Tranexam with heavy periods - how to take, dosage, how to drink, to stop menstruation, how many tablets, how many pills, after childbirth


Do you have a heavy and painful menstruation or, even worse, is there a threat of miscarriage? In this case, the doctor may prescribe an effective tool "Tranexam." These are pills that act to stop bleeding. Today we learn the opinions of patients about the drug "Tranexam" with heavy periods. Reviews of women who survived the threat of miscarriage, also consider. And of course, learn about the side effects and contraindications in the reception of this medication.

Indications for use. International title

Pills “Tranexam”, reviews of a flattering nature about which are left by both the patient and experienced doctors, can be prescribed in the following circumstances:

- Bleeding during pregnancy.

- Allergic dermatitis, urticaria, eczema on the background of taking medications.

- Uterine hemorrhages and hemorrhages in the gastrointestinal tract.

- Laryngitis, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, stomatitis.

The international name for these tablets is Traneksamis Acid.

Most often for bleeding, doctors prescribe Tranexam. Reviews for uterine blood loss during pregnancy suggests that it is quite a popular medicine. Below we find out how the patients themselves speak about him.

Positive feedback from pregnant women

Unfortunately, in recent times, cases of sudden termination of pregnancy. At various times, women risk losing their child. Bad ecology, constant stresses and worries, improper nutrition - all this and not only can lead to a miscarriage. Fortunately, this can be avoided with the drug "Tranexam." Responses at uterine bleedings about this means generally positive. So, women rejoice in the effect: indeed, this medicine has helped them keep the pregnancy. After taking the pills, women quickly stopped uterine bleeding. Pregnant girls believe that this is an emergency medicine that really helps with such bleeding.

Also, many women compare tablets "Tranexam", reviews of which are often found in numerous forums, with the means "Ditsinon", as well as with hemostatic injections. Pregnant women say that the injection is very painful. Just a week after such injections, it is difficult for women to sit and lie down, because the pain is unbearable. But taking pills "Tranexam", they do not experience any discomfort. Therefore, women most often ask doctors not to give them injections, and, if possible, prescribe a more gentle treatment. This is what therapy with the help of Tranexam is. As for the drug "Ditsinon", which also has a hemostatic effect, many women write on the forums that this tool did not help them. Only the transition to a more effective drug "Tranexam" has done its job: uterine bleeding has passed, the pregnancy is preserved.

Women note that these pills act very quickly. Already on the second day, the red discharge acquires a beige color, and after 3-4 days it all goes away.

Negative feedback from pregnant women

Unfortunately, the drug "Tranexam" reviews with uterine bleeding has negative. True, these responses are very few, and leave their women, who themselves were the culprits of such situations when they had a miscarriage. Some girls accuse this medicine of its inefficiency, they say, it could not save their child. However, as it soon turns out, women took this remedy at home, and not within the walls of the hospital. In this case, the girls even went to work with such a threat. This is fundamentally wrong. After all, as soon as a pregnant woman finds uterine bleeding in herself, she should immediately notify the gynecologist who is monitoring her. A competent doctor, of course, must send such a patient to the hospital. If for some reason a woman refuses to go to the hospital, then the doctor in rare cases can prescribe home treatment. However, he warns that the girl must comply with bed rest. No trips to the store and especially to work should not be. But in practice it turns out quite differently. Women believe that the drug "Tranexam", reviews of which reiterate its effectiveness, will be able to help them with uterine bleeding. But unfortunately, after some time she becomes pregnant, and soon she loses a child. But she should only blame herself. Since it was not necessary to go to work during treatment. With such a diagnosis as uterine bleeding in pregnant women should be in the hospital. This is the perfect option. Or be treated at home, but strictly comply with bed rest.

Positive feedback about the drug "Tranexam" with heavy periods

Responses of women with heavy bleeding during menstruation are mostly positive. After taking the pills, many have stopped strong discharge. Women consider the drug "Tranexam" their savior. Now you do not have to worry, sitting at work, that when you get up, you can find red spots on the chair. With the tool "Tranexam" this problem is solved. The drug really helps to get rid of heavy periods, while it also has a positive effect on the patient's health. The woman stops the pain.

Also on the Internet there are reviews of patients, noting that they took this medicine after hormonal contraceptives. Indeed, among the side effects after taking pills for unwanted pregnancies, there is also an abundant menstruation. This problem is easily handled by the drug "Tranexam". Many consider this tool the most effective of all, which are sold in a pharmacy. And doctors, by the way, agree with this.

