Discharges before the month - reasons


The stability of menstruation determines women's health, so the brown discharge to menstruation is alarming and even frightening the patient. An unfavorable symptom, it is necessary to go to a specialized specialist in time for advice. The reasons are different: physiological and pathogenic, examination is necessary.

Brown discharge a week before menstruation

The arrival of menstruation for the majority of the weaker sex of reproductive age is a sign of the absence of pregnancy, chronic diseases like a woman. In addition, the planned appearance of blood from the vagina characterizes the normal functioning of the uterus, the absence of serious pathologies. If brown discharges appear before menstruation (for example, a week), this is an alarming sign that all is not well in the female body. The reasons are as follows:

  • exacerbation of inflammatory processes
  • hormonal imbalance
  • the risk of miscarriage in newly born pregnancy,
  • cervical erosion,
  • endometrial hyperplasia,
  • cervical polyps,
  • previous surgical intervention (trauma of the mucous membrane, abortion).

If before the monthly discharge pink

On the eve of a planned menstruation, the patient often complains of back pain, heaviness of the mammary glands, and discomfort in the lower abdomen. The appearance of pink spotting before menstruation is a natural phenomenon, especially since their volume will soon become larger. If such changes begin a couple of days before menstruation, do not suspect a disease in your own body, these are the classic predecessors of menstruation. The abnormal appearance of blood 5-7 days before the “red day of the calendar” suggests thoughts about pathology. Among them:

  • inflammation of the uterus,
  • genital system infection
  • the result of prolonged use of COC.

Spotting week before menstruation

It does not matter what discharge: brown or yellowish, a week before the planned arrival of menstruation is an unfavorable symptom. If the young lady is in the planning stage of pregnancy, it is possible that there is a threat of miscarriage, or there has already been a rejection of the ovum. It is urgent to consult a gynecologist, in a timely manner to determine the disease and the cause.

If the pregnancy was not planned and did not occur, the woman should take a responsible attitude towards her own health, since this is a pathology. Most often, this is inflammation or infection of the reproductive system, but you should not exclude a hormonal imbalance, a consequence of abortion or other surgical intervention. The ectopic helix is ​​another cause of discharge before menstruation, therefore the factor provoking an imbalance should also not be ruled out.

Are transparent discharge normal before menstruation?

Watery discharge before the arrival of a planned menstruation is an indicator of the norm, because they indicate the normal functionality of the endocrine glands. They may even appear from the mammary glands. They occur a couple of days before the onset of menstruation, while not pushing on disturbing thoughts about health problems. The main factors for the emergence of such menstruation precursors are as follows:

  1. If the clear discharge has a pulling structure, then this is an eloquent sign of the second phase of the menstrual cycle, which should not alarm the gynecologist's patient. This is quite normal, it remains to wait for the beginning of the bleeding.
  2. Abundant leucorrhoea before menstruation is also the norm, since they are the result of a planned restructuring of the hormonal background in this difficult period for a woman. In addition, such precursors are preceded by a prolonged intake of oral contraceptives.
  3. Watery discharge may indicate the occurrence of pregnancy, but in this case, a woman in the coming year may not even be expecting the arrival of menstruation. In addition, they may acquire a pinkish tint, which also speaks of the "interesting position."