: it helps not only to relax, but also eliminates the risk of pathogens entering the female genitals.


To give up sports exercises during critical days is necessary for a woman if she has chronic disorders in the reproductive sphere. Occupations should be postponed even if blood pressure is too high or low, there are very strong cramps in the lower abdomen, weakness worries. Physical exercise is reasonably postponed to a regular day and replaced with a regular walk in the fresh air.

It is worth abstaining from sports also in case of getting injured or during the period of intoxication. A clear contraindication is thrush and other genital pathologies characterized by an inflammatory process.

When a woman's menstrual cycle is inconstant, and the bleeding is abundant and painful, sports should be abandoned. In addition, there are other contraindications related to women's health, but these pathologies occur more frequently.

Sport also harms the young girl in puberty. It is necessary to take a break, since physical exertion can provoke violations in the formation of the girl's body.

For women who are seriously involved in sports, menstruation is not always the reason for the abolition of training. Their bodies are trained enough to withstand physical exertion on critical days.

Sports are strictly contraindicated for a woman after an abortion until the following menstruation.

Menstruation and sport are compatible.

Only an gynecologist can give an exact answer to the question of whether sports are allowed during menstruation. Most experts agree that, subject to the rules, sport during the period of menstruation is safe:

  1. It is necessary to sensibly assess their strength and not to overstrain.
  2. It is necessary to choose the right clothes.
  3. Conditions in the hall should not bring discomfort to the woman.
  4. A woman should have clean fresh water on hand, as dehydration on critical days is contraindicated.
  5. Exercises need to start with stretching.

If you comply with all recommendations, exercise during the month will be for a woman painlessly and safely. Carrying out any load, the movement is worth making smoothly, without sharp and fast jerks.

general information

The overwhelming majority of girls of school age for the time of “these days” take exemption from physical education. But if before doctors were convinced that menstruation and sport are incompatible, today their point of view has become more liberal.

Contraindications to performing physical exercises are not monthly. The intensity of training depends on the individual characteristics of the female body.

What do doctors say

According to doctors, regular exercise helps to alleviate the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. If a woman leads an active lifestyle, then her pain in the breasts and abdomen is reduced. In addition, sport contributes to the "taming" of hormones, against the background of which a woman becomes calmer and less irritable. This results from the fact that during trainings endorphins are produced - pleasure hormones. That is why any systematically involved in sports person becomes emotionally more sustainable.

Against the background of decreasing estrogen and progesterone concentrations, fitness is becoming the most effective sport. The working capacity of the body of the young lady increases, it acquires the ability to cope with serious loads. But excessively intensive training for a woman only harms: the symptoms of PMS are aggravated, and her health and mood are declining.

What recommendations exist

Is it possible to play sports during menstruation? It is possible, but with caution. In order for sports to bring only benefits, a woman needs to remember the following:

  • eliminate burdening
  • with the beginning of the monthly training should be held in a moderate mode,
  • fragile ladies it is desirable to abandon strength training,
  • for gynecological diseases, training should be abandoned,
  • with uterine myoma can not play sports.

Why it is impossible to carry out the aggravating techniques? Such exercises contribute to the strong tension of the muscles of the anterior abdominal wall. Against this background, abdominal pressure is greatly increased, there is a serious risk of blood ejection into the abdominal area, which contributes to the progression of endometriosis. For the same reason, the press can be pumped only when the menstruation is complete.

Young ladies, often and quickly tired during training, should be preferred to Pilates or yoga. You should consult with your doctor about cardiovascular exercises.

A common contraindication for menstruation is the performance of inverted poses. They contribute to the violation of the overall energy balance. Occupation should exclude jumps and pull-ups. Aerobic exercise should be made less intense. In addition, the sport during menstruation eliminates too sharp movements.

Categorically you can not play sports in the event that menstrual blood is released very abundantly.

It is necessary to refrain from training even when there are strong painful cramps, which are aggravated even with gentle movements. With weakness or dizziness, go for a workout also should not be.

Hygienic recommendations

Если женщина определила, что ей можно заниматься спортом, необходимо обратить особое внимание на гигиену. Прокладку при менструации нужно заменять каждые 6-8 часов. Тампон рекомендуется менять не реже, чем через 3-4 часа. Если месячные идут очень сильно, то брать новые гигиенические средства нужно еще чаще.

It is not recommended to use gaskets with high absorption. Monthly discharge is a great breeding ground for bacteria. Once in the blood, they can provoke a toxic shock that can even provoke the death of a person.

Proper preparation for training

A woman who is going to go in for sports during her period should prepare properly for the workout. Compliance with certain rules will allow her to avoid trouble. First of all, you need to take care of clothes. Wear better comfortable stretching pants of a dark shade. Prefer short shorts even in the heat for a well-known reason should not be.

Each workout must begin with stretching. This will prepare the body for stress and avoid microtraumas.

After a workout, you should also do a 1-2 minute stretching. During the exercise you need to drink boiled chilled water. This will avoid dehydration.

If after training it became bad, it is necessary to open the window and ventilate the room. If necessary, it is allowed to put 1 tablet Validol under the tongue.

What exercises are most useful

Sport during menstruation will bring the greatest benefit to a woman if she is able to optimally choose a set of exercises. A woman engaged in sports during the premenstrual syndrome should pay special attention to such types of it:

  • race walking,
  • running
  • swimming
  • training on simulators,
  • shaping
  • doing aerobic exercises
  • Pilates
  • bodyflex,
  • yoga,
  • stretching

Increased attention during the “critical” days is recommended to give running. However, the load should be moderate. The number of laps during jogging is desirable to reduce. The pace of running should not be too fast. The alternation of accelerations should be temporarily abandoned. It is advisable to run on a flat road, refusing to overcome various obstacles. Do not run up the stairs. On the first day you need to replace jogging with a quick walk. Norwegian walking can also be of great benefit to the body.

Swimming in the pool helps reduce pain in the lumbar area. In addition, water treatments help minimize muscle spasms. It is better to refuse to visit the beach and swim in the sea, river or lake for the period of “critical” days. The rate of water activities, when they go monthly, should be moderate. From the sprint swims must be temporarily abandoned.

Allowed water aerobics. They should also not be too intense. It is very important to pay special attention to compliance with hygienic recommendations. Gaskets should be discarded in favor of tampons. Before visiting the pool and after training the tampon must be replaced.

If a woman visits the gym, then special attention should be paid to cardio. When pain in the lower abdomen is recommended to exercise on a stationary bike or on a treadmill. If your period is not very strong, group yoga and shaping classes are allowed. They will get rid of pain.

Effectively helps to relieve stretching pain, because moderate stretch marks are well tolerated by the body.

Dancing is also allowed. You can do body flex only if there are no unpleasant feelings. Such workouts contribute to the recovery cycle. Some ladies who regularly engage in bodyflex, there is a resorption of adhesions. It is recommended to temporarily abandon exercises that involve abdomen.