Disapproving drug feedback with heavy menstruation

Unfortunately, the drug "Tranexam" with abundant monthly reviews and has negative. However, they are connected not with the fact that the drug did not help to cope with a strong menstruation, but with a list of possible side effects. And indeed it is. Some women note that after taking these pills, they started having problems with the stool (constipation), nausea, loss of appetite, and dizziness. However, the instructions do say that this tool can cause such undesirable effects. In this case, you must stop taking the pills and report your condition to the doctor. The specialist will select another medicine that may not cause side effects. In general, in the case of heavy bleeding, you can and even need to take the drug "Tranexam" for menstruation. Feedback from people confirms its effectiveness. Why suffer from pain and heavy bleeding if you can use such an effective remedy?

Side effects

Despite the fact that the Tranexam tablets have mostly positive approvals and rarely when any of the women notes the drawbacks of the drug, it is still worth knowing what kind of undesirable effect it may have on the body. So, among the side effects can be:

- Reduction and even loss of appetite, nausea, heartburn, vomiting, diarrhea.

- Drowsiness, weakness, dizziness.

- Violation of light and vision.

- Chest pain, tachycardia.

- Skin rash, urticaria, itching.


In the following cases, it is forbidden to use this medicine:

- Individual intolerance to the drug.

With extreme caution, Tranexam tablets for bleeding, reviews of which are left by many women, should be used in the treatment of patients with myocardial infarction, deep vein thrombosis or cerebral vessels. Also, this medicine should be used carefully in relation to patients who have renal failure.

Despite the fact that the price of many drugs has recently increased, the drug "Tranexam" is still quite affordable. So, for 10 tablets of this medicine you need to give about 200 rubles. This is a small amount of money, considering what positive effect is achieved after treatment with this remedy.

Now you know what medicine a doctor can prescribe with heavy menstruation, as well as uterine bleeding, leading to miscarriage. We found that Tranexam has mostly positive patient responses. And that means it really brings results. True, self-treatment in this case is strictly prohibited. Only a doctor can prescribe Tranexam.

Drug action

The imbalance in the process of menstruation requires additional study of the causes and appropriate treatment. Tranexam is recommended by doctors when menstruation is accompanied by excessive secretions, the duration of their course and painful unpleasant sensations, which brings additional discomfort and is not quite the normal state of health of the woman.

Indications for use

Tranexam with monthly abundant nature is a hemostatic drug, related to the hemostatic. The substance that is part of the drug - Tranexamic acid has a major effect on the bleeding process by accelerating blood clotting.

The drug is prescribed for heavy bleeding as well as for general regulation of the reproductive system, since it has the following effects:

  • anti-inflammatory,
  • analgesic,
  • antibacterial,
  • antihistamine,
  • suspends the development of cysts and tumors.

The process of removing the drug through the kidneys, so for people with renal insufficiency Tranexam is not recommended.

In addition to problems with menstruation, the medicine is prescribed for hemophilia, in the period after surgical rehabilitation, and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. In some cases, attributed to use in pregnant women in the presence of brown secretions, as well as the problem of menorrhagia, that is, increased menstruation due to inflammation.

Causes of Abundant Menstruation

How normal is menstruation, a woman feels independently, however, if you have to change hygiene products more than twice per hour, and its duration is longer than a week, you should be diagnosed, perhaps the cause is menorrhagia.

The main causes of heavy discharge during menstruation are:

  • hormonal hormones in the body,
  • adolescence,
  • menopause
  • hormonal drugs,
  • fibroids in the uterus or on its surface,
  • the formation of polyps on the cervix,
  • endometrial polyp,
  • lupus,
  • infections of the pelvic organs,
  • malignant tumors,
  • intrauterine contraceptive therapy,
  • the first days after birth,
  • poor blood coagulation.

Tranexam with heavy monthly

Tranexam during menstruation and discharge is recommended as a means of regulating the cycle, and as an ambulance drug. The amount of bleeding is affected by a fairly large number of factors, from inflammation and chronic diseases to lifestyle.

The drug thickens the blood, so it does not flow with great speed. You should know how to take Tranexam with heavy menses in the right doses.

How to use?

How to drink Tranasks with heavy periods, you must consult a doctor. Since the drug is sold only by prescription, it is impossible to purchase it on your own, how many tablets to take can only be determined by a specialist.

Tranexam with heavy menses, the dosage of which in the standard appointment consists of 4 tablets per day at different times, is taken from the first day of the monthly cycle.

If there is severe bleeding, apply the medicine for up to five days.

Often, the adoption scheme is purely individual. Sometimes it is recommended to take several pills three times a day, there are options for taking four pills at once, and then one at a time. It is not recommended to use more than three cycles in a row.

However, sometimes circumstances arise when your period must be suspended for at least several days. The drug is able to suspend the beginning of the cycle, but the recommendations are not contained in the instructions. Apply the medicine for excessive discharge every seven hours a pill, but not more than a week.

