Can I use tampons at night?


After birth, I do not know how it will be. And up to just tampons, it's more convenient for me (it doesn’t stick out of my pants, and it’s not going to lie sideways at night, too, with gaskets suffered), Obi always took.

I also read about this and watched the program. All the same, I like my tampon, if that's where it is necessary and the gasket will be visible. And a tampon as an emergency measure.

Well, damn, everything you need to know when to stop. That is, alternate ideally. Of course, if there is no need, not strong discharge, or at home all day, then you can walk around with a gasket. And when, for example, you are visiting, everything flows like water, or you go somewhere, there are not enough gaskets or it stops, then you can use tampons.

Well, yes, at least then alternate. Uncomfortable in any case.

I read in a book on gynecology, which is very harmful for more than 4 hours if there is a tampon due to bacteria.

I have been using it for 20 years, and for the night as well. I can’t say anything bad, there are no female sores. Most of all I like the cocks

I put on the night several times a long time. No problem.

Blood accumulates on the tampon, with everything that goes out ... accordingly, it stays in the vagina and absorbs into the mucous membrane, gynecologists recommend using them as little as possible only in extreme cases, and at night it is a nightmare at all, after 3 hours you need change. From tampons alone trouble, as for me health is more important than comfort, once a month you can and pads to suffer

Myths about intravaginal hygiene products

There are 2 of the most "creepy" myths about why you should not sleep with a tampon, especially throughout the night.

  1. It prevents the full cleansing of the uterus and leakage of menstrual blood. This is the most absurd statement that is unworthy of a single drop of attention from a woman, and she herself will easily be convinced of this, once using this means of hygiene. In fact, a tampon is cotton, only well pressed. When it is saturated with menstrual blood, it swells, because of which the discharge simply crushes it and flows out. For this reason, sleep with a tampon should not be all night because it threatens to leak.
  2. These intimate hygiene products are a real “hotbed” for pathogens. This is partly true, but only if the elementary rules of their use are neglected. If a tampon is in the vagina at night for no longer than 8 hours, then there can be no bacterial infection.

The fact that the above statements - only stupid myths, and gynecologists say. In addition, if tampons do not cause discomfort during sleep, why not replace them with "night" pads?

This is much more convenient, and protection against leakage is much better.

Therefore, if the question arises, is it safe and safe to sleep with a tampon, then there is nothing to worry about: it is possible to use this hygiene product at night, and sometimes it is necessary. The main thing - the right approach to his choice.

How to choose the "night" hygiene products?

To avoid pain and discomfort in the vagina, the choice of "night" tampons must be approached with full responsibility. It is necessary to make a start, first of all, on the amount of discharge.

There are 3 types of tampons - “normal”, “super” and “super plus”.

  1. Hygiene products from the category of "normal" are used with scant and moderate amounts of allocated menstrual blood. As a rule, they are observed on days 1.3 and 5. Sleep with them is very convenient, because they are almost not felt in the vagina.
  2. "Super" are used for more heavy periods (more often - on the second day after the start of menstruation). They are also very convenient for use at night.
  3. "Super plus" is better to use in extreme cases. They are rarely used at night, because at this time of day menstrual blood does not stand out as much as during the day. It is better to use the "night" gasket or tampons from the category of "Super".

Young girls who are not sexually active are recommended to use hygiene products of the “normal” class. They do not damage the hymen, therefore, they are absolutely safe both day and night.

Features of the use of "night" tampons

So, girls who still doubt whether you can sleep with a tampon all night, you must be sure: you can, but you must use them correctly. To do this, just need to follow such simple rules.

  1. First of all, you need to choose the right tool, based on the criteria described above.
  2. Introduce hygiene product into the vagina is necessary just before going to bed. We should not forget that before this it is necessary to perform all hygiene procedures.
  3. It is necessary to change tampons every 4-6 hours, but if it did not work out, then a delay of 1 hour does not pose any threat.

If the menstrual flow is too intense, then “night” pads can be used along with intravaginal hygiene products.

What means can not be left overnight?

There are cases when it is better and safer to sleep with a “night” pad. Sometimes it can protect against serious health problems. In this situation we are talking about tampons treated with flavoring or medicinal substances.

Such hygiene products can be used only during the day - at night they should not be left at all.

The fact is that substances that are contained in tampon cotton wool or viscose, with prolonged contact with menstrual blood and the vaginal epithelium can cause severe irritation and allergic reactions. As a result, a woman, in addition to discomfort in the genital area, also gets serious health problems, so it’s worth a good deal to think before using such hygiene products.

What could be the consequences?

Women who have not previously resorted to the use of non-vaginal hygiene products, must first make sure that they do not have hypersensitivity to the material from which they are made. To do this, insert a tampon into the vagina for 1-2 hours during the day. In the absence of indisposition or discomfort, it can be used at night.

If these intimate hygiene products are used improperly, severe intoxication of the body may develop, accompanied by:

  • chills
  • nausea
  • vomit
  • cephalgia
  • dizziness
  • pyretic fever.

A woman has cramps all over her body, a sharp and significant drop in blood pressure occurs. It is hard to imagine, but ordinary intravaginal hygiene products can be the cause of these dangerous symptoms. Based on the possible risks, the only correct conclusion can be made: tampons can be used at night, but for this a woman should be completely convinced of their safety for her health.