Analogs of the drug

Analogues of the drug are:

Gynecologists often face the question: “Tranexam or Ditsinon, what is better with heavy menstruation?” injections was considered an active drug, was widely used.

Positive reviews of Tranexam indicate the effective effect of the drug in the situation of the appearance of heavy discharge during menstruation, selling only by prescription is a positive incentive for examining a woman, correct diagnosis and choosing a treatment method.

Uterine bleeding

Uterine bleeding - different in intensity and nature of the discharge of blood from the uterus. Very often, the pathological condition is regarded as ordinary menstruation.

Uterine bleeding threatens women's health

It is possible to think about bleeding from the uterus if the volume of blood released during menstruation is greater than 85 ml per day and the woman is forced to change the sanitary pad every 1-2 hours.

The signs of uterine bleeding are as follows:

  • a large number of blood clots
  • cramping abdominal pain,
  • development of anemia,
  • feeling of fatigue, weakness.

Uterine bleeding can occur due to diseases of the female genitalia, for example, with myoma, and also against the background of hormonal disorders. During the pathological course of pregnancy and in the postpartum period, blood loss in most cases represents a serious threat to the life of a woman and a child.

Description of the drug Tranexam

Tranexam shows excellent results in uterine bleeding, quickly stopping them. This drug has an effect on the blood coagulation system, blocking the activity of the fibrinolysin enzyme and preventing the conversion of plasma component of plasminogen. Tranexam lowers the permeability of the blood vessels of the uterus, and also has a general effect on the body. The hemostatic effect of the drug begins within 20 minutes after injection into the vein, in tablet form, the drug acts 1–2 hours after administration. This is one of the fastest way to fight uterine bleeding.

Tranexam effectively stops uterine bleeding

Indications for appointment Tranexam

Purpose of the drug Tranexam is justified in the following cases:

  • dysfunctional uterine bleeding in childbearing age,
  • conditions after surgery for gynecological diseases,
  • uterine bleeding during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period,
  • bleeding from the uterus in menopause.

The composition of the drug and the form of release: tablets, injection

Tranexam is available in tablets and as a solution for injection.

1 tablet contains tranexamic acid in an amount of 250 mg or 500 mg. The composition also includes the following auxiliary components:

  • microcrystalline cellulose,
  • hydroxypropylcellulose,
  • carboxymethylcellulose,
  • talc,
  • calcium stearate
  • silica colloidal anhydrous,
  • titanium dioxide,
  • macrogol 6000.

1 ml solution for intravenous administration contains 50 mg of tranexamic acid. Ampoule can hold 5 or 10 ml. The solvent is water for injection.

Intravenous administration of Tranexam stops bleeding within a few minutes.

Destination features

Appointment of drugs in different periods of a woman’s life has its own characteristics. So, during pregnancy and breastfeeding the use of many drugs is limited - they can harm the baby.

Bleeding during pregnancy can be stopped with Tranexam

During pregnancy

With the appearance of bleeding, the expectant mother should immediately seek medical help. Bleeding from the uterus during pregnancy is dangerous for the fetus and can cause a threat of miscarriage. In such a situation, the use of Tranexam is necessary and justified. If the examination revealed that there is no immediate danger, you can get by with milder means. Decisions of this kind are made by the attending physician after a thorough examination of the patient.

When breastfeeding

During treatment with Tranexam, breastfeeding should be discontinued.

Tranexam has the ability to penetrate into breast milk. Given the toxicity of the drug and possible side effects, it can be prescribed to a nursing mother only with an immediate threat to the life and health of the patient. At the time of treatment with Tranexam, breastfeeding is strongly recommended to stop.

With menopause

Uterine postmenopausal bleeding can be a symptom of cancer of the female genital organs

В пременопаузе значительно повышается риск дисфункциональных маточных кровотечений. Возможно выделение крови из влагалища в менопаузе и постменопаузе. Такая симптоматика требует не просто остановки кровотечения, а тщательного обследования у гинеколога. In menopause, the cause of uterine bleeding can be:

  • development of benign and malignant tumors of the genital organs,
  • endometriosis,
  • hormonal disorders.

Interaction with other drugs

It is not recommended to prescribe Tranexam together with other drugs that stimulate the work of the blood coagulation system or block the activity of fibrinolysin. In this situation, the likelihood of thrombosis increases dramatically.

It is impossible to prescribe Tranexam with anti-coagulant and antiplatelet drugs, some antibiotics, tranquilizers. The following medicines are incompatible with Tranexam:

  • Heparin,
  • Warfarin
  • Curantil,
  • Sibazon,
  • aspirin,
  • benzylpenicillin sodium salt,
  • tetracycline drugs.

How to take medication

Tranexam tablets should be taken 2–4 times a day with a glass of water. The average duration of treatment is seven or eight days; if necessary, it can be extended up to two weeks.

If it is necessary to administer the drug by injection, Tranexam is administered intravenously in a stream or in the form of a dropper.

Reviews on the treatment of uterine bleeding Tranexam

This drug was used twice - and twice it helped me. Of course, the drug is not quite cheap, as opposed, for example, to Vicasol, but effective. The first time was prescribed for small excretions during pregnancy - the doctor said that a good drug, pills are no worse than injections, it helped me in five days, the excretions stopped. The second time I applied for bleeding after Zhanin was canceled, Tranexam literally saved me here, since the bleeding was quite abundant, but it did not help immediately, but within a day, perhaps the speed of the effect depends on the dose, I drank 2 3p tablets. per day, on the second day it became less, and on the fourth almost everything stopped. The manual also says that 1 - 1.5 grams is used, that is, it turns out that 4 tablets could be drunk immediately. For me, the drug came up, did not notice any side effects. Therefore, I advise those who have problems with heavy periods or bleeding. Of course, since the drug is hemostatic, it is important to take it under the supervision of a physician. But as an emergency, I could still drink if there were no obvious contraindications, but then immediately go to the doctor and for an ultrasound. I think if there are no serious problems, Tranexam must help.



Quite a frank topic for review, but still ... My menstrual cycle was always quite democratic, and did not cause me much trouble. Pain was minimal, menstruation began "smoothly" gradually. The only negative was in their duration, and this is nothing less than 1 week. Bleeding has never been abundant, I usually buy the smallest pads (3 or 4 drops, in my opinion). However, due to lack of weight, I occasionally have delays. It happened once again. I had a hold for about a week, not more. And all of a sudden, all of a sudden, I was bleeding, so abundant that one gasket would withstand a maximum of 15 minutes of “bloody slaughter”, and a tampon in total 5–10 minutes. Frightened, putting on my best hygienic uniform, I went straight to my gynecologist, who prescribed these tablets to me, Tranexam, in order to “temper the ardor” of my menstruation. In the package of 30 tablets and instructions. The pills are white, rather small, so there was no problem with swallowing (very often my pills stop somewhere at the beginning of the path, and you have to push them with food or drink plenty). The active ingredient is tranexamic acid. I drank them for a short time (5 days), 2 tablets per day. Excessive bleeding began to subside, and after 3 days it passed into normal mode. The action of the tablets, it seemed to me cumulative (not momentary). This is probably a minus, but I don’t know much and I have nothing to compare with, because I’m not going to judge a manufacturer. The side effects described by the manufacturer were not noticed by me. So I boldly recommend the pills!



Disadvantages: dear, there are contraindications and side effects.

I met this drug in the summer of 2015. After a miscarriage, bleeding continued for a very long time, despite the fact that the ultrasound showed no residues in the uterine cavity. All the fault was the low blood clotting. The doctor has attributed these pills. The drug is not cheap (then cost about 400 rubles), and you need to drink it two tablets three times a day. Completely bleeding stopped after two days. All these two days were accompanied by dizziness, drowsiness, nausea and stomach pain. The first two are probably a consequence of the bleeding itself, but the pills apparently affected the stomach. But in general, I am satisfied with the drug, really helped. I recommend it only if your doctor has prescribed it. I would not advise taking it without an appointment and follow up with a doctor - there are a lot of contraindications.

Overall impression: it helps, but there are side effects.

Angelica Bovary


Advantages: helped to keep the pregnancy fast.

Disadvantages: not found.

The drug Tranexam is a hemostatic agent, hemostatic. The active substance is tranexamic acid. It costs, of course, not cheap, 212 rubles for 10 tablets, but it acts quickly and efficiently. I encountered this drug during my second pregnancy at week 9, when I started to bleed a little. At first I was so scared, I wanted to call an ambulance, and then I thought, while I waited for this ambulance, it could happen that a miscarriage. Then I decided to take Tranexam 2 tablets at once, No-shpu 2 tablets and Djufaston 2 pieces and lay all day. The drug has acted fairly quickly, bloody daub stopped, was replaced by beige secretions, and then everything went away. A few days later I went to the ultrasound, showed that there is a small placental abruption. It would be desirable to lie with such a diagnosis in the hospital, but I remained at home, thanks to Tranexam. At week 13, I went to the ultrasound, they said that everything was already fine, the threat was over. So this drug, I think, should be in the first-aid kit of every pregnant woman as a means of emergency aid, if spotting begins suddenly.



Tranexam effectively and quickly copes with uterine bleeding. This drug is prescribed for massive blood loss, when the problem needs to be solved urgently. It is necessary to remember that Tranexam is an emergency aid tool. It is important not only to stop the bleeding, but also to find out its cause.